Well, I have survived one week so far of my no jeans policy! Go me! You can see the daily outfits below 🙂

Outfit One – Wednesday 22nd February 2012
 Grey cardigan, deep blue oversized top, purple leggings and brown boots.

Outfit Two – Thursday 23rd February 2012

Black embellished cardigan, owl dress, skinny brown belt, jeggings and brown boots.

 Outfit Three – Friday 24th February 2012

 Purple polka dot top, jeggings

 Outfit Four – Saturday 25th February 2012

Flower print dress (one of my personal favourites of all time!), black tights, brown boots

 Outfit Five – Sunday 26th February 2012
Blue/Green top, Jeggings – Today was a lazy day 😉

 Outfit Six – Monday 27th February 2012

Oversized pink, black and white top (which I now realize makes me look massive!), grey cardigan, jeggings (again!) and black pumps

Outfit Seven – Tuesday 28th February 2012

Grey cardigan, yellow polka dot dress with skinny brown belt, thick cream tights, black pumps

Although I could have been a bit more creative, I’m quite pleased so far as I didn’t think I’d even last a day! I’ve found that I don’t really have a decent selection of proper skirts, most of them are fairly short for nights out so I definitely need to get some more casual skirts. My favourite outfit this week would be outfit four, I think it has a nice rocker girl feel to it 🙂

I will blogging my progress weekly showing all my outfits from that week, however I have for the most part been updating the actual page daily so you can look daily if you so wish or just check weekly!

So far so good 🙂


I thought with it being Valentines Day this month it might be nice for Laura to do something a bit different with her guest post this month! Rather than updating about her wedding planning, instead she has answered a few questions regarding hers and Rob’s relationship. It’s quite refreshing to hear the answers to these questions from real couple 🙂

1. How did you and Rob meet?
We met in a club through mutual friends but didn’t get together for a while after that. We met up as friends in the first instance which progressed to more later on.

2. How did Rob propose?
We were on a short break in Yorkshire, and we went on a walk to Highforce waterfall (it’s beautiful if you ever fancy a trip there! He kept trying to get me to go down onto the rocks (I wasn’t having any of it – I had my good shoes on!). As we decided to leave, he got down on one knee in front of the waterfall and proposed. He later told me he wanted to do it on the rocks… felt a bit guilty after that!

3. What is it you love the most about Rob?
What I love most about Rob is that he accepts me for ME. He knows I’m grouchy, occasionally clingy, a bit insecure but he still puts up with it! He’s also everything I’m not… patient, relaxed. We make a good team.
(Amen to that, that’s real love! Sometimes it’s not about massive romantic gestures but just finding someone who accepts you for who you really are!)

4. You say you’re not a particularly romantic couple but aside from proposing, what would you say has been the sweetest/most romantic/nicest thing he’s done for you and you’ve done for him?
I’m not romantic in the slighest, but I’d say that the nicest thing I’ve done for him is buy him an Xbox. It was a totally extravagent gift that we really couldn’t afford, so I saved for a year and he got it as a birthday pressie. Perhaps not romantic for some, but he was very surpised! He does lots of lovely things for me, I couldn’t choose just one. He’s very good at buying diamonds for gifts, I have quite a collection now. He gets lovely thoughtful charms for my bracelet too – each one tells a story. Obviously the proposal is the most romantic thing ever though.

5. What does romance mean to you?
Romance is a tough one to describe… I’m quite happy with a mini break where we can spend quality time together without distractions of the ‘real’ world…

6. When did you realize that you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Rob?
I knew from early on that I loved him and didn’t want to be without him. Although marriage has never been a big issue for me, when I had to leave to go and finish my final semester at university it made me realise that I didn’t want to have to do it again.

7. How lucky do you feel that you have found the right person?
You hear stories and see the heartbreak of people whose relationships don’t work out and you feel incredibly lucky that you’ve managed to find the right person. We have our downs… but we have more ups and long may it continue!

8. Do you have a list and if so who’s on it? (Aka a list of 5 celebs Rob would allow you to sleep with if you ever met them :P)
No, no lists! I don’t like to tempt fate… besides, he’s too honest I don’t think he could go through with it!

9. After the wedding, what do you think the next step will be of yours and Rob’s relationship?
After the wedding we plan to go on as many holidays as we can afford and spend our time how we want to – travelling, progressing our careers, spending time together. If children happen, they happen but it’s not in our plans at the moment… we like our lazy days too much!

10. When was the first time you said the L word to each other?
 It was me who said the L word first! We were still not really dating properly – we had a ‘courtship’ period of about 6 months where we didn’t want to / weren’t ready to commit to a relationship but didn’t want to be apart from each other. Rob said it back though, phew!


I know the majority of my blog readers are not from London, but for those who are or who live down south then I’d suggest this website.

The Date Guy is run by a guy who suggests different dates around London. Not only does he suggest different dates though, he also goes into detail such as how to suggest the date, topics of conversation that can be used on the date, activities to do, where to go afterwards if you don’t want the date to end and how to act after the date when contacting the person again. It may seem a bit much but it’s perfect for people who struggle with finding things to talk about on dates or who are bored of straight forward dates at the cinema or going out for food.

The best part is though all the quirky places he suggests going to and doing. He suggests places around London that aren’t very popular, those quirky hidden away gems that you may not have heard of. One of the recent places he suggested was a restaurant where to gain access you have to use a certain phrase when talking to the waiter, then enter the area by a door hidden in a fridge! Very random!

He also suggests ways to get speaking to strangers and how to be more open. It’s a really, really cool website that I absolutely adore because I love anything that’s a bit different. Even if you are not dating at the moment, it’s great to look at for ideas of things to do in London or places you can go to when you meet someone special.


Before I go onto my LOTW, I’ll also quickly explain that this also counts as outfit one of my ‘No Jeans Policy’ for Lent! I have decided to give up jeans for lent (that’s a whole 46 days!) as I feel I practically live in jeans and never experiment with skirts or leggings on a day to day basis. I will either blog my outfits daily or weekly, but in the meantime you can check out my progess here. You can also check out my new page/blog section on this by clicking the ‘My No Jeans Policy For Lent’ along the top of the page, beneath the banner. Wish me luck!

Anyway, onto LOTW. Me and my friend went to see The Vow tonight which was very sad and we went for a Maccy D’s afterwards. Here’s the look from tonight.

 I didn’t want to make too much of an effort as we were only going to the cinema (and I was afraid of wearing too much makeup incase I cried as I knew it was going to be a sad film!) so this look is fairly casual. I’ve basically just worn a baggy deep blue top, which if you look closely, you can see it has small little gems on the neckline. I wore this over purple leggings and a pair of brown boots which have a bit of a heel on them so they are also a bit girly too. I chose a light grey/brown hoodie to add a bit of colour to the outfit, then just added some really nice accessories as shown in the last photograph. I also love my makeup here, I used the pallete from my ‘Her Name Was Glowla’ benefit pallette that I got for Christmas. The eyeshadow colours I used were white, light brown and dark brown. This look is fast becoming my favourite daytime look as I usually struggle to wear eyeshadow in the day without making it too heavy or over the top. However this is a really nice light and casual look that I think brings out my eyes. The lipstick I’m wearing is also a recent new favourite of mine, I have no idea what make it is but I picked it up from a cheap make-up store when I was in Sunderland and haven’t stopped wearing it since. I think its the perfect deep pink shade.
Outfit :

I’m afraid I have no idea where any of this outfit is from, I cannot remember, sorry!
Make Up :
Foundation : Boi-ing shade 01 from Benefit and L’oreal Paris infallible brush in 015 Porcelain shade
Cover Up : Beige shade Hello Flawless by Benefit
Eyeshadow : Shadows from Benefit’s ‘Her Name Was Glowla’ palette
Eyeliner : E.L.F Brightening Eyeliner in Black
Mascara :  Rimmel London Glam’ Eyes Day 2 Night
Blusher : Blusher from ‘Her Name Was Glowla’ Benefit palette
Eyebrows : ILAH Eyebrow kit
Lipstick : Unknown
Accessories :
Necklace : Accessorize 
Earrings : Accessorize
Ring : Primark

Other :
Nails : Lemon Meringue by Models Own


Week (and a bit!) of 10th February – 19th February 2012

(I usually edit these pictures to make them look a bit vintage and I also give them rounded corners but as I am not on my laptop I haven’t been able to do that this week. My phone has also been broken this week too so I didn’t have the chance to take as many pictures as I’d hoped)

Ice cream!
This is me and my friend having some yummy ice cream after we spent the day hungover and finally ventured out into public. I can’t tell you how happy this picture makes me. Forgetting for a moment the company in the photo with me, it’s the fact that it was taken in Sunderland! I spent three years in Sunderland and before last weekend, it had been six months since I was last there. It was really nice being back and having a wander around a place I used to call home. I really hadn’t realized how much I’d missed it.
Student life…
Unfortunately, this was how messy Jo’s room was the whole time we stayed there! Just to clarify, it was fairly messy before we even arrived 😉 It wasn’t ideal sleeping in sleeping bags on the floor of a tiny student room filled with leftover takeaway and alcohol but it definitely reminded me of what it was like being a student. I remember I used to be particulary guilty of leaving my old student room in such a mess as well.

Us on the night

This is me and my two best friends Jo and Becky. I met them in my first year of uni and we’re still extremely good friends now (as you can tell). Obviously we don’t get to see each other too often so it was so nice to have a catch up.

Hot dogs!

How amazing is this! One of the clubs we were in had an actual hot dog joint inside! I was amazed. We had to sit down here as my feet were killing me so we got some hot dogs in the process, made some new friends and nicked a guys beer. The pub crawl was absolutely amazing, we danced, we drank, we laughed and we took a million photos (most of which came out pretty dodgy). I’m already excited for the next one.

Yummy food

I spent Friday night at my sisters and this was the dinner she made for us (including homemade burgers). She is new to twitter, and decided to tweet this image. Anyway, we made bread, watched some movies, went to a party, ate the above food and also ice cream and laughed our asses off at Noel Fieldings Luxury Comedy. A perfect night in!

This week I’ve been…
Watching…The Office
Reading…From London With Love by Jemma Forte
Listening to…The All American Rejects
Playing…a game on my phone called Abdcution!
Smelling of…Very Valentino Perfume for Women by Valentino
Perving on…John Krasinski
Loving…seeing the girls again

This week has been pretty awesome. Being up north again gave me so many mixed feelings! Since going back I’ve even considered the idea of moving back to the north east permanently. Just being in the place where I spent three years of my life brought back so many memories and reminded me how much had changed. I also bumped into my ex whilst I was there (which I knew would happen knowing my luck) and that was pretty weird as I haven’t spoken to him in so long and this time last year we were still together. We chatted only for a few minutes but it was definitely nice saying hello. I did feel pretty weird afterwards, even though I hadn’t expected to. The pub crawl was so much fun, the big night out was definitely needed by all of us! I ended up seeing an old work friend as well whilst out and that was kind of nice as I’d kind of always had a bit of a crush on him, but obviously whilst I worked with him I had a boyfriend. As we’re both single now, I will only say that it was nice to see him ;). What wasn’t nice was my friend knowing we were talking and deciding to write on the back of my pub crawl t-shirt ‘I want Argile’ (his second name). It was pretty funny though nonetheless, even though he didn’t believe that it wasn’t me who wrote it! So I came home really happy after having a nice break away. I’ve also started swimming again (I stopped just before Christmas). I’ve spent most of this week job hunting and becoming over obsessed with The Office. In fact, if I’m honest, I’ve spent most of this week in tears at how incredibly sweet one of the characters on the show is (haha I’m so sad!). My favourite feature of the show is how one of the characters is in love with the receptionist who has a boyfriend, even though they clearly love each other. The show follows them and it was pretty sweet to see how he finally got the girl. It gave me hope that decent men do exist! The show is also really, really funny as well and has fast become one of my favourite shows, I’ve already ordered the box set. I’m on season 6 out of 8 at the moment and I’m pretty much obsessed, so don’t be surprised to find me posting about it again!
We’ve also decided to go to Ibiza next summer as well which we’ve already started planning, so that should be fun! I can’t remember if I already mentioned this or not but I also passed my theory test first time last week, so that’s also put a massive smile on my face 🙂
So that was a bit of a long conclusion to my week, in general this weeks events have just got me thinking about my future really and whether or not I want to stay down south or move back up north. The Office has also had a ridiculous effect on me in that for ages now I’ve kind of gone off the idea of relationships and stopped believing that there is someone out there for everyone. Although I know the show isn’t real, it’s kind of given me a bit of hope again and made me want a relationship again 🙂