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At my new job, there’s a lovely lady who runs a pantry on our estate. She offers a vegan menu, does food plans on the side and also dabbles in numerology.

Fascinated by discovering this hobby of hers, I swiftly expressed my interest and she offered me a quick reading. I don’t know much about numerology but things like horoscopes really interest me so I was intrigued to find out what she had to say by adding up my birthdate and creating my number, which was the number 8.

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So the number 8 is all to do with karma and what goes around comes around. This is reflected in the shape of the number 8 which is almost like a ying-yang infinity sign. The number 8 is a balancer but it’s also a very powerful number.

An 8 can easily get what it wants in life through a number of different ways. A top eight – like me – gets what it wants with love and working hard, ie making friends, staying determined and passionate. A lower eight gets what it wants by taking. These are the kind of people that walk into a room and are very powerful and intimidating. Luckily I’m a top 8!

An 8 can also be very emotional – and that is me all over. I take things to heart and I am easily swayed. For example, I could be having an amazing day but then I can burst into tears if I see a sad advert on the TV!

I also take on a lot of other people’s problems and worries and this is a typical thing for an eight to do. I will agree to do this thing for one person and another thing for another because I want to help and cannot say no – until it gets too much for me and brings me down.

In terms of my life right now and what is coming up: the last year or so was a time for suffering for me which sort of makes sense with me. I was very lost last year before I met my boyfriend at the time and didn’t see my life going anywhere. I wasn’t in a great place. This improved when I met Vincent, but when we broke up, I took it super hard and felt like I was back at square one again.

According to my reading, what is coming up for me is a year which will be a bit more spiritual (makes sense as I’m planning to do some travelling!) and after my next birthday I’ll also become quite focused or obsessed on something. This can be anything from food, travel and even sex, but the lady recommended I try to become focused on something more positive such as exercise.

This is quite an interesting look at my possible future. I’ve been told to focus on myself right now whilst I’m still young and single again and hopefully this will go hand in hand with wanting to become a bit more fit and healthy. Although she also said to me that if I do end up becoming obsessed with sex, it’s going to be some real nitty-gritty out there sex, which is…interesting!

Overall I found it really interesting and the qualities behind a number eight really resonated with me. I don’t think I’m a powerful person – I’m definitely not the type of person to stand tall and walk into a room to demand something – but I do believe I’ve gotten where I am in life by being headstrong, approachable and friendly. Many jobs – and amazing opportunities – I’ve gotten in the past have been through friends, so that’s an interesting comparison.

Of course, not everyone believes in numerology but considering I am fascinated by most things like astrology, I think I would definitely look into going along for an actual reading with this lady. The taster was beyond interesting to me.

Have you ever looked into the numerology behind your birth date? Let me know!