TV | 5 Netflix series I’m addicted to right now

It might sound boring, but I’ve settled into my own little routine since moving into my own place. I do try and mix it up a bit but on a weekday I tend to get in from work, have dinner, play some Xbox then settle down to watch an episode or two of some of my favourite shows on Netflix.

Although it takes me a while to jump onto the bandwagon of what’s trending, I also tend to have quite a varied taste in TV so thought I’d share with you all some series I’m addicted to right now.

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The second series of this Brazilian dystopian thriller has just dropped, meaning it’s not too far gone to catch up on but there’s enough episodes to watch to keep you entertained for a good few weeks. The show is set in the future and is based around the fact that the world is divided in two; a poor and rundown side and a ‘better’ side called The Offshore. Each year, those who are twenty years old have the opportunity to go through ‘the process’ to reach The Offshore, but only 3% make it. It’s a bit like The Hunger Games meets Lost and will draw you in, especially as you start to wonder if you could pass the tests of the process yourself!

Riverdale is ever so corny at points but it gets away with it given the fact that it’s a teen drama. I am a 28 year old who is addicted to this show and I have no shame – it’s hard to not end up liking this show. The first series is based around the disappearance of high schooler Jason Blossom and from the get go you realize this show which includes everything you’d expect from a teen drama (parties, sex, drinking etc), it’s actually got a mysterious twist too!

I’ve been a fan of this show since it first aired but being that season five has just began airing on TV, I’ve been re-watching old episodes and they’re just as hilarious as ever. The premise is simple: every Friday night, brothers Adam (Simon Bird) and Jonny (Tom Rosenthal) return home for a Shabbat dinner (aka a Friday night dinner) with their parents. Hilarity often ensues with the two brothers playing pranks on each other, their slightly deaf and often daft father and their somewhat other bearing mother – and an annoying neighbour from next door too. The episodes are short and sweet and I’ve got friends and even my dad watching now too.

It’s taken me a while to get into IZombie, which is unlike me considering it’s based on an uber cool comic book and is all about zombies. It’s probably because their idea of how zombies came about is more or less the same thing that happens in my novel..grr. Even so, it’s a lighthearted take on the genre though the show has plenty of gore and mostly takes place in a morgue. Main character Liv (played by Rose McIver) gets turned into a zombie and to help stop her cravings for brains, she begins to work in a morgue. Only eating the brains of the dead gives her flashbacks of their lives, which means she quickly becomes involved in solving crimes. It’s lighthearted but with a twist – so don’t knock it until you try it.

I really like this supernatural show. It’s not as scary as I thought it would be but it has its moments. It’s quite unique in regards to anything else on Netflix right now. It’s based around a remote Alaskan town that has problems with the paranormal. Outcast Roman Mercer (Avan Jogia) – who can communicate with the dead – must try and help, despite pretty much the whole town thinking he’s a freak. The show is gripping – and gory at times – but isn’t too heavy either.

Have you seen any of these shows? Do you have any recommendations? Let me know!