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At only a few days into the new year, there’s no doubt that nearly everyone is probably on some kind of fitness plan. 

Many people’s new year’s resolutions have likely been to lose weight or tone up or, like me, in general just get more fit (and start a new fitness class). It’s also the time of year when we really start to evaluate our bodies and brainstorm ways to get from A to B.
Although I’ve always been about the ‘make yourself feel good rather than starve yourself to lose weight’ message, I can’t deny the fact that I’ve been intrigued by detox ideas in the past – but can you blame me?
Many teatox companies offer fast weight loss or quicker ways to get fit and so when the opportunity arose to try out Essential Tetox’s 14 day AM and PM cleanse, I jumped at the chance to see whether the idea of supposed teatoxes are really worth it.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Essential Teatox Review & Giveaway | Teatox | Teatox Review

To begin with, Essential Teatox don’t claim to be a weight loss company. Their mission states that they believe it’s a natural way to feel good and live better, which I love. It’s not promising weight loss. It’s not promising hours spent on the toilet and it’s not promising a huge change – only, perhaps, a bit of a push in the right direction for the new year (which I think sometimes we all need).
Although the cleanse is a product of Herbal Synergy Ltd, a company with roots in both nutrition and weight loss, Essential Teatox also states: 
“We’ll guide you on a journey to better physical fitness and overall wellness with healthy eating habits and exercise, better quality sleep and a more radiant you – even if you have a hectic lifestyle and have found other strategies hard to fit in.”
Their mission statement is also particularly enlightening:
“We began with the philosophy that detoxing, weight loss and improving energy levels is often done in an unhealthy way. Fasting, low calorie diets and energy drinks can all have short-term effects but are mostly unsustainable and make you miserable in the process. We formulated Essential Teatox as the complete opposite, something that could be enjoyed daily and coupled with a healthy lifestyle, would aid better quality sleep, increase energy levels and deliver natural and maintainable weight loss. 

Of course, there is no “magic” solution to weight loss and feeling great, so Essential Teatox is at it’s most effective when combined with regular exercise that’s fun and enjoyable and a commitment to taking good care of yourself in a holistic way.”
In this particular cleanse, you drink the AM tea every day and the PM tea every other day. I received enough teabags to try the cleanse for two weeks, and the company also offers a money back guarantee if the cleanse doesn’t benefit you. The ingredients in the tea’s are 100% natural, too, and include things like Oolong tea, Ginger pieces, Senna Leaf and Peppermint Leaf. Although they are natural, it’s worth nothing that, like most teatoxes, it’s worth checking with your doctor if you are on any medication or taking the contraceptive pill.


I felt pretty positive throughout the whole cleanse. I will admit I felt a lot less bloated, and I think my energy levels improved a little, especially as during the cleanse I had a lot of early morning breakfast shifts with Heart radio which had be getting up at 4:30am when it was still dark out! I did feel all round better in myself and, as a bonus, the evening tea did not make me want to go to the loo loads. Many teatoxes are notorious for making you sh*t a lot, but this one didn’t which is nice. And the tea tasted really nice, too.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Essential Teatox Review & Giveaway | Teatox | Teatox Review


As a teatox, I feel it did what it said on the tin. Because I felt less bloated, I definitely felt like it detoxed me and in a safer manner than other teatoxes! My energy levels were up too, and I felt all around better in myself.

I didn’t weigh myself before or after because I didn’t use this cleanse to lose weight and although I didn’t feel like I lost weight, a friend commented that it looked like I had when seeing me after the cleanse (she didn’t know I was on the cleanse). However, during that time, apart from a lot of walking with work, I didn’t go on any runs or change my diet. So it made me feel less bloated (and perhaps look less bloated too), but I wouldn’t say it caused any weight loss as I didn’t change my diet or eat particularly healthy, nor work out.

Saying that, my friends comments lead me to believe it clearly made some difference. I think because it gave me more energy and made me feel better in myself, had I used this alongside working out and eating more healthy than I would have witnessed a bigger change/weightloss perhaps in a sense of showing me results sooner as it helped detox me.


I don’t tend to recommend diet fads or quick weight loss tools, but having tried this cleanse, I would recommend it because I wouldn’t say it could be categorized as one of the above. An Essential Teatox cleanse aims to improve energy levels, aid weight loss and detox you and I feel that this cleanse did exactly that.

I wouldn’t take this cleanse expecting a quick fix weight loss, as the cleanse clearly aids weight loss – it works, perhaps by detoxing you and showing results a bit quicker as you are less bloated – when you put the effort in.

Which, if you ask me, is quite a healthy way to see in the new year!

I’d also recommend it as a little boost to help start any new fitness regime, because we all know how hard it is when you commit to a regime or a healthier diet only to not see any results. They say it takes up to six weeks for everyone else to see the results, so this cleanse could work as a nice boost = if you see results quicker, you’re more likely to stick to it!

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