MUSIC | The April Playlist

It’s that time of month again – my monthly playlist! This month it was super easy to put together as I literally took it from Shazam – I’ve discovered so much cool music this month through TV shows and the like.

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I went to see Fall Out Boy again recently and have really gotten into their music again – hence not one, not two but three of their songs being on this playlist! I absolutely love The Last Of The Real Ones and Wilson (Expensive Mistakes) from their new album. They’re so catchy and upbeat but still essentially Fall Out Boy songs all over. Favourite Record is an older song which has always been a favourite of mine.

Last week – when we had all that nice weather – the girls from work and I went to the pub after work on Friday and sat outside, chatting about our week and listening to music. It was absolutely lovely and I feel really lucky to be working with such a great team. Anyway, we got onto some old school music and that’s why old Macklemore and Calvin Harris songs appear on this playlist!

Other than that, everything else I’ve discovered from TV shows (Made In Chelsea and Riverdale) and movies!

A lot of these songs have really gotten me in the mood for summer, so this is a great playlist to listen to in your car on a hot day with the windows wound down. Bliss.

What have you been listening to lately? Let me know!