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Dear Louise,

As I write this, today is the day that we travel out to Mexico and I can’t even begin to explain how excited and nervous I am. In fact, the timing is super convienent because the moment this goes live, I will literally just be boarding the plane. To some, the idea of travelling to Mexico might seem like a plush holiday with luxurious five star hotels and sandy white beaches. To me (us?), it’s a trip that just might change my life.

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Heading to Mexico will see us travelling for the first time ever. We’ve been on beach holidays, long weekends away and have even done the party holiday in Ibiza, but we’ve never travelled. We’ve never flown to a country to explore and trek around. We’ve never gone to a new place just to soak up its culture and explore its local traditions. 

All my life (our life?) we’ve wanted to do something like this and all my/our life we’ve found reasons not to. We’ve used stupid reasons too like not being able to afford it (or not making the effort to save the money) or being too busy with work – when in actual fact, I think we were just too scared.

I’m lucky that currently my timing is just right. I only work part time and I have saved money for this, although some money has come from mum which I hope she’s glad about – I’m putting it towards a genuine life experience that will hopefully spark a lifetime of travel.

I can’t quite tell you the reasons why we we’re too scared before. Maybe it’s because we knew we’d enjoy it or maybe it’s because we thought we’d enjoy it so much that we wouldn’t ever want to stop travelling – and deep down I still wonder if I am ready to take this chance which I know will tempt me to am to give up what I have here to really travel the world for months on end?

I don’t quite know yet. I’m seeing this as a trial run – as my first taster of travel without throwing myself in the deep end and still putting myself out there (travelling alone but meeting a group there). I think it’s perfect because we would never be experienced enough to travel around Mexico alone but, likewise, I wanted to go all out for our first time travelling. I could have chosen Paris or somewhere closer to home, but Mexico is so different than anything we’ve ever known before with its jungles and cenotes and such.

I’m convinced I’m going to fall in love with the place, come home and just feel lost. But I think that’s okay. Because if that’s the case, I’ll get my head down, save some money and do it all over again as soon as I can – but hopefully for longer next time.
Hopefully when you read back on this in future, these plans will already be in place. Maybe you’ll be sitting in the airport about to board or maybe you’re sat at home with your mouse hovering over that purchase button when looking at flights. But I hope you can read this and see that despite the nerves, it’s obvious how excited I am. It’s clear to see the anticipation in my words for my first proper taste of real travel and I hope you never lose that feeling. I hope if you ever doubt going, you can read back on this and remember that we’ve always had that doubt – but it didn’t stop us. That curiosity is what drives us to keep exploring, to keep adventuring – to keep travelling.

My heart is in my throat as I type this but I’m pretty sure this is going to be the best two weeks of our damn life. Nothing beats this feeling – don’t ever lose it.

Wish me luck – and I’ll see you on the other side.

Louise x

And to you – my readers – please be aware that my posts will not be as regular for the next couple of weeks. I have some scheduled posts and one or two guest posts, but they won’t be as regular as my normal posting schedule – still, sometimes a girl needs a break 😉

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