Years and years ago, back when I was still an innocent teenager, I went camping with my first proper serious boyfriend and his family. As corny as it sounds, it really was ‘the summer of love’. We met in the not so romantic circumstances of being introduced to each other by a mutual friend in the boys toilets of a pub where a big bunch of us used to go and drink underage. Classy. But after that, things were pretty much smooth sailing. Fed up of the many complications of the opposite sex at 17 years of age, I was beyond happy to have found someone that didn’t play games. We went on our first date the very next day and after that, I was smitten. 
Because he was going off to university in September, we tried to make the most of the three or four months of summer that we still had together, which included going camping with his uncle and his family. It was on one of those summer nights that I experienced something I’ll never forget – laying outside, staring at the stars and just chatting away after his family had gone to bed. It was then that we were shocked to see a beautiful shooting star shoot across the sky. It was so bright but it was gone within seconds. We chatted about how cool it was and then about ten minutes later, we saw another one. And another one. Before we knew it, an hour had passed and we’d seen about ten! As beautiful as it was, I was getting pretty freaked out. I was convinced it was a sign of the world ending or aliens coming down to earth or something. The next day we told his family but no one believed us. We told them to sit outside that night and just be patient and wait and, sure enough, that evening it happened again.
And that was how I accidentally discovered one of the coolest things ever, The Perseids meteor shower, which is one of the UK’s biggest and most prominent annual meteor showers. I was pretty gobsmacked. I didn’t even know meteor showers existed in this country or that we could even see them with the naked eye. I certainly didn’t expect it to be so beautiful. Ever since then, I’ve made it kind of tradition to always watch The Perseids every year. To me, it’s something that is completely out of this world and even though it’s annual, I do look at it as a once in a lifetime opportunity. I mean, c’mon, how many of you can say you’ve seen a meteor shower?! 
Last night I got round to watching some of it in my back garden, having missed it for the past few years with the weather being too cloudy. I wrapped up warm, grabbed my iPod and a blanket, and settled down with my eyes glued to the sky. It was just as amazing as I remembered and since the peak of the shower continues on tonight, I thought why not put a play list together for all of you who might be choosing to watch it tonight? I hope you all do take the time to at least try and watch a bit of it, it’s out of this world and well worth the wait, I promise you!

These songs, to me, are just *those* songs. You know the type. You can’t quite explain what makes them so moving or what makes them stand out for you, but whenever you listen to them, you sure as hell start thinking about everything from life and death and everything in between. You start feeling like you can do anything and just like that, the music has made you feel like there’s something much bigger out there for you. What exactly, you don’t know. But if you’re going to sit outside and watch a meteor shower, thinking about this massive vast universe and how little you are compared to everything surrounding you, well, this is the play list you’ll want to listen to whilst doing so.
Let me know what you think and, even if you have work the next day, please do take the time to try and watch The Perseids tonight, if not tonight then next year. I promise you, you WON’T regret it!