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I’ve mentioned before how awesome I think Joanne Mortlock the founder of Love Pop Ups – London is and I even interviewed her for a previous blog post because I absolutely love the fact that she runs such a cool community that brings bloggers and press together. Therefore I knew I just had to get her to do a blog post for me while I was away, so I asked her what some of her favourite all time London pop ups have been.

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I have been to so many new places and pop ups such as Magnum, Edible Cinema, Secret Theatre, The Art of the Brick: DC Legends, Goosebumps, Moomins Adventures in Moominland etc. but my all time top five that I have visited over the years has to be:
Alice’s Adventures Underground 
When I went down the rabbit hole to adventure through Alice’s journey I came across many characters from an eccentric Cheshire cat to bumbling Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dee. All the costumes were colourful and spectacular and the acting was outstanding.  I just could not wait to keep on moving through the rooms meeting new characters and getting involved in some way or another. I in fact went back twice to the production as there was four paths with each one having different stories and characters to meet. 
Alice is in fact returning this year 2017 and with new characters and scenes to experience, and a few of us can’t wait to return. 
Secret Cinema: Star Wars
I have been to so many Secret Cinema productions but Star Wars is most certainly one of the best ones I have ever been to. The whole of the venue was decorated out spectacularly well that I actually felt like I was on Tatooine with all the sand on the floor recreating the desert, the Jawa’s badgering people for computer tech and wanting to trade with you, Stormtroopers marching around, C3PO and R2D2 walking around, seeing Chewbacca and Han Solo having conversations with each other with Chewbacca roaring away, aliens dancing on the dance floor etc. Not only were these spectacular characters that not only acted and looked like the cast from the movie but you could also drink blue milk and be involved in missions – there was just so much going on. This production has to be one of the more unique high end productions they have ever done. Secret Cinema always know how to lay on a good event.  
Bompas and Parr: Beyond the Waterfall pop up event
This was certainly a cocktail bar with a difference and was so unique. It was in Westfield Shopping Centre and it all started by me boarding a rowing boat and going through alcoholic mist in which I must add I got stuck in as I can not row. One of the boatmen had to come and rescue me before I inhaled too much alcoholic fumes. After getting off the boat I then was greeted by a mystical man who told me a story about the sea and the creatures that live within. I then got to choose a magical crystal which I could keep. Through a cave entrance, I was then greeted by an eccentric man which had his face decorated/covered with glitter. He told me about the three mermen who were in the room. One was playing a harp, the other giving out tarot readings and the other one telling you about your horoscope and your character which I must admit he got spot on spookily. I felt like I was actually meeting real mermen the atmosphere was electric and the cocktails were really good too.
Whole Foods: Skrei cod night with Michel Roux Jr. pop up supperclub
This supperclub was a special one as it was hosted by Michel Roux Jr. who is a two star Michelin chef. It was an honor to watch him talk about Skrei cod that comes from Norway and watch him cook the cod. He also served up the dishes to the diners. We had two different cod dishes and each was succulent, very white cod, fresh, meaty and tasted divine. After Michel Roux Jr. done a Q&A session in where we got to ask him many questions. This was such a unique event and one that only cost £20 surprisingly enough I will certainly be looking out for future supperclub events that Whole Food put on.  
This establishment popped up last year and is still running. If you love the series Breaking Bad and you love cocktails with a difference then you will love this. I highly recommend going along as there is no other cocktail making experience like this in London. You enter a RV that looks like it is from Breaking Bad and this is where you then get to choose your cocktails and make them yourself but not the usual way you make cocktails as these ones involve syringes, dry ice, cereal etc. The whole concept of how you make them is so unique, slightly dangerous and fun especially the one that involves breakfast cereal.  I highly recommend to do with a group of friends.
I love the sound of each of these pop up’s – oddly enough, I have also been to Alice’s Adventure’s Underground and Secret Cinema events and I even follow Bompass and Parr events – but never manage to get tickets! Thank you so much for agreeing to guest post Joanne!

You can visit Joanne’s website, Love Pop Ups – London here, and request to join her Facebook group here, where she often offers competitions and opportunities to attend exclusive London pop up events.

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