BLOGGING | My blogging goals for 2018

Even though January is now long gone, I’m still settling into the new year and taking time to plan ahead. One of my main focuses this year is obviously going to be this blog, but as we always come into a new year, I start looking into more ways to improve and grow Formidable Joy. Here are my blogging goals for 2018.

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This one is an obvious one but this year I really want to focus on getting my content out there. In 2017, I was guilty of sharing my posts on Facebook and Twitter only – and occasionally Google plus. I stuck to three tweets per post and one Facebook update. This is not enough, despite me thinking so at the time. In 2018, I want to think outside of the box in terms of sharing my content and also share on social media more in general. I’m getting back to tweeting a lot more – but Instagramming less. It’s hard to find the time and it feels weird sitting down scheduling non-blog post content in advance (since I don’t know what I’m going to be thinking about in the week or what weird stuff is going to happen to me to share on Twitter!), but a staple schedule of at least the basics is a must.

I want more blogs to follow and I want to support more blogs with comments, likes and shares. I feel like in past years, blogging has become a habit for me to do. I’ve always enjoyed it of course but I focused so much on my own blog that I often forgot to read other blogs. I want to turn that around this year. Oh, and if you have any blogs to recommend, do comment below!

I’m in the process of saving money currently, so this one is well on it’s way to being completed. I’ll either be putting my money towards a proper camera, or be upgrading to a phone that has an excellent camera – or both! The next step is to get more creative with my flatlays in general, but luckily, I have always had an interest in photography so this shouldn’t be too hard.

I’ve started a blogging Facebook group and I think the next step for my blog is to start my own newsletter. This is only something I’m thinking about at the moment and it’s only something I’ll do if I feel I push my content and improve my readership enough – there’s no point starting a newsletter that no one is going to read! – but it’s another goal, if perhaps for later in the year.

I’ve also vowed to relax and enjoy blogging more. It’s not that I don’t enjoy it – because it’s one of my favourite passions – but I want to take the guilt out of not being able to stick to a rigorous every-other-day blogging schedule or not being as good as other bloggers I see. Basically, I want to improve my blog, but not at the expense of my mental health. Blogging is a fun hobby and even if I do want to turn it into a business, I need to remember to not let it stress me out too much either.

Do you blog? What are your blogging goals for 2018 or what would you like to see on Formidable Joy this upcoming year? Let me know!