VEGANUARY 2017 | Week Two (& why I almost gave up!)

Over the weekend, I hit the halfway mark of Veganuary.

That happened so quickly and I can’t believe that I’ve already succeeded in eating vegan for two weeks.
Here’s how I got on.

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Today I had a busy day followed by a date (!) so I skipped a big dinner today and instead opted for some avocado on toast for lunch and a large salted popcorn at the cinema. Please note, the popcorn was to share. Today is the first day I also found my appetite reducing. I don’t know if it’s because I was so busy or just because I’ve been filling up on more vegetables but I definitely began to eat less.
Today I also had avocado on toast and some butternut squash risotto I’d purchased ready-made from Morrisons. It was rank. I have no idea what possessed me to buy it.
On Tuesday, I had just one big meal. I was busy running errands most of the day and I’ve been also upping my water intake loads, so I focused on pasta with a garlic cream sauce and mushrooms. It was nice and I actually managed to flavour the sauce for once!
By midweek, I sort of got my appetite back a little. I had vegetable grills and mixed vegetables for lunch, then met my dad for dinner at a Hungry Horse, where I scoffed down a delicious Tandori Veg Malasi. It was lovely, if a little hot for me! I’m always pleasantly surprised at how many veggie and vegan options on offer at Hungry Horse. There was a lot and as it was a tad hot, I couldn’t finish it all. By the evening, I was feeling a tad peckish, so I treated myself to a simple home favourite, spaghetti on toast.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Veganuary | Veganuary 2017 | Vegan | Veganuary Challenge

Thursday was another busy day for me, so I stocked up on water and treated myself to a big dinner of Fry’s Family Chicken Nuggets, bite sized roast potatoes, garlic breaded mushrooms and some mixed vegetables. I’m loving mini bags of mixed vegetables lately. You just throw them in the microwave and because they go with everything, I’ve gone easily from barely eating any vegetables to eating them nearly every single day with at least one meal.
This weekend I was away at Centre Parcs with some friends. To make it cheaper, we agreed to all cook for each other and I told myself I would try my best to stay vegan but not beat myself up too much if I couldn’t, as obviously most of our group weren’t vegan. I said I’d add an extra weekend onto Veganuary, but as it goes, it was pretty easy. One of the girls is a full time vegan and my other friend is doing Veganuary with me so we had no meat all weekend. I did have a couple of sides that I’d picked up thinking were vegan (but turned out not to be) but didn’t beat myself too much about it, as I’d already chosen to be a bit more lenient that weekend.
I don’t know what it was but Monday I felt horrible. At first I thought I’d just overdone it over the weekend, as I’d had a pretty bad hangover on the Saturday, but my stomach was killing me too so I thought maybe it was where I’d barely eaten with having no appetite. Anyway. I shamelessly gave in. I tried to eat some avocado on toast which I puked up again mere hours later and found nothing would stay down. I couldn’t be bothered to cook so had some doritos which weren’t vegan at all. I puked these up too, and I think Monday marked the end of Veganuary for me.
Having not been able to keep anything down for the past few days – but not at all blaming Veganuary, cooking and eating vegan has been the last thing on my mind. The result of my sickness could well be the change in diet, but it could also be something as simple as a pro-longed hangover and not eating.
After two weeks/reaching the halfway mark, I came close to giving in for many reasons. I went as far as to end this post stating the reasons why I decided to give up – I’d already given in and eaten some non-vegan items when feeling unwell, and also that my circumstances had changed from last year and I was no longer in a position to splurge/stock up on vegan items every week being that I now only work part time.
But I also wrote about how proud I was for reaching the halfway mark and how good I felt in myself. I have noticed a huge change so far, I’ve lost weight, I had a lot of energy in the first week (when I was eating properly) and in general felt better in myself.
And then I decided that I’d just admit that those two days of feeling so terrible in myself can be marked down as a write-off and that I’m allowed slip ups now and then. It wasn’t that I’d intentionally decided that I didn’t want to try anymore and went out to scoff a massive bacon sandwich; anything I ate was not staying down, I turned to home comforts (like soup) to settle my stomach and just had no energy or motivation to cook.
So after a bit of a rough end to my second week, I’m hoping my third week will be a lot better!
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  1. 24th January 2017 / 8:43 pm

    Well done you for even trying to go vegan, not sure if I could manage it myself. I was vegetarian for 8 years mind, but gave it up during my first pregnancy because I couldn't eat anything and really fancied bacon! It sounds like you had a bit of a stomach bug, there's a lot doing the rounds at the minute so i wouldn't beat yourself up about your little break, it sounds like you needed it!

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