LIFESTYLE | Hello December

Firstly, massive apologies that this post didn’t go live yesterday. First of all, my blog was down for some unknown reason (I left it to GoDaddy to fix it entirely and it was fine again this morning; yay!). Second of all, I totally didn’t even realize it was the 1st. I mean can you even accept the fact that it is now the FIRST OF DECEMBER. IT IS THE MONTH OF CHRISTMAS. WE ARE LIKE ONE MONTH AWAY FROM 2018/NEXT YEAR.
I can’t believe it. But I do know I’m in full on Christmas mode and have been gearing up for this for a while now. It’s finally acceptable to be excited for Christmas now though.
Here’s what I’m looking forward to this month.
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I love dystopia/survival books, so Year One (Chronicles of The One #1) sounds right up my street. The premise is based around a sickness wiping out the world and a small group of people trying to survive after the end. But where science and technology failed, magic has risen instead; both good and bad. Lana and Max begin an adventure to survive and the book tells the story of the other survivors they meet along the way.
Year One will be released on the 5th December.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally coming to our screens. We’ve all purposely avoided all trailers as we’re all going to go see it at the IMAX in the new year, but everyone knows it follows on from the last movie when Rey finds Luke. It was the last movie that really made me a fan of Star Wars, so I’ve no doubt this one is going to blow me away also.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi will be released on the 15th December.
Seasonal days a plenty! On Wednesday, I’m dragging my boyfriend along to Waddesdon Manor to see their Christmas fair again and to finally see inside the house. Saturday is my work’s Christmas do and the following week I’m starting early birthday celebrations. My boyfriend has a super fun surprise planned for me which I’m so excited about but it’s been so tough avoiding reading all about what’s going on in London this month in fear of ruining the surprise. Next Saturday my sister and I are heading into London for my annual birthday celebrations and we’re going to The Vaults for their Dance Before Christmas. Not quite sure what it entails but it’s clearly gonna be really fun and unique based on the venue; so I better get a new dress! All these events will be covered on the blog, so keep an eye out.
New Netflix drama, Dark, is here to satisfy your Stranger Things shaped hole. In my eyes, it’s Stranger Things meets The Returned, only much darker than the latter. It’s a supernatural thriller based around a two missing children in a small German town. It won’t be an easy one to watch – and has subtitles – but it’s also going to be very addictive. 
Dark is available from the 1st December.
In all honesty, the closer we get to Christmas, the quieter it’s going to get around here. Not only am I working in retail again this Christmas (long hours), but I’m also planning a move from Blogger to WordPress for the new year, as well as some other blog changes. It’ll involve a lot of research and planning ahead so although I’ll be trying my best to blog as normal, plz don’t hate me if I go completely stone cold quiet for weeks on end 😉