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Well that’s it – we’re officially half way through the year. And what have I achieved so far? I’ve moved into my own place (even though I’ll likely be moving back home again), and got my foot in the door by bagging an amazing job. I’ve had my heart broken twice (by the same person!) and have failed on the fully vegan front. But apart from making the mistake of going back to my ex, I’ve learned to look after myself more which is the most important thing. I’ve learned to look after my mental health and let go of things that are not good for me; I have learned to drink more water and exercise my mind more and I have began to travel more – alone.

I wonder what the second half of 2018 has in store?

In the meantime, here’s what June has on the cards.

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Deadpool 2. It looks amazing and I still can’t believe I’ve not got around to seeing it yet…
Deadpool 2 is out now.

The Handmaid’s Tale is finally back on our screens and I am such an addict. It’s such an intense show – so it’s not for everybody – but I’d recommend watching at least one episode of the first series and catching up if you like it. Without wanting to give any major spoilers away, series two approaches what’s in store for Offred now that she’s with child. I’m most excited to see Nick on my screen again though because I definitely have a huge crush on him.
The Handmaid’s TaleĀ is currently showing on Channel 4 on Sunday evenings – and you can catch up on More4 now.

We’re about two weeks into the new fitness pledge with Pound FItness – but there’s still time to join and catch up. Pound Fitness have launched the One Beat World Tour, where you pledge yourself to work out throughout the month with new workout routines, eat healthier with recipes sent to you and do things to take care of yourself too. You can learn more here, but basically if you want to try something new or mix up your workout routine, check it out and sign up.
The One Beat World Tour is available to join now.

Miss those epic adventure playgrounds/play areas you used to go to as a kid? Well now you can relive your childhood and go back AS A CHILD. WITH A BAR. KB02 Venue Hire are throwing an Adult Throwback Night in a three story high adventure playground (slides, swings, ball pit – the lot) as well as beer pong, table tennis, old school music and more. I’m so damn excited – I’ll see you all there!
KB02 Venue Hire’s Adult Throwback Night takes place on the 9th.

I am massive on self help/mental health apps right now. If there’s one goal you should have this June, it should be to take care of yourself. Daylio is an app that allows you to record your feelings and mood on a daily basis, and SleepTown encourages you to put your phone down at night and have a decent night’s sleep (it creates buildings the longer you stay off your phone). Likewise, InnerHour creates plans to help you improve different areas of your life with various tasks such as meditation and guided imagery.

What are you looking forward to this month? Let me know!