Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about what it means to inspire people. I’ve been assuming that many girls look up to celebrities and consider them as role models, when instead we should be inspired by real women like sportswomen, nurses and others, or every day ladies like me and you who do inspiring things.
Then I got thinking about how some celebrities can be quite inspiring – take Beyonce for example. I’m not a fan of her music personally (I like it, but I’m not a fan!), but I’m constantly in awe of how successful she has become – all by being a hard working, talented woman. 
So I think about other similar celebrities who are extremely famous at the moment and extremely successful. People like Cheryl Cole and Rihanna, who personally I don’t think young girls should be considering them as role models. Why? Well because whilst Cheryl Cole is extremely successful now, many people often seem to forget that back in 2003 she was charged with assault after attacking a nightclub toilet attendant. And again, whilst Rihanna is very successful and yes, many people may admire her for being upfront about who she is, not caring what anyone thinks about what she wears or what she sings about, would you really be comfortable with your daughter, for example, striving to become someone who sings about S&M and goes out wearing next to nothing? Or someone who went back time and time again to a man who beat her? I didn’t think so.
Rihanna in one of her revealing outfits with her breasts on show – does this really inspire you?
But, here’s where things get complicated, and here’s something that I’ve realized lately. I’m not all all condoning the fact that the negatives I listed should just be ignored, and that you should strive to be someone like that, but sometimes it’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes.
In the past I’ve certainly been hell bent on expressing my opinions that people like Rihanna and Cheryl Cole shouldn’t be looked up to, and instead real women should be. But who’s to say real women haven’t made mistakes? When I think of inspiring celebrities, for example, I think of people like Emma Stone or Ian Somerhalder (actually, I’ll have you know, despite his good looks he’s done a ton of amazing work for charity!) – but how do I know they haven’t made mistakes? I don’t. But despite that, is it really right to promote the message of looking up to people who are seemingly perfect and who have never done wrong in their life?
…however, Rihanna performing to an eager crowd ; obviously the image of success. This of course would inspire anyone.
I’ve come to realize that by having that attitude, it’s not really any better than looking up to people who have done wrong in their past. Because we should be encouraging girls to be the best that they can be – but we should also be encouraging them that mistakes DO happen sometimes and it’s a part of life. They shouldn’t be striving to be someone of absolute perfection with no flaws because quite frankly that type of person doesn’t even exist. I couldn’t imagine having a daughter who grew up believing that, inspiring to become someone who had never done wrong, and then felt so unbelievably low when they made a mistake. Because everyone makes them, and it’s not right, but it’s also not right to beat yourself up about mistakes so harshly when they may have been resolved and forgotten about.
Finally ; a mixture of the two and a perfect example to my debate. The outfit? Not so inspiring – revealing, not so ladylike – however maybe acceptable for the performance but not otherwise. On the other hand, performing again to an eager and obviously inspired crowd. 
In conclusion, I won’t be changing my opinion about the fact that real woman should be looked up to more than celebrities. But I will be more open minded when it comes to judging who does get looked up to. Rihanna and Cheryl may have made mistakes, but they’ve also shown that in spite of these mistakes, they’ve still managed to be at the top of their game and stay successful. Maybe you shouldn’t inspire to be like them as a whole ; but you should inspire to be as successful as them or as hard working as them. And that, essentially, is where things get complicated. Should we look up to people who have clearly done wrong? Who would you prefer your children to look up to and why – Rihanna or Emma Stone? 
Let me know what you think, I’m eager to know.

First of all, just a little update!
I can’t believe I haven’t posted since Sunday – sorry! It’s not that I haven’t had anything to post about – I’ve had loads of great ideas – but just that I haven’t been able to follow them through. I’ve got a great book review coming up and all throughout reading the book I couldn’t wait to get a review written up but I only finished actually reading the book the night before last. Today I was off to a little blogging event – which I’ll write about soon! – and I’ve also got a busy weekend ahead of me. But do not fear, posting shall be back to normal ASAP!
Also – I CANNOT believe the rain up in the North East! I’ve spent the whole of my day in gorgeous sunshine and have seen loads of images this evening taken all around the flooded North East, including where I used to live. It’s so weird to see where I lived for three years with such bad weather. I ALWAYS hated the weather up north as it was always cold and rainy but I have to admit the worst I suffered was when we got stuck in a snowstorm coming back up to Sunderland after Christmas in Luton once. It was scary, we were sat right at the front of the coach and could see nothing but white in front of us. Likewise, while I hated the weather, personally I always loved the snow when I was in Sunderland as I’d always be able to watch it fall beautifully from my massive bedroom window and I always did loads of nice Christmassy things when it snowed too. Anyway, I’ve rambled on a bit here but I genuinely can’t believe it and I’m so glad I no longer live up there! My mum would be having kittens seeing pictures like that if I was still there!
Anyway, ramble over, onto my collection of inspiring pictures from this week…
All images are taken from



1. You know you’ve made it when a package is addressed to your blog before your own name…
2. Butterfly by Kathryn Harvey This was what was inside and I’ve got to say I CANNOT put this book down. Expect a review very soon.
3. Zeus! I’m sure this isn’t safe but you try fitting three people and two massive dogs into a mini…
4. The downs It was cold and shortly after it pee’d down with rain but that view is always worth it!
This week I’ve been –
Watching…Supernatural & loads of old music videos
Reading…Butterfly by Kathryn Harvey
Listening to…The Downtown Fiction & My Chemical Romance
Playing Learning…French on my iPhone 4S
Smelling of…Harajuki Lovers Fragrance – Lil’ Angel
Perving on…Cameron Leahy, STILL! (He’s just too gorgeous) and Gerard Way AND Frank Iero (shame the second two are married!)
Loving…all my freebies this week and catching up with the girls

As always, I’ve forgotten to take many pictures this week! Friday was really the highlight as my friend has recently moved into a new house so she had a house warming party/sleepover which was really fun. I’d kind of forgotten how crazy my friends were and in the end none of the pictures I took were, um, appropriate enough to be shown here – in fact they’ve not even gone on Facebook! Embarrassingly enough I ended up partaking in a LOT of drunk dialing and texting, but this actually worked out in my favour in the long run! I spent all of Saturday hungover due to this but it’s okay because I start my new fitness regime tomorrow, which I’ll probably blog about in a few weeks time. 
Aside from The Downtown Fiction, I’ve also been listening non stop to My Chemical Romance this week, especially their old stuff. I’m slowly catching up to their more recent stuff, but I’ll never forget what it was like when ‘I’m Not Okay’ first came out back in 2004. I remember immediately thinking that someone finally got me if that makes sense. I was 14 and in high school and to me the song just seemed like an anthem that reached out to people like me. I never, ever fit in at high school. I didn’t care that I never got on with the ‘popular’ people, I wasn’t a loner, I had a close knit really amazing group of friends who are still good friends now but there’s no denying I thought I was a bit different (though to be fair who doesn’t feel like that at 14?!). Whilst most girls I went to school with were obsessing over make up and dating boys, I was more concerned with going to gigs, listening to alternative music and only fancying boys from afar, always being too cripplingly shy to do anything about it. When we had a supply teacher in lessons, I wouldn’t sit and flirt with the opposite sex like everyone else, instead you’d find me reading a magazine about ghosts or playing scary games on the computers! And to be fair, although it’s now 8 years later and I love girly things now like experimenting with make up and constantly gossiping about dates with my friends, I am still without a doubt that same person deep down who would pick going to a rock gig over going clubbing any day. I don’t mean to come across all deep but it still amazes me what music can do to you and how as an awkward 14 year old, a song like ‘I’m Not Okay’ can just reassure you that it’s alright to stand out and most importantly it’s alright to admit that things can get tough. And oddly enough, so many people feel like they don’t fit in anywhere, so whilst this song was an anthem to me, it was an anthem to everyone else too. I genuinely can’t believe that it’s been 8 years since that song was released, and even then I loved bands like Bowling For Soup, Good Charlotte (I also considered their other song ‘The Anthem’ to be a bit of an anthem for me as well! I loved the lyrics about stepping out of line whilst everyone got in line and how you shouldn’t want to be part of another trend and ‘in’ crowd!) and Blink 182. However I have always had a soft spot for this song – I’d completely forgotten how good it was!
That right there is why music is such a big part of my life.
What were things like when you were 14? Did you ever find it hard to fit in? Do you have one song that you always considered to be ‘your anthem’?


Recently I was sent a top from the lovely team at Prodigy Red and their website has fast become one of my favourite online shops.
Prodigy Red is a site that offers beautiful but affordable fashion – most of which is often featured in magazines or is extremely similar to that of celeb outfits. Unlike most sites, the fashion really is affordable, but is still excellent quality. I’ve said many times before that sometimes when you buy something cheap the price is reflected in the poor quality (for example we all know Primark can sometimes be a bit hit and miss but at paying so little we don’t really mind as we can easily replace an item for next to nothing) but this wasn’t the case here.

The top I received was perfect quality – the material was soft and the top fit well. I loved the basic design of it, in fact the top was perfect for a casual day like the one I’ve had today (I’m hungover so I’ve not done much at all!). It’s really cute and looks quite cute just paired with some pastel blue jeans.
There are so many things I have my eye on, most especially the dresses below! I’ll definitely be purchasing some of these dresses when payday rolls around. It’s rare to see genuine nice things on a website that offers items for so cheap as again sometimes the cheaper something is the tackier it can look but Prodigy Red definitely is not tacky and even stocks some beautiful vintage dresses like the ones I’ve posted below.

Additionally, I found their customer service to be very helpful and friendly which is always a nice bonus and helps towards the reputation of the company! I can’t wait to purchase the blue vintage dress, it’s definitely my favourite.


This post is a little different from what I normally blog and although it might not affect all of you, it’s definitely something that needs to be said. You’ve seen me blog about my dog Jasper so many times, because I love him to pieces! We’ve never had pet insurance in regards to Jasper, but so many times we wish we had.
I’ve literally grown up with Jasper; I still remember the day we brought him home. My cousin’s dog had had lots of puppies and my Mum and me ‘went to have a look’, although my Dad knew we’d end up bringing home one of them! He was this tiny ball of fluff and it’s so hard to believe how big he’s grown.
Unfortunately though, Jasper is very clumsy. The amount of times we’ve had to take him to the vets is ridiculous! A few years ago my sisters ex boyfriend took him on a long walk through some cornfields, and Jasper ended up getting some corn stuck in his paw! He’s also had teeth out and a tooth infection and I can’t remember what else, but my point is that we’ve had to take him to the vet and pay for his operations and everything loads of times.

We’re quite lucky in that we’ve always been able to afford the costs of the numerous operations Jasper has had, despite never having pet insurance. Not paying for the operations were never an option as we love Jasper so much – he is more than just a pet or dog to us.

But I can understand that some people might not be able to afford the costs of healthcare for their pets and might not have insurance. It’s a horrible thought – I can’t ever not imagine being able to pay for operations that might save Jasper’s life, and I hand on heart absolutely feel for someone who might have to go through something like that.
Which is why it’s so important to have pet insurance! You might feel like you’re wasting your money by paying for insurance – paying to cover something that might not ever happen – but you never know when insurance can make a difference – especially when pets get old. A cat or dog’s life is worth so much more than losing a bit of money each month.
We’ve always wished that we’d gotten pet insurance and I hope that we will always be able to afford the costs of Jasper’s healthcare without insurance.
Like I said, I know this post is a bit different, but it’s just a small reminder as pet insurance is something easily forgotten.