On Wednesday I finally got around to seeing the Poltergeist remake and I’m afraid to say I was kind of disappointed. As as standalone film – as in, not a remake, and if you haven’t seen the original – it was okay for your average modern horror movie. It had a few scares and an underlining creepy story line, as well as one or two witty jokes in the film.

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But being that I’m a huge fan of the original, I was hugely disappointed and often I end up actually quite liking modern remakes of cult classics. I usually love the more up-to-date twists added to the newer films, which is why I really liked the new Nightmare on Elm Street film for example. But I just couldn’t understand the direction they were going for with Poltergeist. They missed many important or most of my favourite scenes from the original, and made too many changes whilst still keeping exactly the same story line with exactly the same ending. 
I didn’t understand the point of that – fair enough, we don’t want the whole film to be exactly the same so some things had to be added or changed, but unfortunately some of the scenes that were removed were the scenes that really made the original. For example, it was the lighthearted scenes that see the mother and the daughter almost playing along with the poltergeist at first that gave the original it’s sentimental moments and helped not only build up the horror but also establish one of the most important strands of the story, which was a mother and a father losing their daughter. Unfortunately the remake didn’t really tug on my heart strings the way it should have done and left me thinking the film lacked a lot of character. It just blended into any other Hollywood movie created to scare teens these days.
However, if we’re pretending that the film is just a film – not a remake, not trying to live up to the original, then I’d say it’s not bad. The fact that the film is, at it’s very basis, simply a haunted house movie, means it’s already a winner in my eyes. Simple ghost story lines are so rare to come across these days with so many films relying on blood and guts to scare people, so to be scared by such a basic story line is always a good thing. And, it does have it’s moments. There are parts that made me jump and there were most certainly parts that did creep me out a little.

Saying that, there weren’t really any boring parts of the movie either. As in, if you were going to see this on a date, you probably wouldn’t find any parts that you can ignore to make out instead. It did hold my attention throughout.
The acting was spot on and surprising in a sense that there were only really a couple of big names in this film. Sam Rockwell played his part really well and I think the little kid that played Griffin Bowen could quite easily go onto bigger things – I thought he was a really good actor for such a young age.
So overall, I’d say whether or not it’s worth seeing this film would depend on what you’re planning to see it for. If you enjoyed the original like me, then I wouldn’t bother. If you haven’t seen the original or just want to watch a general horror movie, I’d say it would be worth it but it’s nothing amazing. There are better horror movies you could spend your money on.

Considering the way the film turned out – much like the original, but again, a lot, well…not – I’d suggest this film would have been better as a sequel or a standalone horror film.

Given the lack of huge scares but the still creepy story line, I’d say it’s best viewed on a date. Scares that you can laugh about afterwards are a lot of fun with a group of friends, but again there are probably better films out there right now to achieve that effect. If you’re after a slightly scary and a little jumpy first date movie, then this might be for you.

Have you seen the new film yet or are you planning to give it a miss? Let me know!

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Considering I finally watched the new Poltergeist movie last night and will soon be popping up a review, I thought it would be fitting to do a Freaky Friday based around the infamous ‘curse’ of the poltergeist movies. Chances are, you’ve probably already heard about this as it’s been going round for years now. But, if not, read on…
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A lot of people believe that there’s a curse surrounding the Poltergeist movies, due to the many deaths of the cast and crew from the series and the circumstances surrounding said deaths. Both Heather O’Rouke and Dominique Dunne – who played sisters in the movies – died young. Heather died aged 12 after suffering a cardiac arrest (not such a ‘bizarre’ death per say, but certainly a tragedy with how young she was), whilst Dominique was murdered by her ex boyfriend. 
There were further deaths from cast and crew members. Julian Beck and Will Sampson, who both appeared in the second movie, died young, followed by others involved with the trilogy.
Many believe that the films were cursed because real skeletons were used as props within the movies, as opposed to fake ones. Apparently, Will Samspon who appeared in the second film and also died not long after the release of the film, was so convinced that the skeletons were real that he performed an authentic exorcism one night after shooting. It was said that it was cheaper to use real skeletons as props back then as opposed to fake ones.
Despite the mysterious amount of deaths surrounding this famous film franchise, it’s hard to know whether to knock it up as curse or coincidence. Being that there are such a large number of people working on films – both on screen and behind the scenes – it’s not such a surprising amount of people to pass away. However, there are many huge trilogies that probably had more cast members (Pirates of the Caribbean?) and we have not heard of any deaths or curses surrounding them.
Still, it makes for interesting reading and this curse has been talked about for years now – so I doubt people are going to stop believing it anytime soon…
What do you think? Let me know!

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This weekend just gone, I attended Slam Dunk for the second year running. I’m a huge fan of the music festival that takes place over three days in Leeds, Hatfield and Wolverhampton. Over the years, some top bands have headlined what is actually known to me a fairly low-key festival (in comparison with others such as Download etc). This year some of the headlining bands included You Me At Six, Don Broco and Taking Back Sunday! Not bad for a festival that’s held at a university just down the road…
Anyway, I actually went for a more festival vibe then an edgy look which is unlike me! Usually I’d be in skinny fit jeans, converse and some random rocker top but this year I left it really last minute to decide because I didn’t know what the weather would be like and had a super busy weekend. So I just went with some of my most recent H&M purchases, go figure!
Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | LOTW | You keep me on the edge of my seat; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; LOTW; Look Of The Week; WIW; What I Wore; Fashion; H&M
Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle blog | LOTW | You keep me on the edge of my seat; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; LOTW; Look Of The Week; WIW; What I Wore; Fashion; H&M
The loose fitting play suit was actually perfect considering I spent most of the day in and out of portaloos! I mean the removing the belt every time wasn’t ideal, but it was still a perfect outfit for how the day was spent – inside and outside, jumping about, chilling etc. I’d have been way too hot and uncomfortable in skinny jeans. Despite the fact that it wasn’t sunny, it was actually really warm too.
I really loved the whole outfit in the end, especially the long-length lace kimono. I felt it all fitted together really well and reflected the festival vibe perfectly. I chose to wear a bright necklace to lighten up the outfit a bit, and a delicate anklet from Accessorize I’d purchased for an eventual summer holiday and have been itching to wear ever since. And the sandals were super comfy too, even if my toes did get a tad muddy!
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Playsuit – H&M | Long Length Kimono – H&M | Belt – H&M | Necklace – H&M | Sandles – H&M | Anklet – Accessorize
Yes, I am aware that pretty much ALL my outfit is from H&M but that’s what happens when you work in a shop and get staff discount. Sorrynotsorry.
What do you think of my outfit? Let me know!

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I saw the movie Two Night Stand being advertised on iTunes recently, when I was browsing for something new to watch with the gift voucher I’d been given for Christmas. I love romcoms but wanted one that was a little different and less cliche, as well as something upbeat and funny. And so I chose to watch this, a film that, to me anyway, had a pretty original story line.
Two Night Stand is a modern comedy about two strangers who hook up and, after the awkward morning after encounter, get snowed in and are forced to spend the day together. It kind of reminded me of The Pill in that sense. Among the awkwardness of the day and the way the characters have to learn to get on, we also see them sensing the opportunity to pick apart what went wrong the previous night and re-do the one night stand in some sense.
My favourite part of this film was probably how realistic and modern it was. It wasn’t a cliche love story where boy meets girl in some meet cute and they immediately fall in love. The whole film begins with  Analeigh Tipton’s character – Megan – being stuck in a rut. She’s unemployed, single and spends most of her days lazing around using the laptop (hands up how many of us sound exactly like this?!). She joins a dating website and after being pushed to get back out there, decides to head over to Alec’s place (Miles Teller) for a one night stand. 
I love that she’s the one initiating it – there’s no slut shaming or judging, just praise for a girl wanting to have a bit of fun. She’s safe about it too, getting him to facetime her rather then just meeting up with a complete stranger with no precautions in place. The part where they pick apart the previous night is also pretty refreshing too, if a little bold. Praise her character for hands up admitting that sometimes it’s damn hard for girls to orgasm and that we sometimes do have to fake it, and as a girl, listening to what his character had to say was quite eye opening too. I mean, it’s just a movie and I get that no guy is exactly the same but still. Boys and girls can definitely learn from this movie.
There was a supporting story line in the form of Megan’s best friends and this was simple but sweet. It didn’t over rule the main story line and although we didn’t see much of it, it was enough. Jessica Scohr and Scott Mescudi (that’s actually Kid Cudi to me and you – the same dude that wrote Pursuit Of Happiness, that awesome track from Project X which also stars Miles Teller) were great in their supporting roles.
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But Miles Teller and Analeigh Tipton stole the show, playing their parts perfectly. I was surprised to see Miles Teller in a proper romcom role and might have a small crush on him now and I bloody loved Analeigh Tipton. How her character looked so good snowed in after a one night stand I don’t know. Her lazy clothes looked cute, and her hair somehow looked great but still realistic (from curly to wavy to loose waves etc).
All in all, it was a romcom at the end of the day but it was definitely a bit different. It was heartfelt but funny, refreshing and eye opening. It had a fun soundtrack too and I’d definitely recommend it, I think even guys will like this. And the trailer only covers the very basis of the film – there’s a lot more that happens so it’s worth a watch!

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In the past, I’ve raved a lot about one of my favourite running/work out apps – Zombies, Run! My love for this app has not deterred once and since re-joining the gym recently, I love it even more. It’s so fun and motivational that I can’t ever imagine going to the gym and not using it.
If you don’t know the basis of it all, it’s basically an ongoing story you listen to/participate in, in between your music tracks playing. As you run, you pick up supplies that can be used to improve your base and you discover more and more of the story, prompting you to continue working out regularly. In some instances, if you choose the option, you even have chances to outrun zombie hoards and the app requires you to speed up for 60 seconds or so.

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Although admittedly it’s not as immersive using this app in the gym on a treadmill as opposed to running through a forest for example, it’s still fun. There are sound effects to make it sound more real but lately I had the bright idea of creating an apocalypse inspired play list to listen to on my runs!

This is perfect timing too, as their latest update now includes external music support, something that previous versions did not have. For a long time, I was stuck with only using the app with music I already had on my phone which wasn’t a lot. Now that I can use spotify alongside the app, it’s much more fun.

I think this post is a lot different from a standard work out play list because, for a start, most peoples play lists would feature those upbeat tracks, the ones that are fast paced to motivate you to be faster/stronger/better etc. There’s definitely a specific genre of work out music and this play list certainly does not fall into that category. Instead it features songs to help fit the mood – some in ways which I can’t quite explain.


Though I mostly use it on shuffle, the first song just has to always be The Swarm by You Me At Six. Penned as the soundtrack for the roller coaster of the same name at Thorpe Park, if any song was ever to be the definitive anthem for the end of the world, it would without a doubt be this one. It starts with those typical apocalypse sounds – explosions, helicopters, things obviously falling from the sky. The lyrics are spot on too.

In regards of the songs, I have no idea what some of them are doing in there. For example, Shake It Out by Manchester Orchestra may not relate lyrically to a zombie apocalypse but the beat and overall feel of the song just makes me feel angst and makes me want to just, y’know, jump about and that.

Also, I found it incredibly hard to narrow down the one song to use by The Blackout. Pretty much every single one of their songs seem appropriate for the end of the world. Some of the songs are a little slower (perfect for when you need to rest or go down to a gentle jog) and some of them a little explicit but still pretty bloody awesome.

Also, the majority of this playlist will be used as the soundtrack when my zombie novel gets made into a film (because it totally will. Y’know, once I write it). So don’t steal my ideas. I’m already feeling very uncomfortable with the idea of sharing some of my all time favourite sort-of-relatively-unknown songs. I don’t feel like the world is ready for their awesomeness yet, not until it’s featured in my zombie movie and then everyone can praise me for sharing such cool music with the world.


Make sure to let me know what you think – have I missed any must have apocalypse songs?!

Enjoy and have fun outrunning those zombies!

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