LIFESTYLE | Crazy ideas for my (way off) 30th birthday..

As we all know, your 30th birthday is kind of a big deal. It signifies being a proper adult (even if you still feel like you’re 21!) and generally, most people choose the age of 30 to have their sh*t sorted by. Now that I’m 28, the big 30 is looming and I’m starting to put a lot of thought into my birthday plans – and what epic adventure I’ll be going on to celebrate.

I’ve got to be different, so of course a nice meal with friends and family just won’t do it. I’m only just starting to get my life together so I’m hoping by the time I’m 30, I’ll have a lot to celebrate. Therefore, I want to celebrate in a way that’s really fun, out there or special = which means planning/saving money kind of needs to begin ASAP.

Here are some ideas I’ve got so far (I’ll obviously just be choosing to do one of these and hopefully the others in later years…)

Formidable Joy | UK Lifestyle Blog | Lifestyle | Crazy Ideas for my (way off) 30th birthday | The Rickshaw Run

I can’t remember how I came across this crazy adventure but it’s one I would love to complete for my 30th. Not only is it fun, it’s also a huge challenge. The Rickshaw Run involves a team of two or three people to take part in a giant race across India – in a rickshaw. If you don’t already know, a rickshaw is a crazy tiny, um, compartment on wheels/a bike. If you’ve ever been on one of these in London (drunk or otherwise) you’ll know how crazy it is. Along the way, the rickshaw (which you can get designed/grafitti’d in advance) is more than likely to break down. There’s accidents and parties along the way and it sounds like an ultimate challenge. Plus it’s all for charity..

I’m not fussed about where the cruise goes but I’ve heard great things about cruises – and not just because of how plush they are. There’s so much to do on ships that you don’t really have any reason to get off at ports if you don’t want to, there’s a huge variety of food and activities on board and you wake up in a new country/place each morning. It’s perfect. This is one I’d love to do with family.

I don’t exactly what I’ll do in vegas (except get drunk, party, gamble and probably end up getting married) but I’ve always wanted to go to vegas and what better time to go all out and go a little crazy than on your 30th birthday?!

Another travel idea! My brother got me this fab book for Christmas once about how to travel around Europe on the cheap and I’ve always liked the idea of interrailing, even if I only chose to travel for a week or so. Luckily I’ve already visited a few places in Europe already (Spain, France, Romania, Amsterdam) but there’s still so much more to see without travelling half way across the world.

I have always wanted to do a road trip around America and, though pricey, Trek America’s tour sounds like just my dream trip. Although there’s so many trek’s I want to do with this company, this one stands out as being the ultimate dream – the trip includes visiting all 48 states (obviously) and includes visits to cities, deserts & canyons, mountains and national parks. Only thing is, I also want to do a road trip across America for my honeymoon (if I ever get married, that is) so we’ll see which one comes first…

And, finally, I’ve always wanted to be an extra in a TV show or movie just to say that I’ve done it and what cooler way to do so than by being a zombie? I’m such an expert on zombies that I can definitely say I’ve got that limp/movement down to a tee, and being an extra also involves getting paid.

These are just some things I would absolutely love to do for my 30th birthday but they are pricey of course! As it goes, I’ll likely only be able to afford one so I better get saving now. However, I’m hoping to rope my brother and sister into doing the rickshaw run with me, so we’ll see!

Do you plan to do anything out there for your 30th? Or, if you’re already over 30, did you go on any epic adventures? Let me know!