So I’m finally home! Actually, if we’re being completely honest, I think I got home at about 5am on Monday morning and have since spent my days in a hungover/exhausted coma catching up on sleep, but more about my late arrival home later..

I’ll do a proper post about what I wore and hotel and gig reviews later, but this is just a little lifestyle post to let you know how this past week has gone.

In short, it has been the best week of my entire life. I’ve made new friends, created some amazing memories, partied with rockstars, partied with strangers, had cheap nights out and very expensive nights out and even managed to do some sightseeing. I’ve been to Newcastle, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Leeds, Wolverhampton and London. I’ve spent evenings in smokey basement clubs, huge underground rock clubs and VIP bars for after parties. And of course, I’ve seen my favourite band play every night and meet them too which was just the icing on top of the cake.

On Monday we headed off ‘kind of’ early, pausing to stock up on food and drink (and a broomstick?!) from Tesco! Then we realized I’d forgotten my skull shot glasses (which we never actually used in the end!) and wine so after another detour we were finally on our way to Newcastle. Excitement was thick in the air as we played some of the awesome play lists we’d put together and before we knew it we were there. We checked into our hotel – a basic travelodge – then went downstairs into the bar to chat about the week ahead. We met up with a friend of Tom’s called Lauren who was lovely and very Geordie! We drove back to Sunderland JUST for a Chillino’s pizza haha and it was LUSH! It was well worth the drive back, my gorgeous, gorgeous Chillinos. Without a doubt the best pizza in the North East!
Then Lauren took us on a little tour of the best bars in Newcastle which were SO SO cheap, I mean in the end I only spent £15 altogether! We went into loads of different bars, surprised to find most of them closed at half 1. We were just contemplating whether to go home or pay £6 for entry into what looked like an empty bar that was still open, when we got talking to some random guy outside. He got us free entry, a VIP table and free drinks! We went in and it turns out the ’empty’ club was just reception. It was all in the basement and it was so cool, very smokey and grunge and VIP. I absolutely loved it. So we spent the next few hours drinking in here and making friends!

People in Newcastle are SO friendly
The next day was up to Edinburgh and boy were we excited! Edinburgh was technically the first night of tour, we’d only stopped off in Newcastle as it would have been such a long drive for one day. Edinburgh is the most beautiful city ever, it’s so old and stunning and everyone is so friendly! I adored Edinburgh and can’t wait to go back one day. We stayed in a gorgeous boutique hotel which I’ll do a post on later, but it was just around the corner from the venue and very, very cool and modern.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog:  What happened on my week long road trip to see The Maine on their UK tour; The Maine; Tour; Edinburgh;

When we got to the gig we were surprised at how small the venue was which we loved. The support bands were really awesome, very talented and their music was catchy too. When The Maine came on I was ecstatic, I hadn’t seen them for at least a year and it was so nice seeing them play live again, I just proper rocked out and went mad. They were amazing! They played the perfect set which was a mix of songs from their latest album Forever Halloween and some of their biggest hits including Girls do what they want. I really, really loved their version of Run which they’d added an interesting intro to and kind of ‘rocked up’ a bit which was cool, in the middle of it all there was just a part where everyone just moshed, including John on stage, so that was really cool. They also slowed down and had John play Into Your Arms on the piano with the fans singing along which was really emotional, especially when the whole band tuned in towards the end. Very awesome.
Afterwards we hung around to meet all the guys and John was a complete babe as usual. Whilst we were waiting some dude from the support band walked past and stopped to say hey and we found out the support band were actually from Hitchin which isn’t far from us! After we met the guys we went into a bar next door and Andy from the support band walked in again and automatically recognized us. This led to us spending the whole evening with the band and drinking with them! When we came out of the pub 2/3 hours later the lead singer John O’Callaghan was STILL outside talking to fans in the freezing cold bless him, he’s such a genuinely nice person.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog:  What happened on my week long road trip to see The Maine on their UK tour; The Maine; Tour; John O'Callaghan; John Ohh
He let me try on his hat!
THEN we ended up at this really cool rock club called The Hive and it really was like a hive. We were there half hour before we got talking to these guys who offered to buy us drinks and it was then that we realized that we’d only been in one main room. We passed through this random arch and went through bar to bar to bar getting completely lost. It turns out there was like three/four bars in this place, all randomly connected by little walkways and arches, it was awesome.
The next day we explored Edinburgh a little. We ended up taking a walk through this beautiful park which had the castle over looking it and it was just so amazing, the trees were red and crunchy leaves covered the floor, it was just perfect. We didn’t have a chance to go into the castle but instead visited an optical illusion museum thing which was really funny, especially walking through the moving tunnel. That was trippy as hell, we all fell over even though technically the floor wasn’t moving…

I really wish we’d spent longer in Edinburgh, looking back it probably would have made sense to drive up to Edinburgh early and spend a couple of days there as opposed to stopping off in Newcastle (as amazing as our night out was) – there was simply so much to do and see in Edinburgh. I’ll definitely be going back.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog:  What happened on my week long road trip to see The Maine on their UK tour; The Maine; Tour; Edinburgh; Edinburgh Castle;

Next it was time for the long, long drive to Liverpool. We actually ended up late and missing Fort Hopes set! The Maine were on second that night and the venue was even smaller. Not much to say about this night, the guys were awesome as always and we met again for a chat! We were going to go out afterwards but just went back to our awesome hotel instead that had a giant jacuzzi bath and all sorts of snazzy stuff. Didn’t really make much use of it though, we were too exhausted that we all passed out in our onesies by 3am..!

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog:  What happened on my week long road trip to see The Maine on their UK tour; The Maine; Tour; Leeds; Onesie; party apartment

I will do a review of this hotel too! But for now that’s part one of my little road trip, there’s just too much to talk about to put it into one single post. We were loving it so far though, every day kept getting better and better but even after an early night in our party apartment, we figured there had to be a bad day soon and that the tour simply couldn’t get any better. We were wrong..

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