LIFESTYLE | My thoughts on my first ever Love Island episode

Last night, I did the unthinkable.

Drawn in from all the hype over Twitter and all the hilarious meme’s on Facebook, I admitted defeat and sat down to watch *gulp* Love Island. Now if you know me, you’ll know this is not my type of show AT ALL. Even just hearing about it makes me kinda sad about modern society and the sheer fact that we have fame hungry contestants going onto a game show to swap couples, get laid and drink so much ON TV.

That being said, I was curious to see what all the fuss was about – so I caved and watched it. Whilst doing so, I recorded some of my thoughts. Here’s what I (a self confessed Love Island hater) thought of the show.

We begin with a parade of stunning looking girls. What I mean by stunning is thin, big breasted, big hair, fake tanned girls. I.E pretty – but not really real in the slightest.

One of them states, “I’m here for love. I want to meet the real thing.” – ON A GAME SHOW. WHERE YOU SWAP COUPLES, SLEEP AROUND AND PLAY GOSSIP GAMES.

Oh wow there’s actually someone who looks normal and real and down to earth and – oh wait, nevermind, that’s just Caroline Flack.

‘They all look like instagram models in real life’ one male states. Hmmmm I wonder why this is?

‘Your eyes are sick’ another one says to one of the ladies. Well aren’t you just the romantic?!

A doctor is entering! An actual professional – this could be interesting! He’s rather cute too. Oh, wow, as IF no one stepped forward for him, what is this?

…aaand now his lady has picked someone else, thus leaving lovely Alex on the sub bench. Why?! Not only is he smart, he’s cute too. Oh right, yeah, it’s because he doesn’t look like any of the rest of them..


Oh, Dani looks and seems kinda down to earth.

I love Danny Dyer.


Why are they all squealing so much over seeing the beds, plz calm down, I’m getting a headache.

‘My heart feels one thing and then my…sexual things feel things…for him…’ – I think the word you’re looking for is ladyboner.

Why are there so many adverts?

I’m going to make a cup of tea.

I would feel like an alien on this show.

I would LOOK like an alien on this show.

Maybe I should apply out of curiousity and see what happens when they throw a normal, average looking woman into the mix.


I’d probably just get voted off anyway as I’d be ever so boring – all I’d do is nap really.

What the bloody well in hell does prangy mean?

Ok. I’ve survived it. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but then again it’s only the first episode. I’d be cringing all over the place if it actually got to the interesting stuff.

The thing is, I can’t lie, I’m very judgemental about this type of thing – fake looking/acting people claiming to look for ‘love’ on a gameshow, when really all they’re doing is looking for a sh*g.

But I guess that’s their choice at the end of the day and the contestants have the right to do as they please – who am I to judge their actions?

Still. I’m kind of curious to watch again tonight and see who this new dude picks…

Do you watch Love Island? What did you think of last nights episode? Let me know!