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Oh, hey there.

How you doin’?

It’s been a while. Well, a few weeks – let’s not be too dramatic.

I did post over on Facebook that I’d be disappearing temporarily whilst I got my sh*t together and I hoped during that time I’d be able to take a day or two to bulk write and schedule a bunch of posts but of course that didn’t happen. Maybe next weekend?

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During that time, I started a new job, moved to a new place and became single again. Although, let’s face it, my ex and I seem to be on and off all the time so who knows how long it will last this time.

Still. I left my job in retail for a job based in Milton Keynes which is much more related to my degree – at last! It’s challenging but I’m so thankful for my boss for giving me a chance. It’s only my second week and I’m already well at home already. The girls in the office are lovely (we’re all pretty much new so all in the same boat), my boss is uber cool and the office is in a really nice location too. I mean we have go karting on the estate. How can anyone not think that’s awesome?!

I also finally moved out of home (I made it before 30!) and into my brother’s flat which he’s renting to me. I’m still not entirely moved in because a) I own so much stuff and b) starting a new job and doing a huge move to a new city at the same time just isn’t possible. So at the moment I’m spending weekends there and moving things up bit by bit, but hey, it’s my space and I can’t even begin to tell you how great it feels.

Although I’m renting, my brother trusts me as well, so I pretty much have full reign of the place in terms of decorating too.

During the past few weeks I’ve also seen Fall Out Boy live (where I got terribly, terribly drunk), dyed my hair dark again (which looks horrid as I’m way too pale for how dark it is now) and have genuinely spent time with family.

It has helped, taking a break from the blog. When struggling with the break up, someone told me to simply take some time to myself and do something for me. I thought I did this regularly, but it turns out I didn’t. So I took time to begin to binge watch Riverdale on Netflix, catch up with Made In Chelsea and spent ridiculous amounts of money on pretty things for the flat (and internet, and a TV license and generally adult stuff…).

It’s been really lovely to come home from my new job and just relax – not think that I suddenly need to finish a blog post or schedule some social media. I have missed blogging, but this mini break has taught me that I simply need to plan a bit better – which I will now – to ensure that my time is actually my time and doesn’t turn blogging into a chore.

So, that’s me and my little life update.

It’s good to be back!