So recently I’ve been thinking about how I’m not really going on a proper holiday this year. I’ve got Boomtown Festival in August and Thailand in January but nothing really in between. So when I saw that Ryanair had a sale on recently, I decided to spontaniously book flights to visit Copenhagen on a long weekend in September.

Because, well, why not?

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If there’s anything these past two years have taught me it’s that I can travel alone (although judging by my trip to Berlin, I’ll be making sure to stay in a hostel this time around). And if there’s anything these past few months have taught me, it’s that life is short and that I should say yes more and do spontanious things.

So this is a spontanious thing.

I’ve been trawling Pinterest for ideas and here’s some places on my must visit list.

I’ve wanted to visit Tivoli Gardens for years now but I’m kind of in two minds about going as ideally I want to visit them for the first time in a relationship and when the entire place is decorated for Christmas. It’s the second oldest amusement park in the world and is really classic; in fact it’s said it served partly as inspiration for Disneyland. At Christmas (and Halloween), it’s absolutely beautiful and it’s right in the centre of Copenhagen – accessible by foot!

I’m not planning to go to Copenhagen to drink but I do like the sound of this bar which is very similar to a classic American speakeasie. Though it’s deemed to be quite classy (i.e expensive), I think it’ll be well worth a visit, especially since a hidden door-come-bookcase opens later in the night to reveal a dance floor and additional bars as it gets busier.

Copenhagen’s Botanical garden looks super pretty and like it has a lot on offer. Plus, even if it’s not warm, it’s all inside (obviously!) so it doesn’t even matter. Pictures of it in winter reveals it’s just as stunning in the snow too.

And other generally pretty photos…

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