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It’s been a good few years since I last did a feature delving into the secrets of my handbag. In fact, it was back in 2011 (look at those terrible photos and my bad writing skills!) when I last did a post like this. Although I did write about what’s in my gym bag somewhat more recently.

Anyway. Life has gone on. I’ve gotten a different job and upgraded my bag and so, of course, the contents have changed. Here’s what’s in my bag now.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | What's in my bag

I got this bag from H&M with the last of my discount before I left. My sister did get me a beautiful lightweight bag for Christmas which I use for casual, but this bag I use for work because it’s just big enough for everything I need on a day-to-day basis. However, I really don’t know why I need to carry around so much stuff with me…

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | What's in my bag

This is what I have in my bag on any regular given day. From the top left, I have my cute unicorn purse gifted to me from my bestie at Christmas a few years back. The writing has long rubbed off, but I use this purse for my change and one or two cards I use the most like my debit card and Monzo card. Oh and a little pack of cute wipes.

I also have my other larger purse which has a special meaning to me because it has the same quote/lyrics on it (not shown in photo) that I have tattooed on my wrist – aka my mum’s song. I remember how it felt like almost fate when I spotted this purse – if I remember rightly, I was just starting to put my life back together and about to start a new job not too long after she died, and I saw it as a sign from her – as if to say she’s still around and watching over us.

Next, I have a random notebook (because I always have to have some form of notebook in my bag). Below that, I have an energy drink. I have energy drinks EVERYWHERE. At home. At work. In my car..and I always need a spare one in my bag in case of a tired emergency. I am ALWAYS TIRED. My favourite energy drink is actually Flyte, but when I’m skint I go and grab these ones from my corner shop because you can get cute little packs of four for a quid.

Then I also have a little emergency hair kit. I don’t know why I have this because I don’t use the clips in it and I also don’t use gold hair grips, but I do use the hairbands. It was just too cute not to buy.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | What's in my bag

I also tend to always have a bottle of water with me. I am obsessed with reaching my water intake at the moment. Carrying a bottle of water everywhere with me helps me hit that goal. I have also recently become addicted to Candy Kittens! They sell packs in TK Maxx for just £1.99 and all packs are vegetarian and gluten free, as well as all natural. Most of their sweets are vegan too.

Finally, I also keep a mini makeup bag just in case I get caught out of work or my plans change or whatever and I suddenly have to make myself look presentable. It’s just a gorgeous bag from H&M and little bits like mints, lip chap and lipstick. There’s also the sweet mini hairspray and dry shampoo bottles which I also picked up from H&M.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | What's in my bag

So – there you have it. This is what’s in my bag on a day-to-day basis – aka a lot. Luckily my bag has a real cute little compartment for important stuff like your keys and purse but other than that, it does end up pretty messy and hard to find things! I try and empty it out of all receipts and packet of crisps and junk once a month but it doesn’t stay that way for long!

Anyway, what’s in your bag? Let me know!