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My boyfriend and I visited Blackpool recently and we packed so much into our short time there, but we’re already thinking about returning either this winter or next. The reason being is that Blackpool is the type of place you can visit all year round – in fact, Blackpool’s out of season is in the summer as there’s just so much to do in winter, which not many people realize.
Here are some reasons you should think about visiting Blackpool this winter.

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This ones a given, but Blackpool is famous for it’s illuminations or, rather, the golden mile (despite the fact that the illuminations actually run for around six miles). The light festival consists a large display of lights running above the main seafront, which people travel in car, coach or bus to view – entirely free, of course. There is often trams and cars alight too. The illuminations are switched on on the 1st of September each year with a concert and with famous people often conducting the switch on – a few years ago it was Tim Burton! All those lights look dazzling at night, especially the closer we get to Christmas.
Really, the list is almost endless. There’s Blackpool Tower, The Tower Circus, The Blackpool Tower Dungeon, The Tower Ballroom (where Strictly’s final takes place!), SEALIFE Blackpool, the Pleasure Beach, Sandcastle Waterpark, casino’s, arcades (and the famous Coral Island!), Ripley’s Believe It Or Not!, Madame Tussauds, three piers, lots of shows, the beach and a theatre – to name just a few! Most attractions also offer combined cheaper tickets to help you save money. You definitely won’t run out of things to do here.
There’s more further afield. In Blackpool, everything is close together and in walking (or tram!) distance, but on the outskirts of the city and in Lancashire in general there’s also a lot to do if you’re with a car. There’s Blackpool Zoo, Ashton Gardens, Fairhaven Lake and more.

I’ll be honest with you here: as well as being known for a popular area for stag & den do’s, it’s also a great place for, ahem, a dirty and/or romantic weekend away. With lots of great bars for laid back drinks, a theatre, tons of shows and even a few lingerie/sex shops dotted about, it’s going to be very hard to visit Blackpool on a weekend away with your other half and not feel closer together or rekindle things between you. A kiss at the top of Blackpool Tower is also a must. Plus if it’s freezing outside, it’s always a good idea to get hot and heavy inside, no?


Lets face it, you don’t visit Blackpool to go and lay on the beach to get a tan. You can still visit the beach of course and huddle up on a bench and eat some classic seaside fish and chips. You really don’t need nice weather but if you insist on those summer holiday vibes, you can always head over to Sandcastle Waterpark for a giant indoor paradise/water theme park. Some hotel’s also offer pools too. For example, the day we went and got caught in the rain, once we got back to the hotel we treated ourselves to a swim, hot tub and sauna to warm up. Plus, as we found, a little bit of overcast meant we had to wait in virtually no lines at The Pleasure Beach too.

Formidable Joy | UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog | Travel | Blackpool

A weekend away doesn’t have to be expensive, especially when Christmas is fast approaching and money needs to be saved. As a whole, being up north means most things are cheaper than they are down south, but there are plenty of ways to save money. We got the coach up which saved money and for travelling around Blackpool, we got a fab tram pass which meant for around £11 each, we got unlimited travel on the trams for all three days. Trams were super frequent so this was really useful, especially when we spent the day at The Pleasure Beach and were too tired to walk all the way back to the other side of Blackpool for our hotel. As I mentioned, most attractions do great deals too. The tower offers varied types of tickets depending on what you want to do there (as not everyone will want to pay for the children’s play area for example!), and we won a free wristband for The Pleasure Beach by playing the app The Big One. I mean it drove me freakin’ mad at times but after playing on and off for a few days, we wracked up enough vouchers for one free wristband which was great. You can also buy wristband’s cheaper the earlier you buy them in advance online. This is a tough one as often the weather can be unpredictable, but the park offers a Rainy Day Return deal. If it rains for more than three consecutive hours (or even just rains lightly or spits!), you can return for free the following day or for half price during any Sunday later in the season.

Okay, so this ride is amazing no matter what time of year it is, but it still deserves an honourable mention. The ride begins with a slow ascend to the top to offer a beautiful view of surrounding Blackpool, followed by a stomach clenching steep drop of 205 feet. The rollercoaster broke many records when it was first built, such as the tallest and steepest rollercoaster in the world and the fastest in Europe in 1994. It now still remains as the tallest in the UK. Plus it’s just amazing. Need I say more?!

These are just six reasons to visit Blackpool this winter (and some reasons to visit anytime really), but there really are so many reasons and more to discover. For example, I had no idea there was paintball or Stanley Park in Blackpool, nor that there was a model village! Even though we went less than a month ago, writing this post has given me serious nostalgia to go back ASAP…

Have you ever considered Blackpool for a winter weekend away? Let me know!

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