I wanted to talk about something a little different on the blog today – something that is most certainly beauty related, but not necessarily often discussed in the blogsphere – and that’s hair removal. One of my favourite things about being a woman is things that are quite specific to us – being able to wear makeup, playing around and experimenting with different hairstyles and perhaps best of all – having silky smooth skin. I’m especially biased when it comes to my Sunday evening ritual or having a night out. Every Sunday I love taking an evening to myself and having a long bath, pampering myself and slathering on lotion so that I end up with lovely smelling, looking and feeling skin. And on a night out, I’m a firm believer of flaunting what you have – hence why you’ll always see me in short dresses and tall heels that make the best of my legs, one of my favourite parts of my body. Just ask my friends – usually once I have a few I demand they feel my legs and be in as awe as I am at how smooth they feel!

Unfortunately, it does come at a price. Hair removal can be such a long process that takes part far too often and can even be painful. Shaving nearly every day takes it’s toll so bad that even I admit on the days that I know I’m not leaving the house and no one will be seeing my legs, I do skip shaving as my daily routine (this is probably why I’m single). Waxing isn’t an option for me – it seems far too painful and silly to go through that pain for something that isn’t permanent and I’ll only have to do again in a few months time.

So what other options does that leave me? Laser hair removal seems to tick all the boxes. It’s virtually painless, and what’s even better is that after a few treatments, it’s pretty much permanent too. It seems much more tempting than waxing which is painful and regular, and even though laser hair removal might hurt just a little, I’d much rather put up with that small pain for a few sessions if it means being completely smooth in the long run and not having to worry about it anymore. Laser removal treatment doesn’t have to be painful and it’s certainly less painful then waxing!

Sk:n clinics is a fab laser hair removal clinic that is completely safe and affordable. At Sk:n clinics, they take the time to do skin tests and consultations to ensure that you’re getting the right treatment, and the hair removal treatments aren’t too expensive either which is a bonus! If laser hair removal is something that you’re thinking about lately, then Sk:n clinics would be perfect for you.

A lot of my friends have admitted to giving in and having hair removal treatments in the past and have agreed that when it comes to hair removal, it is one of the best options out there with pretty much permanent results. Therefore it’s something I’m definitely considering! For more information, check out the Sk:n clinic website. You can view Sk:n clincis affordable prices on the website or you can just go ahead and check out their blog for more information.

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Christmas is over but winter is still here to stay – for the time being anyway. The number one thing to drink this season is, as always, hot chocolate. I adore hot chocolate and love how soothing it is. There really is nothing better then getting in out of the cold and drinking a hot chocolate next to a crackling fire on a winter’s evening – it’s heaven! And even better is that you can drink hot chocolate as it is or you can go all out with marshmallows, cream and chocolate shavings. Yummy. I’m always on the look out for a new hot chocolate to drink, my usual favourite being the malteasers one. 
Back when I attended the amazing Salon Du Chocolat, I enjoyed wandering around all the different stalls, trying and testing what each company had to offer. One brand that really intrigued me was Jaz & Juls, who create and sell ethically sourced hot chocolate. Their quirky and unique designs caught my eye (and one of the ladies who had awesome bright pink hair!) and I immediately shimmeyed over to try some of their hot chocolate. It was delicious!

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog: Review of Jaz & Jules drinking chocolate; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; Jaz & Jules; Jaz & Jules drinking chocolate; Jaz and Jules; 
I was looking for something to get my mum because she can’t eat dairy products so I was pleased when they told me their hot chocolate was completely dairy free. Despite this, it somehow still tasted amazing. They had lots of different flavours on offer such as Cinnamon Rose, Raspberry Dream and Chilli Con Chocy – yes, each flavour has an adorable name too. I quickly purchased a variety pack of three and chose Gingerbread, Man!, Cinnamon Rose and Orangeytang.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog: Review of Jaz & Jules drinking chocolate; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; Jaz & Jules; Jaz & Jules drinking chocolate; Jaz and Jules;Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog: Review of Jaz & Jules drinking chocolate; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Online; Jaz & Jules; Jaz & Jules drinking chocolate; Jaz and Jules;

The instructions state that you can make two cups per box but I’ve actually managed to make a few more. I’ve yet to try Cinnamon Rose but the other two flavours are very yummy. I’m not very good at describing tastes but Orangeytang tastes like real hot chocolate with just the perfect subtle hint of chocolate – not enough to be overbearing but just enough to taste lovely, and Gingerbread man just tastes like Christmas, haha!

I absolutely love this range and you really can’t go wrong with it. It uses natural and wholesale ingredients, has the cutest packaging and actually tastes delicious! It’s not cheap at £8.50 per full sized pack, but it IS worth it. If £8.50 is a little too pricey for you, taster packs (the same size as above) cost only £3.00 (and last AGES) or you can buy a variety taster pack of three for £8.00.

Since I’m on a bit of a health kick this year (aren’t we all after new years!), this hot chocolate is the perfect alternative to the usual cheap and not healthy hot chocolate I buy. I love that everything is sourced properly and it’s ‘real’ hot chocolate, yet despite the natural ingredients it’s not as expensive as you’d expect it to be. As a bonus, my mum loves it too which means even if you can’t have dairy, you can still drink this! The taster packs are ideal for gifts for people, not only for Christmas but for all year round.

You can view the full range here and you’ll also find the hot chocolate available at selected coffee shops, hotels and retails across the UK.

Please note, this is NOT a sponsored post, simply a review of a product I bought myself because I love it THAT much which is saying something!

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Since getting an Apple TV for Christmas, I’ve shamelessly become addicted to Netflix. On days off from work, I’ve spent endless hours lounging in bed watching episode after episode of New Girl and falling asleep to random films that don’t quite always hold my attention but keep me occupied until sleep takes over. I pretty much love Netflix because not only can I get completely up to date on my favourite shows, I’ve also discovered lots of different movies on there that I wouldn’t have normally.

One of those films is Tonight You’re Mine, which caught my attention when I was browsing the romance genre. The eye-catching colourful cover immediately intrigued me and when I looked it up on Wikipedia and saw it described as a ‘British Rock ‘n’ Roll romantic comedy’ I was already hooked. I love any romcoms that are also based around music, hence why I loved Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist so much, so I knew this wouldn’t be any different. It’s an indie flick which didn’t get much recognition at the time either, and I’m a big fan of quirky different indie films.

Please note, this film is also known as ‘You Instead’ in the UK, but since I discovered it with it’s American name, ‘Tonight You’re Mine’, this feels more fitting to me!


Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog: Film Review of Tonight You're Mine; Inspire Magazine Online; Inspire Magazine; Inspire Magazine Blog; Tonight You're Mine; Luke Treadaway; Natalia Tena; Film review
The film is set at T in the park, which is a really great background setting. The story captures the atmosphere of the music festival perfectly and I really loved that this festival and the subject of music was just as much as an important storyline as the romance. The story is about two ‘rock stars’ who meet and immediately argue, before some mysterious guy comes and handcuffs them together before zooming off in a little golf buggy thing. Unable to escape, the two singers have to spend the remainder of the day handcuffed together until they can find this man again.

In reality, the whole basis behind it is very cliché, but I can’t deny that it made me smile. Considering they get off to such a bad start, the two characters – Adam, played by Luke Treadaway and Morello, played by Natalia Tena – end up discovering that when handcuffed together, they actually have a lot in common and may even have a better connection between them than they do with their other halves. I thought Luke Treadaway played his role very well, so much so that it wasn’t until I had a proper look on Wikipedia afterwards that I realized he wasn’t actually a rockstar/in a band in real life!

The film reminded me a lot of Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist in that the two characters didn’t hit it off right away and the whole film is based around one adventure that takes place over one night. This idea was really fun and meant that we really didn’t miss any essential parts of their relationship developing or the way they slowly changed from disliking each other to friends instead.

The characters were a little annoying at first – Adam seemed to me like a cocky rockstar and Morello just seemed pretty irritating as well, but I think this worked well. As a viewer, I didn’t think much of them to begin with which is how they saw each other. But as the film developed and so did their feelings for each other, I began to understand them both a little better. The film was kind of shot like a documentary, sometimes using a handheld camera affect too, so in a way it felt like I was also handcuffed to them as a viewer, not missing anything.

This film was really different and captured the essence of a music festival perfectly. It reminded me a LOT of those random nights you spend meeting strangers and creating friendships that might only last for that one night but seem so different during those hours where no one else seems to be awake. I think there’s always an indescribable connection with the people you spend time with in the middle of the night and this film reflected this well.

Sure, the storyline and ending was a little predictable, but I think it was tackled in a really raw and different way. It wasn’t a usual cliché love story, it was very human and realistic which I loved. I think it’s definitely a film that doesn’t sound all that great on paper and hasn’t done particularly well financially, but will still become a firm favourite and might even gain a little cult following.

I’d recommend anyone giving this film a watch, especially if you enjoy indie films or you’re a big fan of music and/or music festivals. It has a great soundtrack and also features some cool little appearances from other musicians (I loved spotting Kids In Glass Houses, another favourite band of mine). And, if anything, it’ll definitely tempt you to attend a music festival and just give in and get lost to the music. It reminded me that music festivals are about more than just the music.

If you’ve got any spare time this weekend, I’d suggest grabbing some popcorn, putting your phone away and just spending some time watching this film. It might not be a huge blockbuster hit, but if you give it a chance and give it your undivided attention, I guarantee it’ll become a firm favourite for you too.

 “Nobody is going to save the planet but you folks, you know that? You
cram a hundred thousand people together, no music. What do you get? A
riot. You give them music, we all in this together. Music turns a mob
into a movement.” – The Prophet
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Every girl needs some smellies and make up in their stocking on Christmas morning and here’s some goodies that I got this year (well technically last year now!). Everyone that knows me knows I absolutely adore all Benefit products, so it’s no surprise that I was spoiled with some this year. I usually get a Benefit palette every few years or so, but have especially been eager for a new one since my last one broke/smashed in my suitcase when flying home from Egypt.

So this is what I got this Christmas!

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog; My mini beauty haul; beauty haul; benefit; diesel; diesel loverdose tattoo; loverdose tattoo; inspire magazine; inspire magazine online
I love Benefit because not only is the packaging gorgeous and vintage, the products themselves are also very high quality. I’ve experimented with different looks using Benefit products over the years and it’s a range I return to again and again and again. Right now, their ‘They’re Real’ mascara is a day to day staple product for me at the moment.
My sister got me the gorgeous Sugarlicious palette which I love because again, it’s perfect for day to day wear. It features products perfect for a nude or simple look, as well as a booklet with suggestions in, including tips to glamourise the look too. Like all Benefit palettes, all the basic and bold items are included in miniature form which means you could basically carry the palette around in your handbag all day and whip it out to do your whole face.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog; My mini beauty haul; beauty haul; benefit; diesel; diesel loverdose tattoo; loverdose tattoo; inspire magazine; inspire magazine online
Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog; My mini beauty haul; beauty haul; benefit; diesel; diesel loverdose tattoo; loverdose tattoo; inspire magazine; inspire magazine online

At the moment I’m really digging the Hervana blusher, it’s such a feminine and flirty shade that I think looks great with my pale skin in this cold weather. It’s packaging is cute (as always) and I love the pattern on the powder and the fact that it mixes a variety of different shades. The Ultra-Plus Lipgloss is stunning too. I haven’t yet had the chance to test it out much as it was in the bottom of my birthday bag hidden under some clothes, but it’s another really cute flirty pink shade and smells gorgeous.

Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog; My mini beauty haul; beauty haul; benefit; benefit hervana blusher; inspire magazine; inspire magazine online;

Speaking of smells…Mamaw treated me to the brand new Diesel Loverdose Tattoo perfume as well! I know, I know. How fitting is the name and bottle for me? I actually got a tester free with a magazine and fell in love with the aromatic sweet but sophisticated fragrance. This I’ve worn every day and as a bonus, I’ve discovered that it’s really long lasting. I sprayed myself with it at 8am this morning and now almost twelve hours later I can still smell the subtle undertones of it on me and even more prominently on my wrists.

So there we have it! A little sum up of my lovely beauty haul over Christmas. I am hoping to do a few more beauty related posts this year and already have a few in mind but we all know how tough it is taking blog photos on an iPhone. I really don’t understand how people can take nice photos of their make up (and especially their eye makeup!) without looking deathly pale and covered in spots with the flash on. Flash on = you look rough as hell. Flash off = you can’t even see the makeup. There’s just no winning…

What beauty goodies did you get this Christmas, or perhaps treat yourself to in the January sales?

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I came across this project whilst browsing on Pinterest and thought it was a really sweet and simple idea to spend the year getting to know yourself a bit better. Like everyone else, now that Christmas is out of the way, I’m definitely digging that ‘new year, new me’ phase which comes along every New Years. I really love the idea of documenting my time; I really have had some amazing experiences and wished I’d documented them better at the time. Along with a bunch of other ideas, I really liked this one because it’s so personal and takes minimal effort. 
Inspire Magazine Online - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog; 52 lists; 52 lists 2014; inspire magazine; inspire magazine online
The 52 Lists project is basically where you fill out a list once a week. I’ve always wanted one of those Listography books because I love how you can look back and see what your answers were to certain things months and months ago, and this is a really cute spin on that that takes less commitment. The list topics are varied too but a little more deeper, giving you the chance to really dig deep and get to know yourself a bit better. It’s taken from Moorea Seal blog and I’ve noticed that although she didn’t managed to complete the project last year, she’s repeating the same list topics from last year of the ones she did do and adding some more. Which is another lovely idea because if you choose to continue this for a few years, the lists will be the same but you can see how your answers vary year by year. 
I’ve got to admit, I agonized for ages over the first list. Not because I didn’t know what to write – but I didn’t know how to write it. I wanted to be creative so I struggled to decide whether to write it out or print it, whether to keep it simple with just a few words or a long list etc…which made me realize that this could actually be a really fun and creative project too. As the weeks go on, I’d like to vary the list styles and experiment more.
I probably won’t blog my lists every week if at all because it’s nice to keep some things personal but I might blog at the halfway mark and when I finish. I’ll also most probably put a picture or two of my lists up on instagram as I go on so feel free to check them out on there. I’m really excited about this as I feel it’s a lovely way to just sit and reflect on things, as well as an excuse to get a bit arty and creative!
It also takes not even an hour once a week to complete so if you’re looking for a new project that needs minimal effort as opposed to a photo a day every day for a year etc, aka something you think is easier to commit to, then maybe this it it!
Do let me know if you also take part, I’d love to see some of your examples.
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