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Oh, hello.

It’s me. The blogger who has barely had time to blog lately because, well, work and dating and life in general just tends to take over, doesn’t it? I’ve been particularly busy lately with work as we’re currently mostly out on the road meeting clients. I cannot even begin to tell you how weird it is seeing myself dressed in smart little outfits/dresses with small but smart heels, straightened hair and business cards in hand.

I mean I’m just not used to it. I jazz myself up all smart then come home and change into the laziest clothes I can. Anyway. Here’s the (somewhat) more interesting stuff I’ve been up to lately, according to instagram…

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I just really like this cute shot I took for my recent book review of Carl Goes London Islands. The dots are cute, aren’t they?

During a recent trip to ALDI I ended up down the aisle with all the weird sh*t and just had to buy this cute picnic blanket. Why? I have no idea. I’ve never had any urge to go on a picnic before in my life. But alas I purchased it and had to use it so the girls from work and I agreed to have a picnic on Friday afternoon (as is tradition in our office, we always forgo regular lunch to order in and go out). We found a spot in a field across the road, popped open some lemonade that looked like champagne and enjoyed the sunshine (and many Instagram pics).

Christmas in July! Yes, it was weird but yes, I entirely loved it. I recently got the chance to check out Scandinavia’s Christmas event – aka a Scandinavian themed Christmas in a teepee! I got to munch on yummy canapes and sip festive cocktails, as well as enjoy just how damn pretty the whole thing is. The actual Christmas events themselves will have a lot more on offer too, but I’ll get a full review up with further information soon.

I just had a really cute outfit on today. I actually own a pinafore now too. What is happening to me? I’m becoming stylish! Plus cactus’s are cute.

A real life shot of part of my desk when it’s not messy. The background is a folder purchased again from the mad aisle from ALDI, a cute postcard I picked up from Paperchase and one of my fake plants. It’s great because, y’know, I don’t actually have to look after it.

Changes! Changes! Changes! As it is with any heartbreak, my usual go-to thing is to dye my hair. It took me a while as I had the awards with work so first of all just had to cover up my roots, but a couple of weeks ago the hairdye was on special offer in Tesco and this was the result (even though I’d only gone in for like rocket salad or something like that). It’s a work in progress to go back actual blonde, but in the meantime, I think the fact that it has a yellow tint gives me a bit of an edge. Even though it looks orange/ginger in that photo. It isn’t that orange in reality, but I had to post that photo anyway because the hair was just so big!

Just another shot of the books I picked up from Carl Goes Travel Guides. They’re cute, no?

As explained in the original post, the book launch for Carl Goes London Islands took place at Eel Pie Island and it was a beyond lovely day. It was sunny, I’d wanted to visit the island for so long and I had my good friend Becky with me. Hence how I got this shot of me posing on the bridge.

I posted this picture because I had a floral dress on and was wearing a bold lipstick. And I’m a former emo kid who used to wear dark purple lipstick and only wear black clothes. Oh how the times have changed…

So yeah. That’s what I’ve been up to lately, through the form of Instagram! Have you been up to anything exciting lately? Let me know!