LIFESTYLE | 5 simple ways to prep for Monday

Happy Sunday! I love Sunday’s. I spend the morning being lazy and chilling, then the evening slowly prepping for Monday morning. Luckily, there’s not too much to prep for but what I do have to sort out I try to not take on too much to ensure I still get to enjoy a relaxing Sunday.

Here are some simple ways you can spend your Sunday prepping for the week ahead.

I simply cannot meal prep. I see all these amazing people on Instagram lining up plastic tub after plastic tub of delicious looking lunches for the week ahead but not only am I terrible at this, I’m also a single 28 year old so it’s not really like I need to prep lunches for kids or cook dinners in advance. Instead, I look in the fridge and work out a general meal plan for the week. I look at what things need to be eaten soon to avoid them going out of date, and think about what things I can make a little extra for so it stretches for lunch the following day. I generally make my Monday lunch on a Sunday, but that’s about it in terms of actual meal prep. Then, when washing up after dinner, I make sure to pop any leftovers in the fridge for lunch the next day.

This one is easy but if I’m watching TV or catching up with a show, I simply just empty my email inbox on my phone. I get soooo much junk email, so deleting them every Sunday and being left with only nice inspirational emails or important ones is a huge weight off my shoulders. I like to read through the inspirational travel ones on a Sunday evening and daydream about travel, ha. I also take the time to unsubscribe to any junk emails too, when I can. I don’t do it all in one go as I’d be there forever, but doing a set amount on a Sunday means there’s less and less as time goes on.

I also tend to choose some outfits for the week ahead. Not all – because the weather is unreliable and I’ll often turn up to work looking like I’ve rolled out of bed – but I enjoy properly putting together a couple of failsafe outfits, complete with accessories and shoes. I usually hang them all together too. If I don’t do this on a Sunday it’s not a big deal, but in the week I always forget my accessories so feel like I never look as put together as I could when putting outfits together in advance. At the moment, I tend to do this for the first few days only, so I look more and more lazy as the week goes on! But I’m learning.

I dedicate Sunday evenings to blog admin. But the fun admin, like planning my social media for the week and writing any posts that still need to be written. It’s usually on a Sunday evening that I try and get back to the basics of blogging too by reading other blogs and commenting! When you try and blog every other day like me, it’s so easy to forget the enjoyment of reading and following other blogs because you’re too focused on growing your own. So I try to focus on the more enjoyable side of it on a weekend.

Finally, I’ll also sit down and quickly go through my week ahead and check I’m prepped for any plans (like dinner with friends, blog events, blog posts, work meetings etc). Usually these things are written into the planner in advance, but it’s always fun to write in blog posts or meal plans and decorate with pretty stickers – haha. I also double check I know how to get to places and what time I need to leave etc. I don’t always do this, but I do also have a weekly planner on my desk which I use to write what I’m up to as well, often because I leave my large book planner at work then just have this at home.

These are just some small steps I take to help me feel more prepped for the week ahead – I absolutely hate waking up unprepared on a Monday morning, rolling out of bed late, grabbing lunch on the way to work etc. These tips not only save me time and money but also just put me in a much more relaxed mood for the week ahead. Other things I sometimes tend to do on a Sunday evening are yoga, fill up my water bottle and have it beside my bed (so I can drink some water first thing when I wake up in the morning) and, when I’m home at my dad’s, have a long relaxing jacuzzi bath.

How do you spend your Sunday evening prepping for the week ahead? Let me know!