On Monday, I headed down for my free Hammam Ritual at Ajala Spa, another exclusive treat from the Beauty Bloggers Tea Party I attended. I’m not going to lie, having never been to a proper spa before for a proper treatment, I was extremely excited. The closest thing I’ve come to a ‘spa’ before is sneaking into a closed sauna after hours on holiday when I was a teenager. 
I was slightly apprehensive about my Hammam treatment, not really knowing what to expect. Google taught me that Hammam treatments are taken from Turkish hammam bath houses and utilise steam, mud, heat, aromatherapy and massage. My sister told me that they basically throw you around on a hot stone whilst spraying a hose at you, which is apparently what happened at her super traditional treatment when she was in Turkey. Lovely.
Once I’d decided what swimwear to wear (my skull bikini with it’s bottoms a size too big that make me look like I have a saggy bum, or my skimpy Aztec print bikini which wasn’t very ‘safe’ being that I’d lost the straps months ago and it was now strapless? So many choices…) I headed down to London. By the time I’d arrived, I was ready to relax after sitting on a hot stuffy train for so long.
I must have sounded like a div with my constant questions ‘Where shall I leave my stuff?’ ‘Where’s the loo?’ ‘I am supposed to be wearing a bikini, right?’ but once I was offered a drink upon arrival and shown to the changing room, my mind immediately cleared. The spa it’s self is beautiful and tranquil, relaxing you before you’ve even started a treatment.
The pool at Ajala Spa, image taken from google
I got changed into my bikini and extra fluffy robe and followed the lady performing the treatment down past the pool and into one the Hammam Ritual room. It was like a steam room with a big large marble slab in the middle (it was actually a lot comfier than it sounds!). The lights were dim and the atmosphere was relaxing with a really relaxing scent in the air.
I can’t tell you exactly what happened – I was far too relaxed to pay attention to the random lotions and potions being used on my skin, but I can tell you that it all felt amazing. The whole thing varied from having oils massaged into my skin to cleanse it, scrubs applied to my body with a rough massaging mitt to really scrub off any dirt (this was oddly relaxing), and finally a mineral mud mask which, once washed off, was then replaced with a relaxing oil which left my skin feeling silky smooth, shiny and very, very clean. In between each lotion or scrub being applied with a beyond relaxing massage, I was sprayed with cold water to help wash it off. Being that I was in a steam room, it was incredibly refreshing and helped the treatment apply better.
The whole process was really relaxing, I left the treatment room feeling so laid back and the treatment really helped me unwind. It was definitely something so much more than your average massage with the cold water hose and the various products to applied my skin, but I felt that it benefited not only my state of mind and mood, but my body too because even two days later my skin feels amazing.
Afterwards I had use of the spa facilities too so I went for a dip in the pool and also relaxed in the hot tub/jacuzzi for a bit, which was amazing. It overlooked the pool and the water was actually hot and not just warm like some jacuzzi’s are.
I was pleasantly surprised at just how amazing I felt afterwards. I left the spa feeling confident and very feminine, like I just wanted to put on my highest heels, backcomb my hair to fuck and go out on the pull. Is that a normal reaction for amazing massages and spa treatments? I don’t know but I’m definitely already planning my next one…

What I wore in the day (not inside the spa obviously, but you get what I mean) – very Parisian chic!
Thank you SO much Ajala Spa for my beyond amazing treatment, not only do I still feel mega relaxed two days later but my silky skin has also given me a sexy confident boost and made me feel very feminine and flirty.

You can find out more about the different treatments offered at Ajala spa and book yourself in for a Hamamm ritual here!


Hello everyone!
It can’t only be me who is suddenly finds themselves in an amazing mood now that the sun is shining. I’m forced to question what the hell is going on. This is England. I can’t even remember the last time we had a genuinely nice summer and although the suns appearance has come a tad too late, it doesn’t seem to be disappearing anytime soon. All week I’ve gotten home from work and straight away thrown on my bikini, grabbed my iPod and a good book and headed into the garden to relax. It has been nothing short of heavenly.
Remember when I did a playlist back for Valentines Day? Well even though it didn’t get a huge response, I enjoyed spreading my awesome music taste to you all and ever since I’ve been itching to get another playlist up. So welcome to my Summer Playlist 2013! I tried to make it shorter but there are just too many songs that belong on this list. I’ve also tried to include songs that are currently quite popular so that there’s a real mix but..that idea didn’t really work.

So I’d suggest downloading it all to your iPods/phones etc, grabbing some large sunglasses and just kicking back and relaxing with this music. Listen here on Spotify, or just click play below.

I don’t know why these songs are ‘summery’. They just give me that feeling, you know? That feeling of the hot sun on my skin or they help me imagine being on a beach somewhere with the sand between my toes. Basically, these songs just always remind me of summer, without fail. Drive By by Train was particularly popular last summer and I listened to it on repeat whilst in Egypt. I can’t help but be reminded of relaxing by that pool, drifting in and out of naps, relaxing in the sun going or reading my book and only taking breaks for food or a refreshing swim in the cool water. Heaven!
Please note, I’ve put a lot of thought into this list and had to miss out including many songs that also remind me of summer simply because they belong better on a ‘road trip’ playlist, which may also be coming soon!

What songs are on your essential must listen to summer playlist? Are you a fan of any artists or songs I’ve featured? Let me know!


There’s just something about having your nails painted a nice colour that makes you feel like you’ve got your life together, isn’t there? I don’t know about you but that, along with actually making the effort to eat breakfast, just makes me feel like for once I’ve got my shit together. It’s often when you’ve got your nails painted all nice that you feel feminine and like it’s the perfect final touch to putting together an outfit. 
I probably do my nails a lot more now than I used to, in fact I’d say I go through phrases where sometimes I’ll paint them a new colour every week and other times I’ll leave them to chip and then even in some horrible circumstances, just paint over the previously chipped ones (Don’t judge me!). But with my Accessorize addict rearing it’s head again, I can’t show off my beautfiful new bracelets with horrid looking nails. So there you go. Here are my nails this week.

I also stuck on some flower nail stickers just because I felt extra girly. I’m pretty sure I got these from the pound store! And, as shown above, the nail varnish shade is obviously Models Own Top Turquoise.

What do you think?


Remember when I got invited to the beauty bloggers tea party at the Ajala Spa? Well here’s what I wore to the event! I knew right away I wanted something quite stylish and sophisticated for my first ever proper blogging event, but as it was taking place in a spa I wanted something quite feminine too. Luckily for me, I have a very stylish older sister and remembered when I’d borrowed these clothes from her and worn them in Egypt last year. It isn’t my usual type of look but I instantly loved how nice the whole outfit look put together and have since been on the look out for my own maxi skirt. A long maxi skirt is again something I never thought I’d be able to pull off!

Top; Primark // Skirt; Zara // Necklace; Unknown

I thought I’d struggle a little wearing the long skirt, especially as I’d be travelling into London by train so I’d be not only walking around but also stepping on and off the platform. I had this fear that the bottom of the skirt would get stuck in the tube door or something and the train would take off, ripping the skirt off me…alas I was fine, but I did have to hold the skirt up a few times.

It was a real lovely day though and nice and warm so for the most part, after the event me and Lisa just strolled around soaking up the sunshine so I think the outfit reflected our very relaxed day! I paired the outfit with gold sandles (and hot pink toenails!), loose bangles and the stunning gold leaf necklace (which is also my sisters). I think the only downside about this outfit is that I now have to give it all back to my sister 🙁

Still, I’ve got to admit, it was kind of nice dressing a bit more girly for the day and feeling far more sophisticated as usual!

What do you think? Do you think maxi skirts are easy to pull off, or perhaps it’s a tad risky wearing a maxi skirt when using the tube? Let me know with a comment!

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I headed into town recently and couldn’t deny myself a quick mooch in TK Maxx and Accessorize. I really love what I bought so thought I’d do a little shopping haul post!
First up, I bought these beautiful bracelets from Accessorize. I adore Accessorize, everything is so feminine and delicate. Plus, we all know the right accessories can transform any outfit. Of course I had to buy the bracelets with the little skulls on and had a little chat with the cashier about my love for all things skull related. She insisted that the new season of jewellery is going to be filled with skulls! I’m so glad, especially after I missed out on that other Accessorize skull bracelet that I was looking for, even after searching about five different shops!

Aren’t they gorgeous? The turquoise and gold bracelet set was £4.00, and the friendship bracelet set was £8.00. I then also ‘accidentally’ ended up picking up this gorgeous skull necklace whilst I was in there today. To be fair it was only £6.00 so I’ve justified it…it’s so cute!

And finally I got this lovely grunge top from TK Maxx. It was a little pricey (for TK Maxx anyway) at £12.99 but I love it – it’s got an all lace back and just reminds me of another ‘New York City’ top I almost bought earlier this year from Miss Selfridge which was about £35.00 if I still remember rightly soooo I guess that justifies it 😉 I think it’ll look great with my leather shorts. There was loads of nice stuff in TK Maxx as usual (somehow I found myself eyeing up a pair of red shorts!) and I had to talk myself into walking out to avoid buying anything else.

Have you bought anything nice lately? Are you a self confessed Accessorize addict like me? Let me know with a comment below!