MUSIC | The June Playlist

I’m not gonna lie, I feel so on trend with my playlist this month – partly because half the music and songs have come from listening to Radio One on my way to work!

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I absolutely love Bastille’s new single, Quarter Past Midnight. It’s one of those songs that you just fall for immediately, even just after the first few seconds of the song. This became a favourite of mine the moment I heard it and now I can’t stop listening to it. It’s a typical upbeat feel good song from Bastille, but it’s also a real summer song too.

I cannot believe I ever went off them (well, I didn’t go off them, just got into other music for a while) but I’ve refound my love for The Maine. Of course I’ve always loved them – they’re one of my favourite all time bands and I have so many great memories with them – but I haven’t listened to them for ages. So when I put on a playlist on one of those hot days we had over the weekend, Bad Behaviour ended up playing a few times on repeat. Plus I just love the lyrics in this song.

“I never wanna be a distraction,
You say as you’re unashamed and naked.
I feel okay all over,
Void of all composure.

And I know this may sound narcissistic,
I like the lips you kiss with.
But I wanna wear your lipstick,
‘Cause it means I got to kiss them.”

I also have the Arctic Monkeys and The 1975’s new tracks because, well, who doesn’t? I love them both but I have to say Give Yourself A Try is just that little bit more upbeat and catchy for me, making it an ideal song to remind me of summer 18′.

I’ve also got a little throwback to Example’s Kickstarts because this little gem always gets me singing when I hear it now and then – even though I always sing the wrong lyrics. Whole Lotta You by A Rocket To The Moon is another golden oldie but is a perfect summer jam.

What do you think? Have you been listening to any of these songs? What’s on your June playlist? Let me know!