TRAVEL | 6 of the most instagrammable places in Romania

Oh Romania, how I love you so. It’s funny how a three week visit to a country I previously knew nothing about last summer left me falling so head over heels for a place. I may have been biased, but I still want to go back and visit the beautiful country again and again.

Being that I travelled around the country in the summer of 2017, I got to see a fair bit (though not enough!) of Romania, inspiring me to create this post of some of the most beautiful and most instagrammable spots around the country.

Note – these are just some of many, many beautiful spots in Romania. I have no doubt I’ll be creating a second list in the near future.

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Bran Castle is a beautiful little place that looks like it’s straight out of a book (which it kinda is) or fairytale. What makes it unique is that it doesn’t necessarily fit into the usual norm’s of a castle. With copper coloured stone tiles and wooden beams, the fortress boasts an oldy-wordly look about it. Despite the fact that it’s famous for being the home of Dracula, you can’t visit this site and not be blown away from its beauty. In summer, it’s stunning but seeing it in the snow is said to be breathtaking.

Ever been in an underground salt mine that also doubles up as an amusement park?! No, not many people have, which is why this is the prime opportunity for a ‘been there, done that’ Instagram shot. Inside, you’ll find six different mines and an underground lake. Amongst these mines, tourists can find a spa treatment room, a bowling alley, a Ferris wheel, mini golf and much more. As well as all these fun attractions, there’s also the added benefit of their surroundings and the fact that all of this takes place deep underground in a salt mine…

I’m never one to shy away from anything creepy, so a visit to Hoia Baciu Forest has been on my bucket list for a while now. However, as well as being dubbed as one of the worlds scariest forests, Hoia Baciu Forest is also perfect for some beautiful – and edgy – photography. It’s said to be a hub of supernatural occurrences, but the strange phenomenon of the unnatural twisted trees is what causes tourists to gather here and snap away.

As it goes, there are many spots along this famous road that can serve as a total instagram gem. The slow and twisting drive up throughout the mountains – think stone bridges and plus green trees – is exciting enough, with many opportunities to stop and take in the view. At the very top, the view that overlooks the mountains and the road you’re about to crawl back down is a rewarding sight. The entire drive itself isn’t easy, so to make it to the top in one piece is certainly something to be proud of! Finally, on the way back down, you’ll find yourself passing by the beautiful Balea Lake – in winter, you’ll find an ice hotel here too.

If you’re one of those people who became obsessed with A Christmas Prince on Netflix this Christmas just gone (let’s face it, who isn’t?!) then a visit to Peles Castle, where the film was shot, is a must do. The castle is beautiful in it’s own right and I dare anyone to visit and not pose in front of any of the scenery or castle that appears in the movie. As a bonus, if you do plan to visit Transfagarasan and Bran Castle in Brasov, Peleș Castle is the perfect pit stop between the two.

Cluj is a charming little place which is oozed in history. The city boats many museums – Bánffy Palace and the National Museum of Transylvanian History are popular choices – plus the beautiful St. Michael’s Church – a perfect Instagram set up. As well as plenty of history to soak up, there’s also a fabulous nightlife with tons of chic cocktail bars and many music festivals are held there too.

Have you ever been to Romania? Are you tempted after reading this post and seeing these beautiful places? Let me know!