VEGANUARY 2017 | Week Three

So, it’s safe to say I’ve struggled a lot this week.
I’ve found that in between feeling sick (nearly everything I’ve been eating I’ve been puking back up again) and being so busy, I haven’t had much chance to meal plan or buy vegan specific food.
In my last post, I actually left off at Monday, so this post for this week will be a bit shorter.
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Today I started off well with some vegan pancakes which did not go well and, later, some plain toast, which luckily I managed to keep down. So far, so vegan…until around 1am when I was starving and had to give in and have a Mars bar, with nothing else light and/or vegan in the house. What a fail.
Wednesday was avocado on toast and I met my dad for dinner. I don’t know what was going through my mind, but well aware that nachos are vegan as long as I don’t have the cheese, for some stupid reason I associated the fact that tacos are very similar to nachos and would be the same. I got to the pub and was so hungry and hyped up for tacos that despite the fact they come with cheese and lots of meat, I ordered it anyway. I only had a small bit of meat, but I felt horrible afterwards because at the very least I could have gone for something veggie. Still, this made me feel unwell nonetheless, but I was at least able to keep it down. I blamed feeling unwell for my mistake.
Thursday I was determined to get back on it and had (vegan) pancakes for breakfast and, for dinner, vegetable grills with mixed vegetables and garlic breaded mushrooms. I had a late supper of avocado on toast too. 
Friday was another bad day for me as I had such a busy day, I skipped breakfast. I went out to visit my sister and we went for a long, long walk to the foresty centre, and for lunch I had a cheese and onion toastie with salad and crisps. The crisps were vegan, as was the salad obviously, but the cheese and onion toastie = not so much. Still, at least it was still veggie.
Finally on Saturday I managed to get a proper shop in and get my head back in the game. I was sure to pick up lots of vegan treats and light food, like oreos, Chipstix and Nakd bars, but I couldn’t find any courgettes for my beloved stuffed courgettes! I filled myself up with a mushroom and garlic pasta though and had some packets of Chipstix as a snack.
I think I’ve been terrible this week, but with having such a volatile stomach, I could have done a lot worse. I must admit, I’ve been trying to choose some food to settle my stomach, regardless of whether or not it’s vegan and I finally seem to be feeling a bit better.
I have taken solace in the fact that I haven’t given up completely and where I have had non-vegan meals, it’s not been on purpose. For example, when I was out with my sister, I’d skipped breakfast and there were no vegan options on the menu, so I chose the nearest thing to vegan. So there have been a few slip ups here and there, but none intentionally.
There have of course been many points I’ve been tempted to pack it all in and drive to McDonalds since, y’know, I’ve already slipped up, but I persevered!
Saying that, my sister commented on how well I looked which made me feel good! I hadn’t seen her in a couple of weeks and she pointed out that apparently my skin was glowing, my hair looked good and I’d lost weight – so that was nice!
Now that I’ve got my final big shop in I should be okay. I have plenty of supplies so if I’m absolutely starving at night and it’s too late to cook, I have snacks that are vegan luckily.
There’s not long to go now – only ten or so days – and I’m determined to be 100% vegan this last week! Wish me luck!
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  1. 23rd January 2017 / 9:48 am

    Don't feel down on yourself, we all slip up sometimes and it's easy enough to get back on the wagon x

  2. 23rd January 2017 / 2:29 pm

    It's easy to fall off sometimes but as long as you get back on track asap and don't put it off, I went off track after Christmas with my health eating and excercise just getting back in my routine now good luck and stick with it x

  3. 26th January 2017 / 10:22 pm

    Well done , your efforts are great and I am sure you will get through the month.

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