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I ordered this book with my free £50 Amazon voucher (thank you Daxon!) and as soon as I started reading it, I couldn’t put it down. It arrived yesterday morning and I’d finished yesterday night!
The blurb reads –
Candace Andrews has had enough of pleasing others. In an act of birthday rebellion, she sets out to please herself – by walking into the tattoo parlor owned by her cousin’s ex-boyfriend. All she wants is a little ink, and Brian’s just the guy to give it to her.
As soon as she submits to his masterful hands, though, the forbidden attraction she’s always felt for him resurfaces…and she realizes the devilishly sexy artist could give her so much more.
Sweet, innocent Candace is the last person Brian expected to see again. She’s everything he’s not, and her family despises him. He doesn’t need the hassle, but he needs her, and this time no one is taking her away. Not even those who threaten to make his life a living hell.
Backed into a corner, Candace faces the worst kind of choice. Cave in to those who think Brian is a living nightmare…or hold her ground and risk it all for the one man that rocks her world.
Warning: This book contains explicit sex, naughty language, tattoos aplenty, family drama, a hot rock concert…and a bad boy hero who’s pierced in all the right places.
I loved the whole premise of the story – the idea that she was quite innocent and grew as a person, discovering new things with him. I think anyone would love this premise, but me especially because I kind of enjoy that sort of ‘different side’ if you will – tattoos, piercings, rock music and concerts etc. It was nice to see that in a modern and successful book! I loved that he was the one to show her – he was her first in so many different ways, and the fact that he shared her passions with her which she went on to enjoy was kind of beautiful in a way and is really a reflection of what most relationships are about. You meet people and discover their world, they recommend books, bands, TV shows – all sorts of different things to you, some of which you go on to love yourself. It’s such a simple and prominent part of life but not really something I see in books quite often.
I LOVED Brian’s character, and not just because of how refreshing it was to read about an ‘alternative’ guy in such a popular book. To this day I’m constantly surprised when a book refers to an alternative guy or has a rock star or rocker guy as a character – it’s something I’m really not used to. Growing up, all the heros and or main male characters in books were always the typical tall, dark and handsome, type, and I’d never read about a male character with sexy tattoo’s or awesome piercings. Whereas to me, nothing is hotter than an alternative guy, and I’d pick an alternative guy over a ‘classically handsome’ guy any day. So to begin with, just reading about a character who had that whole look and attitude going on was such a pleasant surprise. He was definitely portrayed as a kind of alternative hero which was really cool. His character was just so different as well – he was such a gentlemen but also so passionate as a person which made him seem like the ideal guy. He was protective but gave Candice space when she needed it and just had the right qualities that in reality guys just don’t seem to have. Hmm, surely I’m not the only lady who wishes fictional men were real am I?
This book was quite hot and saucy (‘saucy’ is a much nicer word to use than dirty, isn’t it?), but rather than cringing at these parts, I thought they were quite good, even though they were very descriptive. I think when you write smut into a story, it’s so easy for it to become too dirty that it’s off putting and just seems quite vulgar. This probably should have been the case here, judging by how descriptive the author was, but actually I think it worked pretty well. For example, with 50 Shades of Grey – although I enjoyed that book, I felt that some of the love scenes were put in just for the sake of it. I thought that parts of the story were just put in to be dirty just because it was considered as erotica, and that some scenes of that nature were just put in to get the reader off! However with Rock Me, I thought that the love scenes were definitely supposed to be very erotic, but more so to the point that instead of being put in just for the sake of it, the scenes were there to help portray the passion between the two characters. The nature of the writing seemed to so easily suggest just how strong the connection between the characters were, and perhaps thats why it worked so well. Admittedly, it was very, very hot.
Parents can be so bloody over protective and annoying, and I thank my lucky stars that my parents really couldn’t care less who I dated. I don’t know how I’d cope if my parents were judgmental and looked down upon ‘alternative’ guys. However. Just this once, this story made me actually think how cool it would be if my parents were like that, because it kind of worked in the books favour, making the whole ‘it’s wrong and they shouldn’t but they’re going to anyway’ theme a lot more hotter and passionate. Normally I find that type of thing far too predictable, but it actually really drew me in in this story and I could see how it added to Brian and Candice’s passion.
I will admit though that by the end, I thought the theme was becoming a bit tiring, just because of how often Candice changed her mind. I couldn’t count exactly how many times she changed her mind – it may only actually have been twice – but to me it seemed like she was doing it constantly. I just felt the ‘will they/wont they’ theme was used a tad too many times throughout the story.
I really loved everything about this book really. Apart from the on again/off again card being used just that little bit too much, and the cover of the book which I thought was a bit corny, I couldn’t fault a thing. I really loved it because I love alternative guys full stop, but I don’t believe that anyone can read this without thinking what it would be like to date an alternative bad guy or finding a new found attraction to them. I definitely wouldn’t mind my next boyfriend being a tattoo artist! I know I’ve always said my future husband is without a doubt going to be a rock star, but perhaps if that fails, a tattoo artist will be the next best thing…
The ending was great too, and actually not at all what I expected, which is saying something. Throughout the book, I really didn’t know how it would end. It was nice that the ending wasn’t so predictable. I would also love to see a sequel to this book!
I’d recommend this book to anyone, it’s such an eye opener to someone who isn’t really used to the idea of rock music/tattoos/piercings. It might be a bit much for someone who finds erotica disgusting because as stated before, even though I felt it was necessary and thought it was written quite tastefully, the erotica was very descriptive. Overall though I do think it was an amazing read – it’s gripping and I read the whole thing within 24 hours. It is now a favourite of mine and even the type of book I can see me reading again within the future.
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At the weekend, myself and some friends headed into St Albans to see some local bands play. One of my best friends cousin was playing, so as well as popping down to show our support, we also got to check out some new music. I hadn’t been to the venue before but was surprised to discover that it always has gigs on so I have a feeling we’ll be popping down there more often! So here’s what I wore…

It’s no surprise that I went for an edgy/rock chick look, pairing my favourite ‘rocker’ dress with my leather jacket. It was quite a simple outfit, but because it was really cold out, I felt the jacket was necessary. The dress has really low/large ‘arm holes’ as shown in the left picture – I absolutely adore this effect as I think it shows just the right amount of skin without being too over the top. It’s really cheeky but pulled off well if you’re going for an edgy look as opposed to classy for example. I think the accessories really made this outfit – lots of skulls! Would you believe that I only had fifteen minutes to get ready?! I hadn’t slept the night before so tried to get a cheeky nap in before heading out. Cue a massive rush to get ready when my friend wakes me up by a text stating that we’re supposed to be leaving in 15 minutes…oops!

I kept my eye makeup simple – with my fringe being so long (it really needs a trim!) it’s a bit pointless being experimental with my makeup at the moment, as no one will see it! Still, I stuck to a generous amount of eyeliner and relied on my trusty favourite Rimmel lipstick to complete the look. I love how the deep lipstick contrasts against my pale skin – perfect for a night spent listening to live rock music.
It was a fun night and I was glad I wore what I did – within an hour of the show starting I was boiling hot! It was definitely one of my favourite looks so far. I can’t really fault anything – the dress itself wouldn’t be something I’d choose based on the design alone, but overall I love the tatty oversized material and the wife beater style of it.  

Because you have to ‘name’ your look when uploading it onto LookBook, you may have noticed that I’ve been naming the posts too. Generally I just use the title of whatever song I’m listening to at the time (the last look I uploaded whilst listening to The Maine’s cover of ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’). Today it’s The Maine – Take Me Dancing. I love this song and feel it’s so appropriate for the look. The lyrics ‘take me dancing, get me fucked up, play that old guitar and we will sing’ forever remind me of the feeling of just spending a night with close friends, listening to music and having fun – which is exactly what I did on Saturday. It reminded me that for some of the best nights all you need is awesome music and some great company!  

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I know this isn’t necessarily a ‘recent’ film – or one currently out at the cinema that you might genuinely want a review on before you waste your money – but I couldn’t help but do a review on this film anyway. Ever since I first saw it, it has been a personal favourite of mine and because it’s quite different – even indie perhaps – there’s every chance that some of you might not have seen it or even heard of it which is a huge shame because it’s a great movie.
Whip It is based on the novel Derby Girl by Shauna Cross and tells the story of small town girl Bliss Cavendar who finds her escape in the form of the bad-ass sport doller derby. Played by Ellen Page in the film, misfit Bliss feels completely out of place among her family and in her town – her mother is pushing her to enter beauty pageants and all she wants to do is leave and find something more. However, when she discovers and tries out for the local roller derby team, Bliss immediately finds a different side to herself as well as discovering this new found passion. Along the way she makes new friends, dates a boy in a band (it’s not even cliche!) and discovers what it’s like to be torn between two worlds that seem to constantly collide. 
I absolutely love this film – it’s so different and inspiring. With an all star cast and the fact that roller derby is practically one of the most bad ass women’s only sport to exist, the film definitely screams girl power. It’s directed and co-produced by Drew Barrymore (in her directional debut) who also stars in the film alongside Kristen Wiig, Zoë Bell, Eve, Ari Graynor, Andrew Wilson and Juliette Lewis.
I think what I love most about the film is how much I can sympathise with the character of Bliss though – I definitely know what it feels like to wonder if there’s anything more than just your small little town and feeling like you don’t belong. It’s even inspired me to finally give roller derby a go myself!
The film has the ultimate perfect mix as well with there being humour, drama, romance and the film offering it’s fair share of inspiring moments. American actor and singer/songwriter Landon Pigg plays the role of Oliver, Bliss’s love interest, and I have to admit that naturally I love their relationship. The fact that he’s in a band who ends up dating a roller derby girl – it’s far too cool. However it isn’t at all cliche like I thought it would be and is the cause of one of the most beautiful swimming pool scenes I’ve ever seen.
Whip It also has the most awesome soundtrack ever with music from Ramones, Kings of Leon, Dolly Parton, Jens Lekman, Young MC, The Raveonettes and more. There’s a real mix of classic punk rock music as well as more recent and modern indie tunes, and it spurred me to go ahead and download the official soundtrack to the film.
I’ve got to admit, I was never a fan of Ellen Page as I used to think she was very typecast, always playing the ‘quirky’ role. But even though this role is no different, I actually really liked her in this film and found her character really likable. I felt the misfit side of her character was very genuine rather than put on or forced (I thought the typecast of her character in Juno was just trying that little bit too hard to be different for example).
I loved the relationship between Bliss and her mother too. Without wanting to reveal too much away, they really don’t see eye to eye, but I certainly teared up a bit when they finally had a heart to heart. Over all it made me really appreciate the fact that my parents are proud and supportive of whatever I do – I don’t know how I’d cope if I felt forced into an interest or a career choice by them like Bliss was in the film.
I also really liked all the ladies that made up the Hurl Scouts team – they were so funny and bad-ass punk rock in their own way – I’d love to be friends with them! 
Even if you aren’t into indie films about misfit girls finding their way, this film would satisfy anyone who just fancies a feel good film which offers something a bit different than most films at the moment. You can watch it for what it is or really indulge yourself in the inspiring undertones of the film. I’d definitely recommend this to anyone – I think even men would like this film because it’s definitely not a typical girly film. Andrew Wilson’s character – the teams coach – and Jimmy Fallon as ‘Hot Tun’ Johnny Rocket are particularly funny for example. The actual roller derby scenes are really awesome and you’ll be surprised to see just how violent the sport can be (is it wrong that I actually can’t wait to try it myself despite how violent it is?!). Plus, the team’s outfits are so cool…
I’ll also be reviewing the book sometime soon and talking about my own experience at a roller derby try out, so keep your eyes peeled!