TECH | 6 apps to help you get your sh*t together

I finally traded in my iPhone for an Android phone; in fact a Google Pixel 2 to be exact. I was constantly frustrated with my iphone battery never lasting and my phone space always running out so I thought it was time to make a change. I’m happy with my decision – once you get your head around it, the Google Pixel 2 is super easy to use and the camera is amazing. Because I have more space, I’ve been downloading tons of cool apps too.

Here’s some helpful apps I’m really loving at the moment.

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Tech | 6 apps to help you get your sh*t together

This sweet little app is to help you stop being on your phone so much, whether that’s to help you work/study or to just stop relying on your phone. Yes it’s kind of weird and ironic that it’s an actual phone app that helps you but it really does the job. You set a timer for how long you want to to be away from your phone and on screen, shrubs, bushes and trees go. The longer the timer, the more advanced the greenery. If you pick up your phone and use it, the plant dies. At the end of the day you end up with a cute virtual garden and a sum up of how long you’ve been focused for. The more you use the app the more coins you get too to buy other types of flowers and trees. And, even better, if you upgrade to a paid version, each tree you plant ensures a tree is planted somewhere in real life too.

I’m still getting my head around this one but it’s a really niche way to keep up with your to-do lists, habit tracking and the like. Each time you complete a task or a daily habit, you have a little character that levels up and you can essentially then add battle gear and defeat monsters. It takes a while to get into and I still don’t fully understand it, but it’s uber cool and ideal for gamers too.

This app is a really simple way to get hold of your emotions and it’s been a lifesaver for me lately with so much going on. You simply pick a colour based on how happy/sad you are and can add tags for actual feelings like happiness or excitement etc. A grid is filled in and at the end of the year you’ll have a whole year of colour. It’s actually really interesting to look back on – at the time, you might feel like you’re struggling day to day but when you look at the bigger picture, you’ll see that there are still happy times/days too.

I have no idea how I survived without this app, considering my period is somewhat regular but also often not. This discreet app reminds you when you’re coming up to that time of the month and the interface is really simple and sophisticated too (so many period apps end up being unnecessarily overly feminine). I love that you can tag your moods and stuff also. The main thing is to remember to use this app though. Don’t do what I did and forget to use it then panic and think you’re pregnant when your period is uber late. I can’t be the only one that thinks PMS symptoms and pregnancy symptoms (cravings/tiredness and being over emotional) are waaaaaay too similar…

Oh I’ve waited years to find a decent and easy to use calendar that sync’s up with everything. This has synced up with a calendar on my laptop and I can create different calendars for work, blogging, events and bills. Y’know, cause I’m an adult now and have SO MANY BILLS now that I live alone. I mean I’m sure all different calendar’s do this too but in the meantime, I’m happy as larry with this one.

Yeah, yeah, everyone and their dog uses this app and I’ve used it on and off for years now but right now I am loving it. I may no longer be with my ex boyfriend but I’m still hellbent on learning Romanian, just to say that I can. I’m currently on a 27 day streak BOOYA. And I can string a couple of sentences together now too, not just insults and basic words like the Romanian translation of milk/tea/juice and thank you. Haha. I am a genius in the making.

These are just six apps I am loving right now and they’ve really helped me get my sh*t together – which we all know is one of the best benefits of modern technology.

Can you recommend any apps ideal for productivity? Let me know with a comment below!