HALLOWEEN | The UK’s best Fright Nights

Last year on Formidable Joy, I talked about some of America’s best scare attractions. This year, I’m going to focus more on the UK! 
I’ll still do a round up post about what’s going on in London, but this post is to focus on everywhere else. Theme parks are especially popular at Halloween as they host a variety of fright nights (a general name, although also the official name of Thorpe Park’s themed scare evenings), and in recent years, farms have gotten in on the action too.
So, here’s what’s going on around the UK at farm’s, theme parks and anything else outside of London…
Please note, unless otherwise stated, each fright night runs on selected nights throughout October, but I’d advise checking for exact dates and prices.

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Beginning with the actual ‘fright night’, Thorpe Park are this year theming their Fright Night‘s around The Walking Dead. And we all know how scary/awesome zombies are…For 2017, two new mazes have been announced (Living Nightmare & Sanctum) and returning frights include Platform 15, Saw: Alive (I braves this once in the middle of summer and this scared the crap outta me, so it’ll probably be terrifying this October), The Big Top and Containment. Containment sounds particularly scary as those brave enough will be put into groups of ten and locked inside FOUR haunt rooms. Creepy.
This is one attraction I’m especially looking forward to, having visited Mead Open Farm on various occasions when growing up. A visit to the farm will find you experiencing both street theatre and scary haunts such as Hotel de Basquervilles, Topper’s Twister, House of Hounds, The Shed and Squealers Yard. Looking at the website, The Shed sounds most scary (with a scare factor of 9!), but I can’t help but think that Topper’s Twister will be particularly scary too, especially with the inclusion of clowns..

Alton Towers’ Scarefest is a tad more family friendly in that it offers both thrilling frights and family fun. Families can enjoy four spooky live shows with song, dance and stories and a flashmob of dancing ancestors. There’s also the Freak Show Scare Zone and the House of Monsters, which is dubbed perfect for those who just like a light fright. Those a little braver can visit in the evening for after dark rides and four scare mazes – Terror of the Towers, Sub Species – The End Games, Altonville Mine Tours, and, new for 2017, The Welcoming: Be Chosen. But, as anyone who has visited Alton Towers before will know, even if you visit just for the rides, a visit will be filled with visually stunning and thrilling fun.

I can personally vouch for the fact that this attraction is petrifying, having attended myself a few years ago. But despite being scary, it’s also visually stunning with amazing sets and even better attention to detail. This year’s event, Legends of Horror, will include four mazes/sets which customers must brave and complete to tick off and relax in the Horror bar afterwards. This years mazes are: Redneck Wedding, Dead Inside, Hollywood Horror 2 and Killer Clowns in a Supermarket. When I went, one maze took place in a makeshift swamp, which involved us running beneath makeshift stars, across bridges over water and crawling through a caravan. This was my favourite because it was great to see how much thought had gone into it. 

Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Halloween | UK Fright Nights | Thorpe Park | Fright Nights | Mead Open Farm | The Howl Scream Park | Alton Towers | Scarefest | Dr Frights Halloween Nights | Chessington | Howloween | Screamland Margate | Zed Events

I’ve heard good things about Dreamland, and even better things about Screamland, the spooky Halloween version of Margate’s traditional seaside funfair/amusement park. There’s something real nostalgic about the park, so any after dark visits are sure to be interesting. The event runs for only six nights, and those attending will be able to brave six varied scare mazes, as well as unlimited use of all the rides and attractions.

Chessington is another theme park that’s perfect for some spooky family fun this Halloween. If you log onto their website you can even find a spook rating guide which rates rides and attractions ranging from ‘perfect to little spooks’ (0+ years), to ‘For the fearless’ (10+ years). Attractions include Creepy Caves Unearthed, Spooky Story Time, Curse of the Lost Tomb, Trick or Treat Wood and rides in the dark of course. There’s also a fancy dress competition, which is always fun!

Finally, for something more hands on, Zed Events has the answer. If you’re a fan of zombies like me, then what could be better than a two and a half hour experience trying to escape them/defeat them? Unlike what is now traditional jump scares, this immersive event instead requires you to attend a briefing and basic training with the use of a special ZED-exclusive (and entirely safe!) firearm, before you are let lose in an abandoned mall where you must escape zombies and survive your experience. It’s had amazing reviews and is something I’ve wanted to try for years..

Off course this is just a round up of some theme parks and other attractions I think are worth checking out; we’d be here forever if I was to list everything going on in the UK this October!

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