LIFESTYLE | My favourite apps that aren’t Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is so popular right now – and I can see why.
I’m an addict myself! It’s super fun and a great way to give you that first push towards getting fit or just getting out of the house more.
That being said, I am sick of hearing loads about it and I’m sure you all are too.
So I’ve decided to do another post about my favourite iPhone apps, because my last one was a good few years ago now so isn’t really relevant anymore. 
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My brother recommended this app to me and although I have yet to use it to actually book anything, so far it’s proving great for travel inspiration. Basically you pop in a budget – which can be as low as £150 – and the app gives you three results to make a mini holiday or a weekend break away – a place with flights, somewhere to stay and one activity/something to do  such as visit an art show or a somewhere to eat. You can also choose different categories for the theme of your trip such as adventure, culture, night owl, foodie or love. It’s super sweet and a great app to have if you fancy just getting away on a whim all of a sudden but want to try somewhere entirely new. 
I love this app and not just because you can just leave it running in your background apps to work. Basically every time you work out, you earn points which can then eventually be transferred into vouchers for New Look or Amazon for example. It works especially well if you link it to other apps and log your workout. But it also runs well in the background and often on a night out I’ll wake up the next morning and found it’s given me points for dancing and such!
This super cute app helps me to drink more water as a kind of Tamagotchi that is more like a plant. It really helps as it sends reminders to your phone as you see your plant grow more and more, but I found it really surprising to discover just how much water you’re expected to drink a day. If anything, it makes me pee more! But I can’t complain as it does really work.
I use this for when I just need to switch off and it’s really fun and cute. You basically go around the island cutting down things and upgrading other things with the eventual aim to leave the island and travel to another one, and I think there’s about five or six islands altogether so it’s a game that won’t be completed quickly which is nice.
I know it’s a boring adult app – and may not apply to everyone – but I have the AA app on my phone and find it super helpful. On a day to day basis, I use it for traffic updates but I have no doubt it’ll come in handy for if I ever break down, too. I’m terrible with directions and things like that, so I love the fact that I can directly request breakdown assistance via the app without having to talk to someone on the phone and try to explain where I am, which is useful especially if I’m somewhere new or lost.
Mondo is a new app for me which I have really high hopes for. It’s a bit different than your average budget app because you can apply to actually get a new debit card in which you can load money onto it and spend from that. Your spending is then recorded on the app without you having to do anything, and then you can use that to budget better. I haven’t gotten far with it just yet because I keep leaving my card at home, oops. But I do think it’s a really innovative idea and think it’s going to work well. Despite the fact that I’ve barely used it, I love it already. Keep an eye out for a full review soon.
I was a fan of GLP back when it was a website and love to use this app if I’m out and about in London at a loss of somewhere to drink or eat. I do find the app a little harder to use than the website, but it’s really good for on the go and is perfect for if you’re on the train heading into the city and want to quickly swipe through to see your options for what’s nearby. It’s great for finding those offbeat, quirky places!
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