To a very special man ♥

This post is dedicated to a very special man on a very special weekend. It was my Dad’s birthday yesterday and obviously it’s Father’s day today.

Me and my Dad haven’t always got on ; even though I was definitely a Daddy’s girl when I was little. We’re not as close as we could be, and there have been times in the past where things have been tough between us but more than ever I now know that he loves me, showing me in his own special way. Even though he’ll probably never see this, this is just a big thank you for always being there for me. This is a thank you for times you’ve taught me how to barter at bootsales and markets, the times you’ve brought me a Maccy D’s without me having to ask, the many lifts you’ve given me and the times you always make sure to sound extremely enthusiastic and give me loads of compliments in the few times that I have cooked. A massive thank you for giving me such great taste in music and movies!
This is to you Dad – thank you for everything, and love you always xxx


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