I was recently contacted by the team at My Cocktail to review some of their latest and new products – ‘mocktails’ – aka non alcoholic cocktails! The company behind these brand new ‘mocktails’ are a Manchester based team who specialise in distributing pre-mixed cocktails in pouches, therefore eliminating the need for purchasing and mixing all the different ingredients, drinks and products yourself. The fab idea is perfect for when you don’t have the effort or funds to go through the process of making a cocktail up yourself and means that upon buying the pouches of drink, you can pour them out straight and enjoy the cocktails as they are without any additional mixing.
Their new range of mocktails are absolutely ideal for when you want to enjoy a delicious cocktail but don’t want to suffer the hangover that comes with them! Cocktails are delicious with or without alcohol and sometimes I myself have found that I’d love to treat myself to a cocktail without actually having to drink any alcohol. Mocktails are perfect for situations like these, or even when you do want to drink them on a night out but you want to start slowly – you can also add your own alcohol to mocktails which means you can drink them by themselves as non alcoholic or add as much or as little alcohol as you like.
I was sent their two brand new mocktails to review which were ‘Woo Woo’ (a personal favourite cocktail of mine from my student days!) and ‘Pina Colada’ (which I’d never had before but was delicious!). 
I tried the Woo Woo mocktail before a night out with my friend and thought it was delicious. I tried it as it was and my friend had hers with some vodka mixed in – I tried both and honestly could not taste the difference! It was a really nice change to drink whilst we were getting ready together because it kept me in the spirit but stopped me having a bit too much before we’d even left the house. I really liked the fact that I didn’t have to miss out and still felt in the party spirit even though essentially I was drinking something that was non alcoholic.
I tried the Pina Colada mocktail with my Mum when we had our weekly Saturday night takeaway and again, I thought it was delicious. The Pina Colada was my Mum’s favourite and she said it tasted exactly like a Pina Colada cocktail should. Again it was a nice idea – even though I wasn’t heading out that particular night, it was nice to still be able to drink a few mocktails as it was Saturday night after all!
I absolutely love this idea and think that a mocktail is something everyone could benefit from. These mocktails are perfect for situations like a nice summer BBQ or a house party or just getting ready to go out – they are ideal for when you want to get in the mood but don’t want to overdo yourself. Additionally, I think they are also quite good for anyone who might be pregnant or something and don’t want to let on just yet, or even designated drivers on a night out or at a party.
MyMocktails are the perfect delicious and sophisticated non-alcoholic alternative to two of the most popular cocktails. They are definitely something I will purchase again, most especially for any BBQ’s or parties I have coming up.
Mocktails – and other products by the team at My Cocktail – are available in most ASDA stores ready to serve, costing only £2.49 per litre! You can also click here to discover your nearest stock list or to find out more about their different products, and you can join their Facebook page here to be in with the chance of winning prizes weekly.

Monday 23rd July – Sunday 29th July

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1. Nan’s Spag Bol! Delicious! I popped down to my Nan’s on Monday after a very confusing afternoon (my sister turned up wondering where everyone was, Mum was meant to be home as was I – I was out having one of the best first date’s ever 😉 – so she rang Mum and told me she could here Mum’s phone going off in the house so we thought she was asleep, I got in, rang Mum again and she answered – turns out she was down my Nan’s. God knows what my sister heard?) anywho so we all went for a mooch down there to plan our girly weekend away to Bruge at the end of the year and Nan insisted we had some dinner. Then my Dad turned up half hour later, also wondering where everyone was, ha!
2 & 3. My outfit Thursday and Sambuca shots We had a night out Thursday, isn’t my outfit cute?! Plus check out the shots photo, I love how Amy is downing hers and I’ve already had mine and am looking at it in disgust…
4. Janine inspecting Nan’s cucumber…No comment
5. Cute outfit
6. Jasper after my ice cream whilst I was sunbathing
7. Shandy, Salt ‘n’ Vinegar crisps & a few games of pool…Could I have been anymore of a bloke Friday night?!
8. Drunken injuries Trust me, it hurt a lot and the cut is a lot bigger in person!
9. Pretty lake thing 

This week I’ve been –
Watching…Back to the future & batman
Reading…Warm Bodies
Playing…Zombie Farm 2
Smelling of…Harajuki Lovers Fragrance – Lil’ Angel
Perving on…Cameron Leahy
Loving…everything this week!

I literally have not stopped this week – hence all the photos! I had a few more to put in (including a photo of Jasper looking like E.T!) but lining all the photos up has been stressing me out. Anyway this week I’ve been up to all sorts – on Monday I popped into town to have a few (soft!) drinks, then again on Thursday to go and see the new batman movie. Where I fell asleep. Yes, I know. To be fair I didn’t realize the film was going to be three hours long! On top of that I’ve had extra hours at work this week where I’ve been opening up the shop and I had an awesome night out on Thursday. It was one of the best nights out I’ve had in ages (I say that every week, don’t I?) but I had lots of laughs, a few too many Sambuca shots and met loads of really lovely people. I didn’t get home the next day till at least 1 in  the afternoon, oh dear! Me, Amy and her sister also decided to have a few games of pool on a whim Friday night – I don’t think Amy realized how good I’d be ha! We didn’t get home till gone 2am so I was exhausted, I’ve not done much this weekend as I think this week I’ve had no more than 24 hours sleep altogether! Despite this I did manage a little run yesterday once the weather cooled down a little bit – it’s a shame it’s gone so bad again today! I can’t wait to have a nice hot bath to relax now!


Monday 16th July – Sunday 22nd July 2012

Inspire Magazine - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog
Inspire Magazine - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog Inspire Magazine - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog

Inspire Magazine - UK Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blog

1. Beautiful weather! I took Jasper out for a run today and took this when I sat down for a little break. For the first time ever, I let Jasper off his lead too and he was as good as gold! I’ve never let him off his lead before when taking him for a walk just by myself as I’m always scared he’ll run into traffic/get into a fight with another dog/not come back when I call him, but he was fine!
2. Bedhead! Me sporting a severe case of ‘bedhead’ when I woke up the other day
3. ‘Birdwatching’ notes We went out today to this beautiful place and found they’d added a mini cabin for birdwatchers. We went in intrigued (the view was stunning!) and found binoculars, a bench and a notebook for people to note down what wildlife they’d spotted. This is just one of the notes that made us giggle. (If you can’t read it, click on the image to make it bigger!) Other people had claimed they’d spotted a crocodile and a ‘fat’ bird. Very amusing. We got some weird looks as well as we were supposed to be bird watching quietly (to stop scaring them all off) but we just sat in there laughing our heads off. 
4. The Old Watermill, which is where we were at today. It’s so beautiful (especially at Christmas with all the decorations)
This week I’ve been –
Watching…Geordie Shore (oh dear)
Reading…Johnny Be Good by Paige Toon
Playing…Zombie Farm 2
Smelling of…Harajuki Lovers Fragrance – Lil’ Angel
Perving on…Cameron Leahy
Loving…being single and the fact that it’s finally sunny again!
This week I’ve been ridiculously skint so along with working I’ve been applying for loads of jobs in the hope of getting another part time job. Thankfully the weather has gotten a bit nicer so I’ve been out for a few runs this week! Yep, check me out, I never thought I’d ever go running without someone forcing me to. I’ve actually really been enjoying it. Something really weird happened to me on my first run though – I was with Jasper and in all honesty I looked like complete crap considering it was my first run in about five years. My hair was all over the place, I had no makeup on and looked just about ready to collapse. Which is when this randomer turned his car around, followed me up the road and stopped me to insist I take his number! It was really the most random thing ever, I barely think I look good most of the time as it is so for a guy to practically follow me to give me his number when I’m looking so rough is pretty weird! Seriously though, it did admittedly leave me feeling chuffed and eager to keep up running!
Me and Amy tried to introduce Jasper to Jade’s dogs this week but unfortunately they didn’t get on! We were hoping to start taking all three dogs for lots of long walks up the downs together but it looks like this won’t be happening. It’s okay though, Jasper is loving all the walks I’ve been taking him on lately!
Other than that I’ve not been up to much other than tweaking the blog a little bit. Do you all like the new blog banner? It’s simple but I think it’s quite sweet. 
I should have more to talk about next week as I’ve got loads on – plans with my sister, two dates and two nights out! Oh dear, so much for saving money! I’m off to bake some sausage rolls, watch a movie with a friend then get an early night as I’ve got work pretty early tomorrow.
Hope you’ve all had a lovely week and you’re all enjoying the weather at last! 


Hello everyone! Just a quick post today to ask you all your opinion about the blog. Sometimes I struggle to think about whether something I post will interest you or not, and of course I end up at that age old debate – do I blog for myself and write about what I like, or do I blog for you guys and write about what you like to read? Well, I try to aim for a bit of both but I hope I’m right in thinking that generally the things I like to write about are also the things you like to read about.
So I’ve just set up a little poll that I’m hoping you’ll all take a moment to contribute to. It’s just to get some idea of what you like to read the most and what posts I might be lacking in aka what I need to post more of! I’d also appreciate any other feedback (even negative feedback!) on anything else to do with the blog – you can comment below on this post if you so wish.
The poll is also in the sidebar, incase you want to vote at a later date.

So, what are your favourite type of posts, or posts you’d like to see more of?

Thank you in advance!

I’ve only just gotten my head around the way link up’s work and have realized how beneficial it is to bloggers. I love following new blogs so I thought taking part in Bex’s link up would be a nice way to discover some new inspiring blogs. Bex does a weekly ‘Live, Love, Loathe’ post on a Monday and has recently turned it into a link up, so here’s my take on it!
Like ;
Sorting out my priorities. This time last week, I felt all over the place in regards to my life – I felt like time was running away from me. Given that I’m only 22, I’m aware that that sounds a bit silly, but I felt snowed under with all the different things I wanted to do but didn’t have time to do them. Since then I’ve kind of relaxed a bit – although the problems aren’t fixed, I’ve relaxed about them and concentrated on prioritizing my time better. Most evenings I now stop work/blogging/planning at about 6 and instead go and spent time with my friends or my family. I’ve also moved some meetings from November to September about other things, and have finally started putting some money aside to go traveling.
Love ;
Reading. I love reading – alongside writing, it is one of my biggest passion in life. I’ve got books I’ve treasured since I was young, and books I’ve kept so that one day I can give them to my children hoping they will inspire them as much as they have inspired me. Lately I’ve lacked in new reading material, so I ordered a bunch of books of off Amazon last week and can’t wait to get reading. My Mum has just purchased this new and beautiful red chair for the dining room and it’s so unbelievably comfy, as well as reminding me of Christmas with the brown and red stripes. It already feels like winter, so I can’t wait to curl up on it reading when it’s cold outside. I especially cant wait till it actually is winter, as we have huge patio doors and I’ll be able to read and watch the snow coming down outside.
Loathe ;
The weather. I don’t mind the rain, and I love the cold BUT NOT WHEN IT’S SUMMER. I really wish the sun would come back, if even for a week. I want to be able to go outside in dresses and skirts and I don’t want to have to carry an umbrella everywhere with me! Plus, I want to get on with my new fitness regime. After recently purchasing proper running earphones (so they don’t fall out of my ear!) an armband thing for my iphone/ipod AND a skipping rope, I’ve been desperate to get out and about. But it hasn’t stopped bloody raining for longer than a few hours. I give up.