LIFESTYLE | Mini TK Maxx haul

I haven’t been shopping in so long so that when I picked up a few bargains at TK Maxx this week, I couldn’t help but do a mini TK Maxx haul post!

I’ve been trying to save money and only really shop at work (in exchange for using a £5 off voucher by handing in a bag of old clothes – so throwing out old stuff to buy new stuff!) but it’s pretty hard to not mooch into TK Maxx when I work right next door to one. Normally I’m okay since I’ve been so skint lately but I was bored on my lunch break so I gave in..oops!

Still, I got a fair bit for only £15 so I can’t really complain…

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First of all I’ve picked up this sweet Max Studio nude palette. I do have a W7 palette at home already, but on a day to day basis I only use a few staple colours (which therefore run out pretty quickly) and I’ve been tempted to be a bit more creative with my daily look lately. This palette offers a whopping 24 natural shades which I can’t wait to play around with, although as the squares are pretty small I’m a bit worried it won’t last long – we’ll see. The set also comes with a double ended eyeliner (I’m forever running out of eyeliner so this helped sway my decision) and a little brush, but I don’t like using those types of brushes so will use my own. This palette was only £4.99 which I thought was a total bargain – I was expecting it to be at least ten quid!

Formidable Joy - UK Lifestyle Blog | My Mini TK Maxx Haul

I also picked up two mini W7 Blush With Me kits, which come in a really cute tin. I picked up two different shade sets – the first is Honeymoon, which offers four dainty and feminine rosey/natural shades, and Getting Hitched (I just realized both are related to weddings…) which shades include really natural almost-not-even-there colours, which is ideal for me as I’m quite pale. Each tin comes with a little blusher brush too, and each cost £2.99.

Formidable Joy - UK Lifestyle Blog | My Mini TK Maxx Haul

Finally, I also picked up a Daily Health Tracker. I didn’t find much in my favourite asile (the stationary one), but luckily spotted this at the till. It’s small enough to fit in my bag and each page is really simple and straight to the point. In the book, you can record a mini to-do list and your schedule, but health wise you have areas for goals, fitness, water intake, mood and a sleep tracker. It’s simple but meets my needs, especially as I’ve been after some sort of health tracker for a while now. This was just £3.99.

So I got a fair bit for just £15 (okay, £15.01 for those of you who might have realized it didn’t quite add up!) and I’m sure I’ll get a lot of use out of each item. I needed a proper blusher and I’ve wanted a health tracker for ages now. The palette I didn’t need desperately, but it made sense because I’d be replacing my current one soon enough and since I want to change up my makeup a bit now that we’re in the new year, the timing is right.

What do think about my mini TK Maxx haul? Let me know!