PERSONAL | The day everything changed

I’d stayed at his flat plenty of times before. There had been the first night we spent together. The time two-days-accidentally-turned-into-a-whole-week. Days where he’d worked and I’d tidied, cooked and washed clothes and dishes in between playing The Sims.
But when I was offered some temporary work at his bar – and couldn’t say no to the idea of some extra cash – there was no question that I’d be spending more time there than normal.
After all, he lived a mere five minutes away from work. Now, with no car, my journey would take me between fourty minutes and an hour and a half, and with shifts starting early in the morning, the bus wasn’t always an option.

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So with this in mind, I packed an even heavier bag than normal. More clothes. Makeup. A couple of bits that would now stay at his permanently. 
I’d been meaning to do it for a long time really – gather some things like dry shampoo and makeup to keep here all the time. But I just didn’t get around to it.
That day, I kept his key so I could let myself in whilst he was at work. I took a hot shower, changed into my pajamas and sat down to write this post – on his computer, even though I had my laptop with me of course.
And something just felt weird – but not in a bad way.
Not just weird.
Good. Secure. Long term.
We’d already discussed moving in together later this year and although me staying whilst working isn’t permanent – I’ll still be popping home on my days off really – it felt weird that I didn’t know when I’d next spend a night in my own bedroom. It felt weird leaving things here and trying to find my own little area to keep them (I haven’t scoped out an area yet).
It felt like our future was turning into less of a fantasy and more of a reality.
And I really like that. 
Here’s to the beginning of the future – our future.

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