I’m looking to give my blog a bit of an overhaul for Christmas and was wondering if any of you girls knew any websites that offered free cute Christmas layouts for blogger? 🙂 Thanks in advance! xxx


I thought it was about time I did another giveaway!

The prize will include a selection of mystery (but great!) goodies! One of these will be a Lush Christmas gift set and the rest will be smaller but still very cute goodies such as makeup, nail varnish, accessories etc! The prize will add up to at least £25, or more!
The closing date is the 9th of December. Here’s how to enter…
Mandatory steps
For ONE entry

  • You must be a follower of this blog
  • Leave a comment below with your name and email address
  • And also list three things you would love to receive if you won! This is so that I can ensure the winner receives things they like! Try and be pretty vague about the things you like such as ‘craft goodies’ or ‘pastel coloured nail varnish’ and please list things that are realistic! I know you all want Ryan Reynolds naked underneath your Christmas tree, me included, but unfortunately this isn’t possible! And if it was I certainly wouldn’t be posting him off to you lot, no offence 😛 !

Optional steps
For a total of FIVE entries

  • Mention this giveaway on Facebook, linking back to either this post or this blog’s Facebook account here (+1)
  • Mention this giveaway on Twitter, linking back to this post (+1)
  • Add this giveaway to your blog sidebar using the above image (+1)
  • Post about this giveaway on your blog, linking back to this post (+3)
Altogether you can have up to SIX entires into this giveaway by completing the necessary steps. Remember the prize will include a Lush Christmas gift set and loads of other cute gifts, including some that you are sure to like (hence the comment step!) and the giveaway will end on the 9th December with me picking the winner at random.
Additionally, I am aware that not everyone who views this blog and who would like to enter this giveaway has a blog of their own. Therefore sometime after Christmas I will do another giveaway that will include no extra steps other then entering by a comment. Therefore everyone – whether they have a blog or not – has as much chance as everyone else.
Good luck!!!


Dear Santa,
It’s that time of year again! I’ve been a very good girl this year, as you know. I’ve also had a bit of a tough time over the last few months but I’m finally feeling much better – surely this means I deserve some extra special presents? I’ll also be very giving to my loved ones this Christmas as for once I have a decent income and can afford to treat them! Thank you for all my lovely presents last year too. As always, I’ll be keeping up my end of our deal, swapping mince pies for the much yummier pringles for your snack when you visit. I hope this means that as usual you will keep up your end of the deal and spoil me!
Anyway, I hope you are well so lets get to the list, shall we?

Scrubs Complete Box Set Seasons 1 – 9
(I don’t even want season 9 as thats the crap one with all the new people but first of all this box set is prettier then the other one and second of all this is almost £20 cheaper then the other box set which is only seasons 1 – 8??)

I Heart Vegas by Lindsey Kelk
Very Valentino Perfume
Earring Stand from www.livelaughlove.co.uk
Gift Card for the Boux Avenue website, or, better yet, for someone to just take me to one of their stores 😉
Champagne Mesh and Satin Diamante Bandeau Dress, Quiz Clothing
I know technically it’s a prom dress and I have nowhere to wear it too but its just SO DAMN PRETTY! Plus I never had a prom 🙁

A chipboard 12 X 12 scrapbook album (so I can customize the front) that ISN’T attached by rings…is this so hard to find?!
Note – the picture above is the first thing I found on google when I searched scrapbook and is not an example of what I am after!

How I Met Your Mother Seasons 1 – 6 box set
And of course, any of the following –
  • The ability to go a whole day walking in heels without being in pain
  • Ian Somerhalder/Max Irons/Dougie Poynter/Shia LaBeouf naked underneath my Christmas tree with a large bow covering their modesty, waiting for me to unwrap them…
  • A writing job or a job at Cosmopolitan or More!. 
  • A nice fit emo/rocker boy in a band to sweep me off my feet 🙂
Thank you Santa, I know you never fail to let me down!


Haha I saw this on Kandee Johnson’s blog and just had to do a list of my own, it’s so funny! So without further ado, here is my list of 10 signs that tell you you’re dating/seeing/hooking up with/in a relationship with the wrong guy…

  • …When a guy tries to be romantic by taking you on a drive overlooking the whole of the city after a date, but when you park up it turns out to be a dogging spot
  • ..When you’re hanging out with a guy and his female friend who he’s ‘in love with but can’t be with’ turns up and they disappear for an hour – leaving you – and return crying. And then you still hook up anyway. Then about 5 years later tries to snog you in full view of your boyfriend when you bump into him at a club and he insists on ‘saying hello’!
  • …When a guy doesn’t buy you birthday, Christmas or anniversary presents (apart from mushrooms and yes I mean the food and not the drugs!)
  • …When a guy spends the whole date talking about how he has dandruff and makes you watch a long-ass movie which is basically about two guys getting high – then doesn’t make a move on you anyway
  • …When a guy takes four months to ask you out on a date
  • …When a guy would rather spend time with his friends then comfort you after your grandad has passed away
  • …When a guy invites you out clubbing then spends the night dividing his time between kissing and dancing with you and two other girls, all out of view from each other
  • …When a guy who’s name you can’t remember ends up back at yours simply because you thought it was sweet that he bought you a pizza when you dropped your original one when drunk
  • …When a guy rings you 50+ times every day for a week and won’t stop texting you
  • …When a guy disappears off the face of the earth for about 3 months and some randomer has his phone

And yes, all of these HAVE unfortunately happened to me. I sure know how to pick them 😉

(But at least they were all experiences and I have learned/will learn from them. And in addition, at least 3/4’s of the guys mentioned here were very, very hot!)