I haven’t done a ‘Look Of The Week’ in ages and with my new jeans and such lovely weather, I thought it was about time I did another! It was my day off today so last night and today I did a bit of pampering (redone my hair, my nails etc) then today I took Jasper for a long walk before relaxing in the garden with a book 🙂

A nice and summery look! I really love this outfit, the jeans are my new favourite buy as I’ve wanted a pair of jeans in a nice pastel colour for ages now. I very rarely pay over £30 for jeans but they fit so well that I didn’t mind paying a bit extra! I love the contrast of the white top over the flower print top too. The flower print top is actually a sleepwear top I bought from Matalan for £1! I love lace as well so I’m happy I found a top that looks so nice beneath it. The sandles are also so comfy as well, I bought them from Primark for £2 for holiday and pretty much wore them the whole time.
I love my new bracelet, I bought this from a gorgeous shop in London on Sunday called Source and it was filled with loads of really quirky stuff but was quite cheap compared to how expensive ‘quirky stuff’ can be.
Also, I’m really loving my hair at the moment! Although I adore having dark brown hair, I decided I wanted a change for summer so I used Colourb4 last night and it lightened up my hair A LOT. My skin looks a lot more healthy and less pale with a lighter shade and the shade now is quite close to my natural hair colour. I’m planning to slowly go back blonde over the next few months but in the meantime at least my roots aren’t showing and it’s a nice shade. I was convinced I’d be ginger after using Colourb4 as I’ve dyed my hair pretty much every colour under the sun and the red in my hair from like three years ago was still noticable in my hair before I used it but it looks like I’ve finally got rid of all the red. Very pleased with the outcome!
Outfit :
Lace top : I can’t remember where I bought this from!
Flower print top : Matalan
Jeans : Marks & Spencer
Make Up 
Foundation : L’oreal Paris infallible brush in 015 Porcelain shade
Cover up : Beige shade Hellow Flawless by Benefit
Eyeliner : A mini eyeliner that came in one of my Benefit pallets
Mascara : 17 Peep Show Mascara
Blusher : Special edition Bourjois blusher
Lipstick : Unknown, bought from an independent store up north
Accessories :
Bracelet : Source, London
Earrings : Accessorize 


Lately I’ve felt incredibly out of sync with my blogging. Although in the past I have gone for much longer than a week without posting, it’s always been because I had nothing to post about and didn’t want to just blog for the sake of it. This week I really have literally been SO busy! I’ve just bagged myself a third job so I have to remember to schedule a few posts in advance and be a bit better with dividing my time. You can read all about my many jobs on my latest post on my personal blog here.
However other than working, I’ve been up to all sorts this week. I had a little shopping spree in the week and treated myself to a few dresses, some earrings and a gorgeous pair of pastel purple trousers which I’ll blog about soon. 
I had a really lovely weekend too – Saturday I just chilled out and Sunday my sister, two of her friends and myself headed into London for a girly day out. We went to the first ever farmers market at Soho which everyone was talking about. I just wanted to have a look at all the quirky stalls and perv on all the band members (Soho is filled with rockstars and the such). The farmers market was a lot smaller than we expected but there were lovely stalls. I also picked up some business cards and got chatting to loads of people in preparation of my big upcoming project, getting the word out!
After that we decided to head onto another market and ended up going to Spitalfields market which was amazing. It was filled with so many different unique different shops, stalls and places to eat. I really loved it, it was right up my street with gorgeous day dresses, funky plaques and much more. I wanted to buy everything but decided on a beautiful heart bracelet and some really sweet tags to put on presents or cards or whatever.
We stopped off for a drink in the Ten Bells pub too which – I didn’t realize at the time – is actually known as the ‘Jack the Ripper pub’. It was really funny because at the time I recognized the name and could of sworn it had something to do with history or ghosts or murderers or something then I found out when I got home. Also turns out I didn’t even notice the gigantic sign on one of the walls listing all of Jack The Ripper’s victims…:/ Anyway it’s a big tourist spot with loads of people visiting there of their own accord or at the end of the Jack The Ripper tours as apparently he and two of his victims used to drink there. Stuff like that really interests me so that was quite cool (when I realized anyway!).
Once home me and my sister made homemade pizza from scratch and garlic doughballs and settled down to watch a movie. Today I was working again but just around the corner from my sister’s house so obviously I stayed there last night and walked round there this morning.
Clockwise from left –
1. Someone had written this on the back of one of the chair’s on the tube, I thought it was pretty sweet!
2. Food and a movie after a lovely day in London
3. A well deserved (ridiculously big may I add) ice cream today. Yes I know my nails need doing. That ice cream was almost as big as my head and took literally a full 20 minutes to eat!
4. The view from my ‘office’ today
Anyway that’s why I’ve been so out of sync with blogging this past week and hopefully this post has explained why and has made up for no pictures post I usually do on a Sunday. I’ve got some great reviews coming up and some really great ideas to put in motion for this blog too so keep your eyes peeled! 

I am looking for a designer and/or illustrator! Basically I’d like a banner designed for me but I’d like it in the style of it being drawn or sketched if that makes sense. I am willing to pay a fee to have a banner designed as well and, if possible, a layout designed or some additions to my layout.
If anyone is able to help me please let me know and of course the work will be completely credited.