ENTERTAINMENT | 5 more TV shows I’m loving lately

Look, I know I should be out doing things in this nice weather yeah but it is JUST TOO HOT. This hot weather – paired with a recent promotion at work – has left me almost permanently exhausted. Most days I come home from work, have dinner, put my fan on and just lie in bed watching TV until I fall asleep. Because it’s just too hot to move.

Anyway. Here’s some TV shows I’ve been loving lately.

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Yes, that corny teen alien show from the 90s. It’s entirely unrealistic and extremely corny, but who honestly didn’t have Max and Liz couple goals?! It’s all about aliens that arrived on earth during the famous Roswell crash, then wake up years later and must blend in as high school students – whilst keeping their alien identities secret. It’s surprisingly addictive, and has the best theme song ever (Dido’s Here With Me). They’ve actually just announced a total reboot, but no one will ever replace the gorgeous Jason Behr as Max. I actually used to date someone who looked just like him!

To be honest, I don’t like Orange Is The New Black as much as I used to because it’s not as shocking/new anymore and I struggle to think of where it can go. However, each time a new season comes out I watch it just to see how things pan out and each season is always a little better than I expected. I’m just watching the last five or so episodes of season five at the moment – ready to be up to speed for when season six is released tomorrow. I absolutely love the characters on the show though and love how they’re all so unique and different from one another – it’s really interesting hearing about each of their stories and backgrounds.

Final Space is my new addiction, filling a Rick and Morty shaped hole in my heart. It’s created by Youtube comedian Olan Rogers (y’know, the ‘It’s a Monday guy) and is HILARIOUS. It follows the adventures of Gary, a prisoner astronaut who actually thinks he’s the captain of the ship and is obsessed with cookies. He also has the most adorable sidekick, a planet destroying alien named Mooncake. MOONCAKE IS BASICALLY ME AS A GIRLFRIEND.

I’ve actually already seen all of Daredevil’s two seasons in the past but have yet to watch any of the spinoffs such as Jessica Jones (even though I have a total girl crush on Krysten Ritter) or Luke Cage. I absolutely loved the character of The Punisher in season two of Daredevil and have been itching to watch his spin off show ever since it dropped. But first I need to re-watch and catch up to speed with Daredevil. Charlie Cox is so handsome and the show itself is just really intriguing, so I’m enjoying re-watching it, especially as I’m picking up more this time around.

Another show that’s not new! I was an avid fan of AHS for the first couple of seasons then got a little bored. I love the idea behind Roanake, so I’m currently catching up with the season before: Hotel. I’m not sure why as they’re not specifically related, but still. I couldn’t get into Freak Show but Hotel seems to have grabbed my attention. Then, after Roanoke, there’s Cult to watch, then, eventually when it’s released, Apocalypse. So far, my favourite season is still Murder House or Asylum though!

What TV shows are you currently addicted to right now? Let me know!