LIFESTYLE | Wednesday Wish List

I’ve really been trying to save my pennies lately, but a girl can still lust after things, am I right? So I’ve put together a Wednesday wish list of homeware items I really cannot wait to get my hands on. I figured if I put them in a list, I can keep an eye on them and buy them when they go on sale or a discount code pops up, therefore saving me money! Smart, eh?

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First of all, I’ve got my eye on one of these adorable vegan lunch bags. I actually have a really cool, um, My Little Pony lunchbox (I use it ironically and because it’s vintage, alright?!) but it’s pretty small and I actually need a bag to put it in. So when I spotted these I thought they were perfect! The bags also use recycled cotton and eco friendly ink, so you know as well as your lunch being vegan, the bag itself is super great for the environment.

I love this edgy but glam skull cup and saucer set. I mean it is pricey at £38 so I probably won’t end up parting with my hard earned cash for it but it is on my wish list now meaning hopefully someone will buy it for me as a flat warming/moving in gift. Plus all my plates and bowls are black (excellent choice from my brother) so this set would totally match everything else.

How cool is this bath mat?! I spotted it on the Urban Outfitters website (the last place I’d expect to find cool homeware) and fell in love with it immediately. I don’t even know if it would fit into my tiny bathroom but god help me if there’s a way I will find it, even if it means trimming/cutting the bathmat down. Plus I do actually honestly need a bathmat. I swear. My nan would totally hate it. But that’s the benefit of having your own place!

These tall moroccan candle holders are really edgy and cool. I’ve blogged about my love for Little Lies before but have yet had the chance to buy something from their website. They’re only £9 each which makes them a total steal, and I know a tall black candle from Tiger would look ace in one of these. I say this because I always buy black candles from Tiger (it’s the only place I know that does black candles) but never buy the tall black ones as I never have any holders to put them in. Problem solved.

Finally, I’ve had my eye on these milo deer heads for what seems like years now, ever since I spotted one for sale during a trip to Amsterdam. I love them and think they’re so funky – they’re really pretty and the fact that they’re cardboard and not actual deer heads is even better! They come in so many beautiful designs (and sizes) I kinda want them all. I think I’ll get this one first and stick it above my bed..

What do you think of my wish list? Would you buy anything from it for your own place?