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On Tuesday I was lucky enough to attend one of my favourite events – the first ever Hard Rock Fashion Show.

The event was held at the Hard Rock Cafe London (obviously), in conjunction with London Fashion Week. The evening was held to showcase the brand’s winter and spring lines, as well as some exclusive items.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Fashion | Hard Rock Fashion Show | Hard Rock | Hard Rock Cafe | London Fashion Week | LFW

I’ve always been a big fan of Hard Rock Cafe – from their restaurants to the merchandise and everything the brand stands for. Plus, it’s heavily influenced by rock ‘n’ roll and I love that music memorabilia can be found on display in all of their restaurants. 

So I grabbed a friend and headed down to Park Lane, already feeling the excitement upon arrival. There was a definite buzz in the air but we also found that there was also a really relaxed, friendly and informal atmosphere inside. 
The beyond friendly staff took our coats and directed us to our area where we ordered some wine (for Becky) and a beer (for me) and began to socialize in the short time before the actual show was about to start. During this time, plenty of yummy appetizers were on offer, which we definitely took advantage of as neither of us had had dinner yet! There were mini burgers, balsamic tomato bruschetta and delicious chicken tenders.

We were spoilt for choice and definitely well looked after.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Fashion | Hard Rock Fashion Show | Hard Rock | Hard Rock Cafe | London Fashion Week | LFW

When it was time for the show, Sarah Handy, sales and marketing manager, introduced the show and gave us a bit of an insight into the brand, the clothes that we would be seeing and the models in the show. She also introduced Reka Abid, who arranged the outfits for the show, and Craig Nightingale who organized it all. I found it really interesting how Hard Rock Cafe didn’t just use random models – they’ve used ambassadors for the brand who will be working/collaborating with them on a regular basis, which was nice.

I’ve not been to a ton of catwalk shows, but it was also fun to see each model have their own personality walking down the catwalk, rather than looking straight ahead and stony faced. Some danced down the catwalk, others bounced energetically – and often, when one model replaced another, they interacted with each other with a high five or a hip bump.

I really liked this idea. It gave the show a very informal but fun tone to it.

But onto the clothes. The beautiful, beautiful clothes.

I wanted them all.

We saw a ton of tops in different styles and fashion with the traditional Hard Rock logo – what I like about the logo is that it’s actually rather stylish as it is. I’d happily wear a top branding the logo in an everyday situation not just, y’know, in a bid to promote the brand.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Fashion | Hard Rock Fashion Show | Hard Rock | Hard Rock Cafe | London Fashion Week | LFW

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Fashion | Hard Rock Fashion Show | Hard Rock | Hard Rock Cafe | London Fashion Week | LFW
I have used Hard Rock’s images with permission as obviously mine suck and do not even begin to compare to these ones…

The spring collection was gorgeous with both bold and pastel slogans and all outfits accompanied by bright and delicious looking summer cocktails. I wanted everything, but I particularly loved the simple but sweet vest tops, and a gorgeous top with a distressed detail on the back which was right up my street. The turn it up muscle tee’s were really cute too.

Formidable Joy | Formidable Joy Blog | Fashion | Hard Rock Fashion Show | Hard Rock | Hard Rock Cafe | London Fashion Week | LFW

There was even a range created in collaboration with Pitbull. These included bold pink and blue prints against more versatile coloured tops and had a real LA/Vegas vibe to them.

Overall, the collection was really stunning and I liked that everything was so wearable. Some fashion’s you see on the catwalk and could never imagine even trying to pull it off but Hard Rock’s spring and winter lines are simple but eye catching, and the models demonstrated how the range’s could very easily be dressed up or down.

I had so much fun viewing the newest collections and found myself realizing that Hard Rock is a lot more than just a brand – it’s a lifestyle too, really, and I enjoyed meeting those behind the scenes and hearing about how exciting it was putting together the first ever (and very successful!) Hard Rock fashion show.

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  1. 3rd March 2017 / 10:28 pm

    I love the energy and buzz the models seem to have created and it sounds like you had a fantastic time.

  2. 3rd March 2017 / 11:04 pm

    Sounds like a great night. I've always had a little soft spot for the Hard Rock Cafe – it's such an institution, isn't is? x

  3. Anonymous
    3rd March 2017 / 11:29 pm

    Haaa those Hard ROck outfits look like a Teenagers dream! And A moma's worry lol! As a mom to a teenie I know the feeling!

    Julie Syl Kalungi

  4. 4th March 2017 / 8:40 am

    I love hard rock, there's just so much to look at. I've been to Manchester and Dublin.

  5. 4th March 2017 / 9:29 am

    I love these outfits! I used to wear this style all the time but I would totally wear these!

  6. 4th March 2017 / 8:02 pm

    Oh wow – what a fantastic show! I went to this place when I was in the Guides on a trip to London!! The clothes do look great. Kaz

  7. 5th March 2017 / 9:09 pm

    What a fantastic way to collaborate with London Fashion Week! Also I agree the Hard Rock Cafe logo is perfect anyway. Such a classic image.

  8. 12th December 2017 / 8:11 am

    This place is perfect for any kind of night you're looking for. In the downstairs area at LA event venues, you can enjoy a lounge setting while talking over drinks with a small party. Or, if you're looking to mingle or have a bite to eat, you can head upstairs.

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