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Yes, I am well aware of the fact that we’re still only in November but if you’re anything like me, you’ll already be looking ahead to the new year and what 2018 will bring.

It’s scary to think that 2018 isn’t far off but if you are planning to start some big new projects once 1st January hits, chances are there’s going to be one or two you’ll want to start prepping for now.

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I’ve toyed with the idea of starting a bullet journal for a while now and it’s taken me a good few months to even get my head around the idea of it all and the system it uses. I’ve also spent around six months pinning beautiful images for inspiration. The thing is, a bullet journal is no longer just a system people use to sort their sh*t out. A lot of people get hella creative with it. I get really anxious staring at a blank page I need to fill in creatively and I know that pressure is going to be massive on 1st January. So if you’re planning to start a bullet journal in the new year, you should choose a notebook now and do a few practice pages. Practice your system until you get used to it and until you get used to how much upkeep it needs. Have a go at layouts and designs so that come 1st January, you don’t mess up your first proper layout.
It’s not to everyone but if you’re thinking of going vegan or even just tempted to try going vegan once or twice a week, you’ll want to start your research now. Get book smart now about where you’ll be getting your vitamins (and weekly shop from!), bookmark some recipes and get your online order in stat. Don’t do what I did and wake up really hungover and unprepared on 1st January and end up eating ice and rice for your first day of being a full vegan. Not good. Also consider checking out my vegan starter kit.
I actually wrote a post about this for The Growing Up Guide, but if you’re set on overhauling your fitness goals in the new year, start as you mean to go on: now. Make a timetable of all your favourite local fitness classes or any you’d like to try (so if you ever get the urge to go after work one day you already know when and where you can get your sweat on: there’s nothing worse than really feeling a workout class and then realizing there’s none to attend that evening), buy some cute workout gear and maybe even purchase a health planner.
Scrapbooking can be started whenever but even if you just want to scrapbook your year, it’s best to get your supplies in early: a decent scrapbook, cute stickers, washi tape and the like.
Whether you’re looking to go travelling or just want a nice holiday, it’s best to do your research now. Start looking at places you want to go and when obviously, but once you’re set on these things, you’ll hopefully be ready to get your flights whenever they come up cheap – perhaps even in the January sales. You can also start budgeting now or putting money aside bit by bit so by the time the holiday comes around, you’re not going to be out of pocket!
By the time January hits, this should be easy, but if you want to save money in 2018, I’d suggest starting to track your finances now. By the time Christmas rolls around, hopefully you’ll have a better idea on your spending which you can use to then create a budget.
My goal next year is to create a staple wardrobe. For anyone else wanting to do this, it’s going to take time. It takes a while to find that perfect fitting pair of jeans, to create your ideal style and, well, to buy everything. But there are ways you can prep now; sort out what you don’t wear and get rid of it (Ebay it, head to a car boot sale or drop a bag full of clothes to H&M to get a £5 off voucher), start compiling a list and add things to a wish list in case they pop up in the January sales. Also think about sorting out your wardrobe and putting summer stuff away for winter. This will also free up space for new stuff.
So if you’re planning to really get your sh*t together in the new year, start prepping now. I mean, totally spend some time binge watching Christmas movies and being lazy too, but don’t wait until 1st January to start these projects and then fail immediately because, y’know, you don’t have the supplies for a bullet journal or no vegan food at home.
What other projects can be prepped now? Let me know!
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