When shopping today I found myself wandering around Republic, drooling at all the pretty clothes they had in stock. With Republic I always find not just one thing I want, but I walk in and end up wanting absolutely everything. The only time this hasn’t been the case was when I once bravely faced the January sales and got so stressed out I had to leave within 5 minutes. Back to the point, Republic is definitely a store that you could get your whole summer wardrobe from this summer. That’s why I’ve chosen some of my favourite products from Republic only this week, instead of a list of products from various different shops.

Crafted Flag Vest Top, £19.99
At first glance, you wouldn’t think this is a summer top but in actual fact this top is perfect for festivals. It’s rock, its edgy, and the slits in the back gives it a really girly feel. This top would look excellent with denim hot pants and a pair of biker boots. Complete the look with messy bed head hair, smudged eyeliner and a trilby hat. You’d look right at home at any festival!

Miso Peter Pan Button Dress, £24.99
If you’ve got any garden parties to go to this summer then this is the dress right here that you should be wearing. It’s so adorably vintage that it would even look lovely celebrating the royal wedding! This dress is very in right now with the peter pan collar as well. The perfect look to go with this dress would be a half up half down do with your hair – with lots of back combing to make the bouffant massive – and cateyed eyeliner! A pale pink lipstick would look lovely and as for clothes just a pair of plain black pumps would match this dress. If its a bit chilly team it with black tights.

Soul Cal Deluxe Patchwork Hot Pants, £24.99
Get toning up now girls because you WILL want these hot pants for summer! They go with everything and the best part about them is the girly detail along the bottom which gives them a really feminine feel! Team with long vest tops, short crop tops, pumps, wedges, sandles…the list is absolutely endless!

Crafted I Love Me Vest Top, £19.99
I adore this top! I love how its a rough, rock chick top but the colours are so neutral that it can be worn any way really. I especially like the love heart shaped out of little stars – gorgeous! And the holes in the top gives it a very rough, street look. For a real edgy look wear this with black skinny fit jeans with lots of bracelets piled up on your arms.

Influence Peter Pan Lace Dress, £29.99
Another peter pan dress that’s bang on trend at the moment. This dress is such a lovely and subtle shade of blue that I think it can pretty much be worn anywhere and for any look you’re going for – dress it up with heels, dress it down by wearing it over jeans etc. The lace gives it a real classy feel. Purple smokey eyes would look amazing with this dress for a day to evening look. For a really girly theme, try some sky scraper heels with the dress and not much else – keep the accessories low and the hair wavy. 


By our guest blogger Laura Lowe

Let’s talk about the things in life that really matter: free food, free wine and FREEBIES! If you, dear reader, are like myself and enjoy a taste of the freebies, take yourself (and your other half if you really want to share) off to a wedding fayre.

I must admit that I was hesitant at first. Why should I spend my valuable, and often, scarce, free Sunday afternoon trawling around what is essentially a marketplace, being haggled with? Let me tell you that I’m so glad I let my, usually placid, fiancé bully me into it. He didn’t give much away, but when we drove down the long, sprawling, tree-lined drive in the countryside, I was impressed. Add to it a large stately home, wine and free cake, I was sold.

Other than being accosted at the front door for your name, bank details and family medical history, you’re left to wonder around these sumptuous places and enjoy a few minutes of the high life at the expensive bar or in the ballroom. Being me, I get chatting to the nice ladies who want my money for decorations, cakes, favours, invites, table linen…. they’re all extremely helpful, but you can’t help thinking they have an ulterior motive.

After a happy couple of hours sitting in the wonderful classic cars, looking through pictures of beautiful cupcakes and tiered masterpieces and being congratulated just for being the wonderful couple we are, we left with information overload but feeling strangely satisfied. Why doesn’t my wedding bible mention the wedding fayres?! Of course, I rebelled and completely forgot to ask those all important ‘key questions’ the bible insists I answer to have the perfect wedding, but you know what…? Who cares!

The one question still remains, however…. when’s the next wedding fayre?!!!

The real ins and outs of planning a wedding by the future Mrs Burke


Generally, DIYing your hair its frowned upon because of the many horror stories we hear. ‘She dyed her hair bright green!’ is a classic, which, personally, I find almost impossible to do by accident (I’m sure its doable though!). But with the current recession, these days people just cannot afford to spend £100 to get their hair dyed at top hair salons and they simply don’t have the guts to have it dyed cheaper at a hairdressers they don’t know and/or trust. Dying your hair at home can be a simple, quick and cheap solution so long as you get it right. I’ve put together this quick guide for anyone hoping to follow in these footsteps who don’t want green hair!

Firstly, choosing the colour. Think long and hard about what you’d like as this will be permanent, however a good idea would be to try a wash in wash out product first and see if you are happy with the results. The worst thing you could do is choose a colour based on a celebrities hair because unless they are sponsored by a hair company and openly admit what they use, it will be near impossible to get the same shade as them. Even if you do know the exact number and shade it will always be different because your hair will be a different colour to theirs upon dying. So if you’re inspired by a colour that a celebrity is sporting, by all means go for it but remind yourself that it won’t look exactly the same.
Think about your eyebrows too! If you have fair eyebrows and are dying your hair dark then your eyebrows will probably need dying too, although I wouldn’t recommend dying it the same shade or with hair dye. Book in to get your eyebrows tinted once you’ve dyed your hair.

It may also be useful to buy two kits just incase one doesn’t cover your whole head. I generally find one does for me, even though I’ve got thick hair, but its always good just incase you run out half way through. Some kits offer more dye then others as well.

Next, think about when you want your hair ready for. Are you covering up your roots for an important interview tomorrow? Maybe you want to try a sexy new shade for a hot date next week. Generally, if you’ve never dyed your hair before, do it at least a few weeks in advance so that if something goes wrong you have time to fix it. If you have dyed before then a week or so beforehand should be okay, but always make sure you have a back up plan to sort out your hair in time for whatever reason.

When it comes to the actual dying of the hair, get everything ready beforehand. Things you will most probably need would be 2 old towels that you don’t mind getting dirty, a plastic bag, some old hairbands, some scissors and some hair clips. It’s best to follow this list instead of realizing half way through that you need something and have to risk leaving the bathroom with hair half dyed to find it. The plastic bag is ideal for when you are done dying and have to leave the dye on, tie it up, pop a plastic bag over your head and tie it at the bottom – it means if you want to you can move around without getting dye anywhere and don’t have to stay confined to your bathroom for half an hour!

Open the packaging and follow the instructions. It may be obvious but cut off the top of the packaging too – the bit that has the shade name and number on – so that if you do like it you can pick up the same shade next time. You wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve really liked a shade but forgotten to note down these details and have never found it again!

You may also want to do a strand test to see what colour it comes out with and to check that you do not have an allergic reaction to the dye. This is very important if you are dying your hair for the first time or using a new type of dye.

The instructions will tell you how to dye your hair but generally its pretty simple, just put the dye on, rub it in and try to get everything! Remember though its important to really rub it in, especially with your roots, and take extra time applying dye to the back/bottom of your hair. Try lifting your hair over your head to get these parts. The hair right next to your ears often gets forgotten about too. When you think you’ve got everything, if you still have dye left, pour it into your hands and just grab all of your hair into a high ponytail or above your head and just massage and rub it in.

You can also get a friend to help assist you with areas of hair that you cannot see like the back of your neck etc.

When you are done, secure everything into a ponytail and a plastic bag and set a timer on your phone. You can choose to go by the minutes recommended with the instructions but these too will say that if you are going for a big change then you can keep the dye on a little bit longer. Now is a good time to get off all that dye that is on your skin too – it is a bitch to get off but soap and water usually does the trick (it takes time though!).

When the time is up wash the hair dye out until the water runs pretty much clear (this will again take a while) and make sure you shampoo and use the conditioner within the kit as this leaves your hair feeling extra smooth and will help lock in the colour. If you are pleased with the results, take a photo for future reference and go out and enjoy your new hair!

It’s always daunting dying your hair, worrying about how it will go or whether the shade will suit you but once you get used to home dying and learn about the colours and shades that look good on you then you’ll be bypassing the hairdressers to do it yourself every time! The most important part is to have fun though and to experiment with different colours! I myself have been blonde, brunette, black, red and purple!


Thank you for being patient with me on my two week hiatus. The reason for this was because I was doing my work experience at More! magazine and was up at 6am every day, often not getting home until 8pm. Come weekends when I actually had time to myself all I wanted to do was sleep and relax! And be lazy! But everything is back to normal now!

Cream Lace Cropped Vest Top, £12.99, Quiz Clothing
Although this top isn’t practical for me in the slightest (I found this whilst searching for a top to go under my other top which is the same as this and raised at the front) it’s still lovely! Unfortunately I have no idea what it could be worn with but its lace, its white and its lovely for summer.
F&F Tie waist floral print sundress, £18.00, Clothing At Tesco
How cute is this dress? It’s adorably vintage and the floral is very in style now for the summer. The neutral colours means this dress can be worn with anything and for anything whether its for a picnic in the park, or for a summer wedding. To dress down, a cream cardigan with some chunky bangles and pumps would work, whereas high heels would dress it up.
Ditzy Bow Rope Necklace, £10.00, Accessorize 
So colourful and playful, this necklace is a must have. I am a fan of bows alone anyway but this necklace will really remind anyone of their childhood! Wear it to give any outfit a cute or quirky edge and match it with an adorable hair bow to really complete the look.

Garden Party Charm Bracelet, £16.00, Accessorize 
If you’re moving on from the Alice in Wonderland craze at last but still can’t pull yourself away from crazy garden party dreams then this bracelet is for you. Very girly and very chic. This would look ideal with a plain white summer dress and is especially to be worn at any upcoming garden parties!
Vienna Babydoll and Brief, £45.00, La Senza
I was going to refrain from posting underwear on here but I keep spotting this and it’s just so sexy! I love how the cream contrasting against the silk chocolate brown gives it a very vintage but sophisticated look. £45.00 may seem a bit much (but it’s worth it!) so maybe get your man to treat you (or rather, himself, with this) for Easter!


L’Orêal Paris Infallible Brush Foundation, £9.99, available from Boots, Superdrug and other popular retailers.

I have been after a new foundation for ages and when I came across this hidden gem at my work experience’s fashion and beauty sale for less then a pound, I decided to give it a go.

This product is available in six different shades depending on the colour of your skin and luckily the only colour they had at this sale was 015 – Porcelain which is the palest. This was perfect for me as I am naturally pale anyway! At £9.99 as well I thought it was a fair price to pay (I know I didn’t pay full price but I will when this runs out and I need it again!) for a decent foundation that works so well.

This foundation is a little bit different from other foundations in that you apply it with a brush attached to the applicator – rotating it to get the foundation out. This meant that as you applied it did look a little painted on and streaky even when you rubbed it all in, but I found that after a few minutes this all disappeared on its own and left my skin with an even coverage. It left my skin feeling soft and smooth and was a perfect base for the rest of my makeup. With this product on I didn’t even have to use additional cover up or powder as using it alone make my skin look great.

This foundation also lasted a lot longer then any other products I have tried – all day pretty much! It didn’t look piled on or too heavy at all and covered up any blemishes perfectly. I would 100% recommend this product to anyone!

It’s good for value, its easy to apply and it really brightens up your face too giving it a healthy glow.