BEAUTY | How To Have Flawless Skin Like Cleopatra

– by Christine Cook

Cleopatra’s beauty is still a frequent subject of discussion even decades after her death. She became known for exhibiting her exquisite looks to seduce powerful men for political gain. However, her ethnicity has become a hot topic in recent years and ThoughtCo revealed that some biographers insist that Cleopatra was in fact black. Conversely, some historians believe she was Macedonian, seeing as she was a part of the Ptolemy dynasty that ruled over Egypt. 

Regardless of the debate, her physical appearance helped her gain her status, and Cleopatra remains a legendary queen. Her name and image has become synonymous with that of Ancient Egypt’s prime.
Even nowadays, Cleopatra is still seen as a beacon of beauty, and her makeup styles are often used because of how effective they are in cultivating long-term health especially in terms of skincare. 
She has many skincare hacks to thank for her looks, some of which you can do as well, and we have listed below. 
Beauty and Tips Magazine claimed that Cleopatra bathed in a mixture of donkey milk, fresh honey, and almond oil. To do have your own Cleopatra milk and honey bath all you need is to mix a half cup of honey with 3 cups of (cow) milk and add 5 tablespoons of either almond or olive oil. You can pour this mixture into your bath or directly on your skin while you shower. 
Cleopatra was also said to have achieved radiant skin by applying a combination of sea salt and olive oil. The practice was included by The Alternative Daily in their list of 13 natural beauty secrets from the Queen of the Nile. The mixture exfoliated and moisturised her skin, as well as helped replenish it after being exposed to the hot Egyptian sun. 
For her face, The Manila Times reported that a clay mask was a main component in the pharaoh’s beauty regimen. She used it to remove impurities and retain smoothness. It was said that the compound is comprised of clay, honey, sour cream, and lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. All ingredients were of equal parts. To do the same, mix the ingredients and leave it on your face for about 20 to 30 minutes. Then, wash it off with warm water followed by rinsing with cold water to close your pores.
To this day, Cleopatra’s beauty resonates in society. She has been played by many beautiful actresses in movies over the years such as thespians Claudette Colbert and Vivien Leigh. She has also appeared in many other facets of pop culture, including TV programs and video games. Take for instance, the online slots game Cleopatra on Slingo that showcased the Pharaoh in her iconic look, complete with the classic eyeliner extension – a popular beauty trend. Considering all the modern works tied to her name, the Egyptian ruler’s image evidently transcends time, and her skincare rituals only add to her status in terms of her appearance. 
While there might never be a conclusion to the argument regarding her true ethnicity, her allure still remains and will continue to do so for decades. A lot of methods in Cleopatra’s skincare regime still on hold true today, and for that reason alone, the Queen of the Nile already lives on. 
Have you tried other skincare tips that Cleopatra also implemented? Don’t forget to share them through your comments below.


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