LIFESTYLE | Hello February

Is it me or did January totally drag this year? I spent most of January ambling along, not always quite sure what day it was and focusing my time on blogging/re-evaluating my love life. But with February now landed, I’m starting to get back in the swing of things at last. Here’s what I’m excited for this month.

Game Night is an upcoming black comedy/mystery movie with an all star cast (Jason Batemen, Rachel McAdams, Sharon Horgan and Lamorne Morris to name just a few). The movie is set around a group of friends who’s usual game night turns into a much more sinister murder mystery night. It looks hilarious but intriguing too, despite the fact that it hasn’t been heavily advertised as of yet. I think the cast will really make this one.
Game Night will be released on the 23rd.

I mean, it isn’t new, but Jane The Virgin is finally being uploaded back on Netflix again (though it seems weekly rather than in one go!). If you haven’t seen it: great, you’ve got a whole lot to binge watch and catch up on. If you have seen it, you’ll know how addictive it is and if you’ve missed crushing on Rafael and pining after Petra’s wardrobe like me, Netflix will be your first port of call this January.
Jane The Virgin is available on Netflix now.

Everyone has heard of – and likely read (or watched the movie adaption of) Me Before You. But this month brings the third book in the trilogy along; Still Me. I’m certainly intrigued. I liked the second book, After You, and I’m still as curious to see how (SPOILER ALERT) Louisa Clark’s life moves on after Will. But I do find it sad that the story is no longer centered around them. Still, it should be an interesting read as we discover what happens when Louisa arrives in New York for a whole new adventure.
Still Me will be released on the 25th.

F*ck Valentines Day. Single – or not – there’s always plenty of fun non-conventional things to do come the 14th. Swap Netflix and cuddles/chill for Gin = isn’t Gin just the answer to everything? Instead why not try Mr Fogg’s Gin Safari (even the name is awesome), which involves a tuition on gin, botanicals and tonics and gin tasting in the quirky location of Mr Fogg’s Tavern in London. Totally fun to do as a couple, and totally non-corny and not at all romantic.

Veganuary may officially be over but I’m here to praise veganism. If you made it through the whole month, well done! You may be itching to get back to eating meat (I gave up to be healthy but the one thing that made me stick to Veganuary the first time around was the idea that I’d be going to Pizza Hut to celebrate once it was up!), but you don’t have to fall entirely off the wagon. You’ll be pleased to know there’s such thing as a flexi-vegan, and those who aren’t vegan are always surprised at just how laid back the whole thing is. Being vegan isn’t about giving up meat for life and that’s that. It’s about simply trying your best. Having a meat-free Monday is a good start, or even just allowing yourself just one cheat day a week. If you’ve enjoyed giving up meat and dairy but aren’t quite ready to commit to it for life, ease yourself in rather then going back from one extreme to the other.

What are you looking forward to this February? Let me know!